Soul Contracts with Animals – Why Animals Suffer

by Danielle MacKinnon

Soul Contracts with Animals are misunderstood

In my work as an animal communicator, I’m often asked about animals who suffer abuse, pain, and abandonment. It’s a challenging question to answer because, despite what I know (from the animals) about animal suffering, the answer isn’t what I want it to be. However, with so much pain and suffering going on in our world right now, it’s time to show the connection between soul contracts with animals and  animal suffering. 

The Two Intuitive Planes

First, let’s understand the inner workings of the animal soul. There are the two main levels through which animals live, breathe, and function: 

The Physical Level

Here, animals feel pain, cold, hot, become upset, have emotions, needs, hurt, love, poop and pee. This is truly the commonly accepted viewpoint about pets and wild animals. This is also the level where most animal communicators focus: helping people understand the physical needs of pets. It’s a very important level, but it’s only part of the picture.

The Spiritual Level

This Spiritual level (AKA the Soul Level) how  animals are able to access the big picture. At the Spiritual level animal’s are aware of their animal soul contract with individual humans (read all about this in my Animal Lessons book) as well with as the entire human race. Their larger purpose on earth is to help humans master unconditional love and they do this by demonstrating their own mastery of unconditional love. This level, much less understood, yields so much more information, guidance and assistance. It’s also helps put animals suffering into perspective.

Start to Understand How the Two Levels Coordinate

At the Physical Level, many animals suffer, hurt, and are being mistreated and abused. In fact, animals go through all of the experiences associated with survival: they get lost, sick, separated from their packs and more. And if you’re reading this, you’re most likely someone that wants to remove the pain when you see an animal hurting.

But remember there are two levels!

At the Spiritual Level, every animal is aware of the bigger purpose beneath their pain and suffering: the Animal Soul Contract. This applies to every insect, bird, animal, and fish on earth. They are all aware that their purpose is to assist humans in finally mastering unconditional love. Unfortunately for those of us who are sensitive, this is often very challenging to witness.

Here are a few of the ways that animals use their Animal Soul Contracts to help human beings reach their potential. 

Animals Sacrifice Themselves

It’s hard to hear the word sacrifice, but it’s happening every day. Animals are sacrificing themselves by getting into physically and emotionally difficult situations in order to help the human race evolve. And by evolve, I mean more of a heart evolution. When we, (humans) begin to make decisions through our heart, rather than our negative emotions (ie fears) things will change. We’ll have the evolution necessary to relieve all suffering of animals and of people. And THIS is how animals are helping- by inspiring us to be the best people we can be.

In fact, your pet has already been doing this with you! Our pets use misbehaviors to send us messages about how we can evolve. They also send us psychic messages too (even though many of us don’t realize that).  Take my free quiz to find out if your pet has been sending you psychic messages here.

Animals Inspire Us

Sometimes, to help us grow and evolve, animals inspire something new within us. Whether it’s a positive animal soul contract (you get positive feelings from it) or negative (it’s upsetting so you want to stop the pain), animals often use inspiration. Watch the YouTube video where the dog runs into the middle of the highway to rescue the dog injured and trapped there. Watch the Netflix video, My Octopus Teacher, where the filmmaker deeply connects with an octopus. Cecil the Lion, suffered a horrible death that inspired people around the world to take action against canned hunting.  Animals are inspiring within us the opportunity to the our best selves. Perhaps you’ll feel what I mean when you watch this video about a dog being rescued. Notice your smile by the end of the video…

Who will survive?

On the physical level many animals depend on us and cannot survive without us because we’ve taken over the world. Still, through human animal soul contracts, animals incarnate to assist us, often sacrificing themselves to physical pain that is so hard to bear.  

