Soul Level Coaching® – Core

Soul Level Coaching® is my type of coaching, using intuition, as taught to me by my animal communication work. It does NOT involve animals – it’s just that it’s the animals that taught it to me!

What is Soul Level Coaching®?

This is the type of intuitive work I do whenever I work privately with a client. It doesn’t just help the client get to the negative belief that is creating their icky situation/challenge in their life, it then assists them in shifting their being and those beliefs (at the deepest levels) so that the challenge is no longer necessary.

Which is REALLY cool!

In this course, I’m teaching you to use the technique for others (ie I am not Soul Level Coaching® you) but because of the way the class is set up, you will also receive plenty of Soul Level Coaching® on yourself, at the same time. The class is a really different mix of learning to give Soul Level Coaching®, while also receiving the coaching yourself.

Who is this program for?

The course is intended for two groups of people:

First, if you love using your intuition to assist others, SLC® Core will work well for you. You’ll learn my full technique which you can then apply to your friends and family and whomever else you’d like to coach.

Second, if you use intuition in your business or if you want a business coaching people using my Soul Level Coaching® technique, this course is one of the prerequities to getting certified as one of my Soul Level Coaches.

You can already be a medium, reiki master, card reader, teacher, mechanic… whatever you already do, having the ability to tap in and do Soul Level Coaching® for your client so you know what they need most is only going to take your service to the next level!

You could also benefit from learning my Soul Level Coaching® technique if you’ve wanted to help others via intuition, but you just haven’t found your vehicle yet. (i.e. SLC® could be your vehicle!)

Please note: The prerequisite to this course is Soul Level Psychic® 101. To become certified, after completing this Core course, you must take the Practicum course.

Why Soul Level Coaching®?

I love the idea of tapping in and helping someone understand themselves, their choices, and their beliefs better – which empowers the client to more easily make MAJOR changes within. Through Soul Level Coaching®, the client begins to understand themselves from a completely different (yet totally loving and self-accepting) angle. This, in turn, makes it easier for the client to make the changes THEY want to make. I love that! The SL Coach® doesn’t come up with the answers – the answers come through the interaction between the Guides and the client… best thing ever!

But don’t just take it from me, click here to see what my Beta students had to say about the program.

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The Details

  • Dates: TBC (Mondays, 2pm Eastern)
  • 9 Classes
  • Live webinars (recorded if you can’t make it)
  • Facebook group for all of the students
  • Price: $2497 (this class still semi-beta, so the price reflects that!)

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