Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core Course
Welcome To

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core

Intuitively deepen the relationship with your Guides and expand into Soul Level Coaching

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core Course
Welcome To

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core

Intuitively deepen the relationship with your Guides and expand into Soul Level Coaching

Soul Level Coaching
Learn how to use connection to your Guides to help others

In Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® (SLIC), I show you how to strengthen the connection to your Guides so you can work at the deepest (sometimes unconscious) levels with yourself and with others.  The foundation of this work is in my Soul Contracts book however, I’ve adapted it to work well in the form of coaching!

Personally, I use my SLIC coaching system whenever I work privately with a client. This is how my client learns about the negative beliefs standing in their way – and the homework they can do to shift those negative beliefs into positive.

I love connecting to my Guides to help people understand themselves, their choices, and their beliefs better.  The incredible self-awareness that comes out of this process always blows me away. My clients have reported again and again that they feel lighter, happier, and are finding more success in their life.

When you learn my SLIC technique, you’re able to assist  each person you work with as they begin to understand (and love) themselves from a completely different viewpoint.


Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Benefits

I’ve taken 20 years of experience working with my Soul Level Intuitive Coaching technique and distilled it into this course to give you every possible advantage so you can start harnessing your connection with your Guides to help others. When you take the course, you’ll:

  • Deepen the relationship with your Guides so you can more fully trust the intuitive data you receive
  • Transform how you work with your Guides so you can take advantage of their guidance to help others learn and grow
  • Continue to discover your best self. Your Guides know what you MOST need in order to evolve and celebrate the sensitive, intuitive person you really are.
  • Learn my proven technique for Soul Level Intuitive Coaching that provides a practically foolproof method for helping others evolve, while also evolving yourself

Become the smartest person in the world

Are you that person everyone turns to for advice? Do you find yourself answering questions with ideas you didn’t even know you had?

This is your Guides at work! 

Our Guides know that not everyone takes the time to connect with them and this is why Soul Level Intuitive Coaching is so powerful.

Let me teach you how to tap into your Guides to deliver the intuitive information that your client has been missing! Let’s expand how you work with your Guides from helping one (you) to helping whomever is asking for help.  

Plus, I’ll show you how to do this using my fun (but always eye-opening) proprietary Soul Level Intuitive Coaching method!

I want to get started now!

Two Courses in One!

All along the way you both give and receive Soul Level Intuitive Coaching readings with your colleagues. Why? Because Soul Level Intuitive Coaching isn’t just about learning steps. It’s also about finding your personal style through the experience of working deeply, on behalf of another person with your Guides.

Here’s how it all works out for your

Soul Level Coaching Core Course:


  • Learn the flow each practice partner (client) will follow as they wind their way through the Soul Level Coaching experience
  • Become comfortable working with your Guides to deliver the information about Negative Beliefs, Influencing Factors and more in the way that your client can best understand it
  • Further develop the relationship with your Guides into one of trust and balance
  • Become comfortable holding space for your client to go through their individual process with the help of your Guides
  • Work with up to (4) assigned client practice partners so you can gain the most real-world experience
  • Benefit from my more than twenty years of experience using the Soul Level Method to help people grow and evolve
  • The opportunity to share your challenges and receive feedback from me and from my Teaching Assistants in an almost real-time fashion@
  • Get loving and real-world support from Danielle’s Certified Soul Level Intuitive Coach® Teaching Assistants


  • Go through the process yourself, as a client with two practice partner Soul Level Intuitive Coaches
  • Learn what negative beliefs are causing you to repeat the same patterns
  • Experience my process for shifting those negative beliefs without effort
  • Find support and guidance from me as your Soul Level Intuitive Coach, your mentor, and your teacher
  • Receive support and guidance from your Certified Soul Level Intuitive Coach Teaching Assistants who have been right where you are
  • Work with up to (4) assigned coaching practice partners so you can gain the most real-world experience
  • Discover changes in your behavior that result from belief level shifts – that you didn’t try to make happen!
  • Get real-world experience so you can know, personally what your practice partner clients are going through, making you a more sympathetic Soul Level Intuitive Coach.