What you can do

Knowing about animal soul contracts and why animals suffer doesn’t mean that I don’t care about animals in pain. I get just as upset for that animal as I’m sure you do. It does mean, however that when I see a dog who is best friends with a deer, I allow myself to take in the love of that moment and feel grateful to every animal out there as they work so hard to help us. I still help all animals, birds, and insects whenever I can and when I can’t, I take time to send them my love and feel comforted at the same time knowing the big picture reason and that any assistance, love or gratitude that I feel for the animals will contribute greatly to the greater good – helping the human race move toward finally getting this lesson of unconditional love.

Take the free quiz to find out if your pet has been sending you psychic messages!

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  1. Gary
    Gary says:

    I got a dog in nighboorhoodarea that is always chain every single day… and their are kids having fun and also adults…they dont care about the animals feeling! It makes me sick….

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Hi Gary – I wonder if the thing that animals in that situation are teaching us is to overcome our hesitancy and thinking “I wish someone could help that dog”, by actually doing something about it ourselves and being that “someone”?

    • Gail
      Gail says:

      I know your comment was from a long time ago, but please call to report it if you still see that happening or do in the future. We have a long way to go but our laws have gotten better. Dogs can’t be chained up all day like that. Call someone in your area – humane society, SPCA, etc. so many people don’t realize they can help and make a difference for animals. But we have to speak up and be their voice.

  2. Caz
    Caz says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing this article. While I understand and accept that animals can see the bigger picture and are teaching us about unconditional love. I am struggling right now to accept. I just lost 3 of my cats to a predator. Out of the blue after living here for 10 years. Does my cat have a soul contract with the predator? It sure is one nasty death! I have never been so emotional and confused in my entire life. Asking myself if there is actually a GOD now…

  3. Blondell
    Blondell says:

    Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just
    wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your blog
    posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics?

  4. Raj J
    Raj J says:

    Sorry Danielle, but your column is very human centric. Animals are not there to serve humans or evolve humans in anyway, they have their own life. Due to their physical form they are unable to do things as humans can. What makes humans different is not exactly our brain, but out body structure which is very well developed to lift, move, detail anything much better and efficiently than any other creature.

    • Marj
      Marj says:

      I’m thinking that is the whole purpose; animals incarnate as animals because they are less capable as humans and have made soul contracts with us to not only show us unconditional love, but vulnerability. And as humans, what we do once we’re faced with those who are vulnerable ends up coming down to choice, in the hope we do the higher-good deed. But animals aren’t the only ones showing us this, we as people demonstrate this to each other every day – whatever that action might be and as recipient, how we choose to react to it. I think this is ultimate message animals wish to send us, whether it be with them or human-to-human. Just a thought.

  5. RJ
    RJ says:

    What abut animals who are in abusive situations where said human never will have a change of heart and will continue to be a sadist and hurt them? They are not helping the human grow in that sense so what is their purpose? There are many abnormal people in our society.

  6. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hi Danielle –
    I just ran across a video of yours the other day. I was trying to find out about animals and the afterlife. As I write this, my beloved little Bichon is sitting near my feet. He’s 17 and near his final days. He has cancer and has now started having seizures. I know something he has taught me these beautiful years he has been with us is the joy of living in the present and the grace with which we can face adversity. I haven’t fully learned that lesson yet…I’m working on it. But he is such a pure example of living those lessons. He’s inspiring. My heart is breaking at the thought of him leaving us before long; I’m practically beside myself.

    I also am on the board of our local Humane Society and I spend a lot of time walking dogs. For me, it is a spiritual experience. I can’t explain it, but there is something that happens between me and many of the dogs that I can only explain as happening on a whole different level. I sometimes wonder if I’m imagining this or if it’s wishful thinking, but I feel it deep inside that they are spiritual beings of some kind, and they have so much to share. Being shelter animals, there is a lot of wisdom there.

    I hope someday I’ll see my beloved pup again, along with a couple of others I’ve lost through the years. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ingrid
      Ingrid says:

      I once thought that I’d ride the course (so to speak) if my beloved dog ever was inflicted with cancer. As a nurse, it is ingrained in me to not “give up” on rendering care to those that are ill. I had a pact with my dog that I’d not euthanize her.I later realized that that idea was for my benefit, not hers.

