Soul Contracts with Animals – Why Animals Suffer

Soul Contracts with Animals

Soul Contracts with Animals are misunderstood

In my work as an animal communicator, I’m often asked about animals who suffer abuse, pain, and abandonment. It’s a challenging question to answer because, despite what I know (from the animals) about animal suffering, the answer isn’t what I want it to be. However, with so much pain and suffering going on in our world right now, it’s time to show the connection between soul contracts with animals and  animal suffering. 

The Two Intuitive Planes

First, let’s understand the inner workings of the animal soul. There are the two main levels through which animals live, breathe, and function: 

The Physical Level

Here, animals feel pain, cold, hot, become upset, have emotions, needs, hurt, love, poop and pee. This is truly the commonly accepted viewpoint about pets and wild animals. This is also the level where most animal communicators focus: helping people understand the physical needs of pets. It’s a very important level, but it’s only part of the picture.

The Spiritual Level

This Spiritual level (AKA the Soul Level) how  animals are able to access the big picture. At the Spiritual level animal’s are aware of their animal soul contract with individual humans (read all about this in my Animal Lessons book) as well with as the entire human race. Their larger purpose on earth is to help humans master unconditional love and they do this by demonstrating their own mastery of unconditional love. This level, much less understood, yields so much more information, guidance and assistance. It’s also helps put animals suffering into perspective.

Start to Understand How the Two Levels Coordinate

At the Physical Level, many animals suffer, hurt, and are being mistreated and abused. In fact, animals go through all of the experiences associated with survival: they get lost, sick, separated from their packs and more. And if you’re reading this, you’re most likely someone that wants to remove the pain when you see an animal hurting.

But remember there are two levels!

At the Spiritual Level, every animal is aware of the bigger purpose beneath their pain and suffering: the Animal Soul Contract. This applies to every insect, bird, animal, and fish on earth. They are all aware that their purpose is to assist humans in finally mastering unconditional love. Unfortunately for those of us who are sensitive, this is often very challenging to witness.

Here are a few of the ways that animals use their Animal Soul Contracts to help human beings reach their potential. 

Animals Sacrifice Themselves

It’s hard to hear the word sacrifice, but it’s happening every day. Animals are sacrificing themselves by getting into physically and emotionally difficult situations in order to help the human race evolve. And by evolve, I mean more of a heart evolution. When we, (humans) begin to make decisions through our heart, rather than our negative emotions (ie fears) things will change. We’ll have the evolution necessary to relieve all suffering of animals and of people. And THIS is how animals are helping- by inspiring us to be the best people we can be.

In fact, your pet has already been doing this with you! Our pets use misbehaviors to send us messages about how we can evolve. They also send us psychic messages too (even though many of us don’t realize that).  Take my free quiz to find out if your pet has been sending you psychic messages here.

Animals Inspire Us

Sometimes, to help us grow and evolve, animals inspire something new within us. Whether it’s a positive animal soul contract (you get positive feelings from it) or negative (it’s upsetting so you want to stop the pain), animals often use inspiration. Watch the YouTube video where the dog runs into the middle of the highway to rescue the dog injured and trapped there. Watch the Netflix video, My Octopus Teacher, where the filmmaker deeply connects with an octopus. Cecil the Lion, suffered a horrible death that inspired people around the world to take action against canned hunting.  Animals are inspiring within us the opportunity to the our best selves. Perhaps you’ll feel what I mean when you watch this video about a dog being rescued. Notice your smile by the end of the video…

Who will survive?

On the physical level many animals depend on us and cannot survive without us because we’ve taken over the world. Still, through human animal soul contracts, animals incarnate to assist us, often sacrificing themselves to physical pain that is so hard to bear.  

What you can do

Knowing about animal soul contracts and why animals suffer doesn’t mean that I don’t care about animals in pain. I get just as upset for that animal as I’m sure you do. It does mean, however that when I see a dog who is best friends with a deer, I allow myself to take in the love of that moment and feel grateful to every animal out there as they work so hard to help us. I still help all animals, birds, and insects whenever I can and when I can’t, I take time to send them my love and feel comforted at the same time knowing the big picture reason and that any assistance, love or gratitude that I feel for the animals will contribute greatly to the greater good – helping the human race move toward finally getting this lesson of unconditional love.

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