I can’t wait for you to get started with

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core!


This was brilliant, it’s opened up a whole new world. Never have I enjoyed learning so much. The community is amazing, the structure of the lessons is thoughtful and polished, and the content is mind-blowing but accessible.

Kate Foggo


I’ve spent years feeling confused and overwhelmed by my sensitivities, and in 6 short weeks, that has turned into empowerment. I am now doing readings, and my relationships with myself and others have blossomed. I highly recommend it!

Alicia Nardo


I had no idea how much my psychic abilities would open up. That I now have additional tools to help people is so exciting! And how it has helped me identify areas in my own life in which to work and grow has been amazing.

Julie Hirt


I was so happily surprised at how easy tuning in to my intuition is! I love accessing it, and it has whetted my appetite to continue exploring my abilities!

Leslie Levine


Amazing course that immediately opens the connection to your Guides and Highest self. It’s like having your hand held at all times, knowing if you fall someone will always catch you and point you in the right direction.

Maria Coloma


I was surprised at how quickly and easily I received information from my guides during this class, everything just flowed. Each session built on the one before & by the end of the class, my confidence had grown exponentially!

Susan Gilreath

Tuition options


One-time payment
Or 3 payments of $833

this course includes

Seven live webinars with me (~2 per month)

Live webinar labs with my Teaching Assistants for you to ask questions and practice

Group forum for your questions on the go

Track with your fellow students for even more support!

Prerequisite for Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Certification

Easily accessible via on smart phone, computer, tablet

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Terms & Refund Policy:
We offer a 100% money back guarantee within 5 days of the first webinar. Email us at within the applicable time frame to let us know!

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You May Be Wondering…


For all your curious questions before joining.

What if I haven't taken Soul Level Psychic 101 yet?

You do need to take SLP 101 first. Regardless of your previous psychic experience, SLP 101 introduces you to my Soul Level Method for working with your Guides. The SLIC CORE course is built on that.

Who is Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core for?

If you love working with your intuition and your Guides and you want to learn how to harness this to help others, this is the course for you! If you are not interested in helping others, and simply want to continue your psychic skills exploration and development, try my Soul Level Psychic 102 course. It’s just for you!

Will Soul Level Intuitive Coaching help me grow my psychic confidence?

Absolutely! Imagine being able to ask your Guides whether or not something is aligned with you. Through this course, you’re going to learn how to do that! However, this course is really geared not just toward growing your intuitive confidence, but also toward helping you learn to use your intuition to work with others.

Where can I find homework partners for this course?

This course is only taught through live webinars which means that you’ll have plenty of other students in the course to choose from. 

How long will the course take me to complete?

This course is usually about three months long. Sometimes the length depends on my schedule or holidays, since it is all live webinars. Note that this course is only taught certain times during the year. Please check the calendar to find upcoming dates.

Does this course count toward certification in Soul Level Intuitive Coaching

Yes, this course is one of the prerequisites for becoming a Certified Soul Level Intuitive (SLIC) Coach with me. You can see the layout of all of the requirements on the Psychic Development Course Catalogue.

If I’m in Danielle’s Be Open Community should I still take this course?

If you’re taking any of Danielle’s courses, Be Open will support these studies. The great part is if you’re in the Danielle MacKinnon School, Be Open really compliments the classes, provides more opportunities for homework partners and allows you access to more people for questions and support.

How long is each live webinar

Each live webinar is 90-105 (or so) minutes. You can watch the modules on any up-to-date desktop computer or tablet or smartphone.

Are there refunds if I decide I don’t want the class?

Yes! If you decide that you don’t want to take the course, just email us at within five (5) days of the first live webinar to let us know. You will then qualify for a 100% refund. After that time, there are no refunds.

Can I ask you a question?

Because this is a live webinar course that I am teaching real-time, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. You can also ask questions about the class in the group forum AND you can also receive answers from my Teaching Assistants too!

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