      Two months ago my dog suddenly had a devastating bout with cancer of the brain stem. My worst nightmare. It was my passion to want to keep her alive, but her soul taught me to put her first. She was suffering, and this was confirmed by the vet. It would only progress and worsen. My decision was to let her go, and I that I would take on her suffering. I loved her that much. I miss her dearly. She taught me to put her needs first, ahead of mine. I lost the battle with her lymphoma, but I also won the war with her lymphoma. I did not permit her cancer to inflict more suffering on her. My vet advised me that it is better to be too early, than too late.

      To each their own, though. Just a thought for you to ponder.

  7. Melissa Beckham
    Melissa Beckham says:

    Thank you Danielle for being so patient. The concept of human karma and reincarnation makes sense to me (and gives me comfort and hope). But you say animals exist outside the bonds of karma? Do animal souls move up into more complex animal forms as they incarnate? Do they not ever come into a human body, given that they have mastered the lesson of unconditional love?

  8. Corey
    Corey says:

    Late to this article but I’m curious how this accounts for the fact that animals have been around way longer than humans and at one point before we evolved we were not the intelligent beings we are now but more ape like?
    What was their purpose before?

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      It’s really a great question – but not one I’ve spent time looking into with the animals. So, unfortunately, I don’t have an answer! But you’ve definitely got me thinking – and now I bet a whole bunch of other people too. Thank you for posting!

      • Ted
        Ted says:

        Good day! First of all thank you fot this write-up. It sheds a different brand of light to those people who suffer from pet loss. But vould I ask for basis for everything you said above?

        • Danielle MacKinnon
          Danielle MacKinnon says:

          Hi Ted – I am an animal communicator and have been working psychically with animals for twenty years. I’m sharing what the animals have told me <3

  9. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I will echo other thoughts: it seems simply too perfect. Too much of a side step of the issue. Too convenient, if you will
    My beloved fur angel of 15 years is dying of cancer – he was perfectly healthy in every way – the vets said all looked good: liver, blood work, etc
    He’s confused, suffering in pain. It’s unbearable
    Why would any creator create this possibility? There is no answer
    This has rocked every aspect of any faith I had in any truly fundamental benevolent meaning to the universe & life
    I have found no answer for this barbaric pain & suffering inflicted on beautiful innocent beings.

    • Krista
      Krista says:


      I don’t know if I have any correct answer to your question/post, but I’m going to share this story to let you know how I have come to terms with what happened to my mother & “why” I think she suffered & what I believe the purpose was– for me.

      If it weren’t for her suffering, I certainly would NEVER be taking the time to write a stranger like this- had it not been for her illness/ 15 years of suffering, my heart would not be as open as it & I certainly would not have the empathy I do today.

      As a 5 year old, I witnessed my mother go through Four brain surgeries over eight years- she died when I was 20.

      She had over 40 benign brain tumors in all four quadrants of her brain. This was in the 70s and 80s, so brain surgery wasn’t quite what it is today. The surgeries themselves damaged areas of her brain. She had too many tumors in too many different areas to remove, so they had to leave some– and as they slowly grew, they pressed on different areas of her brain causing different symptoms. My sister and I took care of her until she died. My father completely checked out with alcohol because he couldn’t cope with it.

      My mother slowly deteriorated in front of me my entire childhood- I was the “mother” – a role reversal. I needed a mother, too.

      She slowly became paraplegic, then quadriplegic, bedridden, blind and semi comatose. She was unable to speak.

      My dad insisted she live in my sister’s bedroom. We had to spoonfeed her blended up meals like baby food until one day she could no longer swallow– then she had a feeding tube put directly into her stomach.

