What is the role of depression?

Question: Can you discuss or explain the role depression plays in our lives? and how our animals are affected ~ Emily

From Danielle: It has amazed me for years now, how prevalent depression is in both our animals and ourselves. In my work, I tend to encounter many who are suffering because of it-probably because for so long I struggled with both depression and panic attacks myself. In fact, when I first work with any animal or person – this is one of the primary things I check for! I get a clear image of the person (or animal) looking like Droopy Dog from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons that I grew up watching.

Depression is a discordant energy that people can take on when they are in low vibrational states. (Ok, this is a WAY simplified answer – but it will suit the purposes of this column). When our vibration decreases, we tend to attract yuckier things that will “match” (according to the Law of Attraction) our new lower vibration (and, of course the same is true with high vibrations). You know when you one thing goes wrong in the beginning of your day and that tends to set the tone for the entire day to go wrong? This is the same idea with the discordant energy of depression. Depression energy enters our lives because of it’s attraction to the negativity that is already brewing there. The intention: to illuminate that negativity which already exists-and push the human experiencing this to a point where they make the appropriate changes in their lives. Humans only make change when they have to. You don’t often hear someone saying “Wow! My relationship with my husband is going so well – I think I’m going to start treating him completely differently.” – People don’t want to rock the boat! But once that boat is rocking enough – they will make changes. This is the purpose of the discordant energy of depression.

How have you experienced depression? Did you find that you were able to make your way out of it? How have you seen it in the people around you?

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  1. Peg
    Peg says:

    To me, depression is like any form of suffering. Ultimately, it teaches you compassion if you do not fear it. Sadness is normal. Our society’s aversion to sadness is not. People will run from you to avoid your sadness thinking it can infect them. They don’t realize the “infection” is an opportunity to feel what another is feeling—it’s powerful state to be in, to be depressed and you can avoid it, but I think if you do you are losing the opportunity to try to find a way to provide solace for someone who is sad or is suffering in any way.

    The way out is deeply personal for each person who suffers. There is no one way. Pills will only mask the underlying cause and can help for debilitating depression, but they should be seen for what they are: a palliative to help you keep you afloat, which is sometimes absolutely necessary. The best medicine for depression is to reach out and find caring people who will not judge you, tell you take pills, and listen, patiently, lovingly. If you are lucky you will find these people. And then you’ll be on your way to being likewise to the people who need you.

  2. Pat
    Pat says:

    I recently learned how to channel. In channeling, you must open your heart in order to channel. A few days after my 3rd class, I was experiencing very mild depressive vibes trying to enter me. I thought immediately to take a deep breath, center and open my heart (chakra) and realized that if you have your heart chakra open, you must be in a higher vibration. So, for me, having an open heart means you can’t possibly feel that lower vibration (depression) and I will use that going forward. 😀


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