Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® Core Course

Do you want to help others intuitively? Are you looking to use your intuition for more than fortune telling? If you want to learn how to connect with your Guides to help yourself and others grow and evolve, Soul Level Coaching® is the perfect next step.

What is Soul Level Coaching?

Soul Level Coaching, (or Soul Level Intuitive Coaching) originally born out of my animal communication work, does not involve animals. Instead, we use a strong connection to the Guides to work at a very deep, sometimes almost unconscious, level. The foundation of this work is in my Soul Contracts book however, I’ve adapted it quite a bit.

I use this coaching system almost every time I work privately with a client. Sometimes I use it for a one-off session, and I use it for a combination of sessions.  Through this system, my client will learn about their negative beliefs that are holding them back and they’ll go through the experience of shifting those beliefs.

The Benefits of Soul Level Coaching

My private clients have experienced crazy, awesome things through Soul Level Coaching. Here are a few of those things, but this is just a quickie list. I could never remember all the different changes: better relationship with spouse, better job, felt happier, liked themselves more, feeling safer in the world (less fear about money), finding love, believing in themselves, leaving relationships that were bad, learning how to say no, finding the strength to follow their dreams finally, getting healthier bodies… There are so many things that our negative beliefs prevent us from being able to experience and achieve.

Imagine the power around shifting negative beliefs into positive ones!

Soul Level Coaching® for You Too

This is a two-fold course because you not only learn how to do the technique for another person, you also experience the work and all the benefits yourself. And as you shift your own negative beliefs, it becomes easier to do the technique!

This course is for you if:

You want to use your intuition to assist yourself, your friends, and family.

You want to use your intuition to assist your CLIENTS, friends, and family.

You want to become one of my Certified Soul Level Coaches® and use your intuition to assist yourself, clients, friends, and family. Want to know more about the Soul Level Coaching® Certification?  Email (web page coming soon!!)

You’re already a medium, reiki master, card reader, teacher…  and you want the ability to use Soul Level Coaching® for your client to take your service to an even deeper level.

*You must have already taken my Soul Level Psychic® 101 course.

Why Soul Level Coaching?

I love connecting to the guides to help people understand themselves, their choices, and their beliefs better.  The incredible self-awareness that comes out of this process always blows me away. On top of that, my clients have reported again and again that they are going easier on themselves and that the little voice in their head that has been driving them has quieted down.

Through Soul Level Coaching, each person begins to understand themselves from a completely different (yet totally loving and self-accepting) angle. This, in turn, makes it easier for the client to make the changes THEY want to make. I love that!

WATCH this video to see what my Beta students say about this course!

READ the written testimonials here!

The Details

  • Start date: Weds, Feb 10th at 12pm Eastern
  • 9 Classes: Feb 10, 24, Mar 10, 24, Apr 7, 21, May 5, 19, June 2
  • Live webinars (recorded if you can’t make it)
  • Facebook group for all of the students
  • Price: $2500 $2000 or 4 payments of $500


You must complete Soul Level Psychic® 101 before applying for this course. Link to purchase course will be emailed to those accepted to the program. Email to apply!

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