      Now, you tell me what the purpose of that was? I am now 50 and still struggle with it at times. What this experience has done for me has made me extremely sensitive to any human or animal that is suffering in any way. My heart is huge and sometimes too sensitive- when I see animals suffered in any way. I would not be the sensitive, caring person I am today- not to the same degree- if I had not had this experience.

      I believe my mother chose this life in order to teach my father, my sister and me lessons we needed to learn. Everyone and anyone that had known my mother when she was younger & healthy, would all say the same thing: that she was such a non-judgmental, loving, noncritical angelic like person that radiated love. She was born in 1930- so to have gone through the 40’s, 50s and 60s with no prejudices was unusual. She was drawn to people that were different and especially with disabilities. I believe she was a much more advanced soul and that this was her chosen path- to help teach those around her. I know that sounds backwards and convoluted, but I have spent years thinking about this and I don’t think these kinds of lessons can be learned any other way other than your heart being devastated– otherwise if things are just hunky-dory, you don’t learn the same way.

      I was not raised with ANY religion or any believe in God or any higher light/being whatsoever–But in the last 7 years (after one of my beloved dogs unexpectedly died), it rocked my world & triggered all that old pain & set me on soul-searching journey.

      I am very science minded & practical. My father was an engineer and I tend to think like him. So, I went the science route to prove to myself that there’s life after death– that our energy/ soul never dies– Frequencies and vibrations, radio transmissions– These are all provable things.

      Through my research and studying, I now absolutely believe our souls never die and that we do indeed, continue as energy FOREVER. We simply change forms– like water to steam or water to ice. It’s all water- it just changes forms.

      Water evaporates when it’s steam where we can no longer see it because it vibrates at a faster rate. Our bodies/ souls are no different.

      So….my mother’s suffering was just a tiny BLIP in time that she Pre- agreed to– so to teach me & those affected by her– to teach what she ALREADY knew (unconditional love & acceptance) — Though it was painful for all of us- and it continues to be for me, 30 years later, well after she has passed.

      —But the positive, loving lessons learned & infinite lasting effects she radiated as she suffered were lessons I could not have learned otherwise.
      and I do not believe I would be as sensitive, kind or empathetic towards animal’s or people’s suffering as I am today– And I certainly would never be writing a stranger like this!!

      Do the right thing (in your heart) for your dog. Look into his eyes and you’ll know what he’s telling you- if he needs to transition now. You’ll be with him again in a different form. Your heart has obviously opened up & you are in a sensitive space because you got on to this website and you are searching. I know that’s probably not helpful, but in retrospect, when your pain subsides a bit, I think it will be easier/ clearer for you to see the bigger picture.

      I hope that helps some. If not, I wish you and your dog love and peace.

      Take care.

  10. Ren Shen
    Ren Shen says:

    How exactly are humans evolving by the suffering of animals? The situation has become worse in recent times than what it was a couple of decades ago… puppies being burnt alive, kittens being thrown off rooftops for entertainment. In a particular country recently more than half of the country is protesting to ban PETA and support a bull taming sport. Seems to me like people are going back to the stone age rather than evolving further and realizing what compassion and love really means.

  11. Robin
    Robin says:

    This information, I know it’s true, and yet, I can’t get my head around it…My heart is breaking into a million, billion pieces thinking of this sacrifice they make every day, every second…I have been so afraid to move forward into animal communicating because I know I will feel it all, and I don’t know if I can stand under that burden and not be crushed…but if they can, I can…I will ask for the strength to endure and not lose my mind…thank you

  12. Jane Powell
    Jane Powell says:

    Thank you Danielle, I have been researching the dog meat trade in Korea and Chinaand need to talk to someone about it. Millions of dogs are killed and eaten every year in Korea for meat but I can’t understand how humans can be so cruel the dogsaretortured terribly before they die to improve their flavour.each of these sweet animals has a soul I strongly believe. How can such a huge amount of suffering benefit us or them. Sorry about this difficult subject.

    • Susan Hoyle
      Susan Hoyle says:

      Hi Jane, like you I am struggling to comprehend the vast and ever-growing scale of extreme worldwide animal cruelty and abuse. In a society. While ALL animal cruelty and abuse has no place in a civilsed and evolved society, the horrific dog and cat-meat trade is beyond all comprehension. Subjecting tens of thousands of innocent and defenceless animals to the most extreme levels of torture and the most brutal deaths over a period of two weeks for the Yulin “Festival” (China), can only be described as BEYOND THE REALMS OF HELL. Animal traffickers routinely catch and lure the unfortunate animals, often darting them with tranquilisers, before cramming them into tiny cages and transporting stolen pets, strays and purposely bred animals to a fate that can only be described as ABSOLUTE HELL ON EARTH. The suffering is beyond belief: beyond the realms of any nightmare! Routinely tortured for up to forty hours, in order to intensify the aphrodisiac “qualities” of the meat, this year, between ten to twelve thousand sentient dogs and cats suffered at Yulin. And while this is happening the world continues to ignore this evil, backward and absolutely unimaginable horror, as it does also with factory farming, animal experiments, the fur-trade, hunting, and the animal “entertainment industry”. It appears to me that, rather than evolving as a race, we are actually regressing at a very rapid rate. While Danielle’s explanation brings some level of comfort, and throws clarity on why animals have to suffer, I am still struggling to understand why, despite all the suffering and “sacrifices” made by animals in what appears to be an “animal holocaust”, our species appears to have lost sight of all spirituality and awareness of any consciousness other than our own, choosing only to embrace materialism and technology in our belief that this is the meaning of “progress”!

      • Krista Hart
        Krista Hart says:

        Susan – you said that so eloquently- I mean that. I Absolutely couldn’t agree with you more. I lay in my bathtub tonight crying over all the pain & suffering our animals endure STRICTLY at the hands of humans. Our local humane society is asking our help to locate & identity a dog abuser who happen to get caught on someone’s phone from a building above. They showed us photos in order to help identify the couple.

        My stomach turns — and the Yulin Torture Fest — I can’t even go there. I was sick (and still am) most of June because I knew what was happening.

        Thank You for your post. I don’t feel as alone in my pain FOR the animals.

  13. Laurie Kristensen
    Laurie Kristensen says:

    I just listened to your interview with Bob Olson on Afterlife TV and LOVED the info. It helped me so much come to terms with cats I’ve loved and lost in the past few years.

    I came here to your blog hoping to find out more about the suffering of other animals who are not lucky enough to be beloved pets. And, this article has helped me a lot.

    But I still have questions about the millions of animals who are abandoned in shelters and euthanized, and all the abused animals that live in nothing but constant suffering and horrible deaths! What is the purpose of their lives??

    When I’ve considered getting involved in animal rescue, that stops me cold because I just could not handle it! Then I think, if I KNEW there IS a larger picture, maybe it would ease the pain and empower me. But it must be different than the soul contracts of beloved pets, right?

    I, too, become almost paralyzed with grief and anger when I think of these issues plus all the animals abused as they are raised for food. However, I’m not a vegetarian. Still, I’ve begun buying as much as possible meat and eggs, etc., that are raised (if not always organically) at least cage free and/or in pastures with no added antibiotics, hormones etc. Even the mainstream grocery stores are carrying more of these things now, which is WONDERFUL. Is that part of what the soul contracts of all the abused animals who have gone before have helped bring about?

    Also, I’d like to know more about whether animals reincarnate! I believe humans do, and it only makes sense that animals do, as well.

    Also, do animals have unique individual souls? Because I’ve heard in a few places that they are more of a group soul type of thing, but that’s much harder for me to grasp. Each animal I have met and/or loved seems SUCH an individual!

    Thanks so much!

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Hi Laurie, I want to respectfully let you know that all those terms and “certifications” you see marked on meat and dairy in your local grocery store about pastured raised and cage free are bull.for example, Cage free chicken means thousands of birds are packed into airplane hangar sized buildings with no room to move around, no fresh air just a ventilation system, no space, no grass etc. but! They aren’t in cages so the company is allowed to say that. The only certification that actually exists regarding any of this in the US is certified organic and I believe the big corporations are beginning to slowly dismantle even that. I won’t go into the gory details of what happens to male chicks at egg “farms”. Corporate America has no concern for the animals that are raising, it is an industry and the animals are just dollar signs. The big corporations jumped in the organic, free range (which means a small pen with a patch of grass under it) bandwagon to protect their profits because people are waking up. I truly mean no disrespect to you or anyone on this thread I simply am trying to educate as someone did for me 10 years ago. We can all vote with our dollars and that would mean only buying meat and eggs from small farmers. Depending on where you live that can be done through farmers markets, food co-ops, CSA’s and even online. Me, I went vegetarian and then vegan (for the cows) and no I don’t eat rice and beans everyday. :). A simple google search or following a group like mercy for animals will confirm what I’ve said but be warned it can be graphic and upsetting. I hope this finds you well 🙂

  14. Ingrid
    Ingrid says:

    Dear Danielle, thank you for this post. I was searching online, looking for reassurance precisely like this. I do a lot of wildlife advocacy and for a few years, found myself in near catatonic despair over the barbarism I’d witnessed — human violence toward wild animals. I’ve also done shelter work so my experience runs the gamut in terms of the suffering I’ve seen.

    In the past year, understanding that this level of despair serves no one, least of all the animals, I’ve been seeking ways to transmute the negativity into more positive energies of love. But, I’ve also been desperate to find meaning in it all — because the magnitude of nonhuman suffering is so grand, as others here have stated.

    When I read this piece, it brought together ideas, instincts and spiritual experiences I’ve had, but didn’t feel confident enough to affirm since I don’t share your amazing abilities. I am particularly encouraged by your comments about the increased resistance before the shift. I have wondered if that might be true, given the seemingly backward movement of animal welfare at times. Thank you for bringing solace to those of us who care deeply for the welfare of our fellow beings.

    Your writing her gave me much to ponder and to comfort myself with when the earthly suffering tends to overwhelm. Like you, I don’t turn my back on suffering when I encounter it. But I’ve needed a way to make sense of the much broader picture of “why” and why so much.

  15. Maria K
    Maria K says:

    Danielle, thanks so much for your post about this, it answered several questions I’ve always had. Humane treatement of animals has always been very important to me and I’ve recently started allotting time every week to signing animal welfare petitions on the HSUS, ASPCA, TakeCare and sites. Unfortunately, I’m often overwhelmed with grief and pain reading about the horrors these animals are going through so much so that it somewhat paralyzes me.

    I won’t stop with the petitions, but my upset is so great I know it lowers my vibration and in some ways this renders me less effective in the fight for them.

    Any thoughts?

  16. Rakhee
    Rakhee says:

    No Danielle, it doesn’t help as I still don’t get it but thanks so much for responding to what I wrote here. Right now I am in intense pain and I don’t get the big picture why a dog so full of life even after having lived one traumatic experience after another, who when things were starting to look better, why would he suddenly choose to live through an extremely bad accident. I don’t get what was the lesson here for me. It has been for the past 2 years, for me, one ending after another, one loss after another. But loss of a loved one by death, and that too in such a painful way, is beyond me. I am in pain. I am angry. May be someday I will get the lesson here. Sometimes don’t understand how God’s way works. Thanks so much again Danielle for reading my comment here and responding to it even though you could have easily ignored it. Thanks. Your response, even when I don’t understand it, means a great deal to me.

  17. Rakhee
    Rakhee says:

    Hi Danielle, I found this blog post or rather this blog post found me just a few days after I lost a beloved animal companion. I get soul contracts but there are times don’t get what it could be, for instance, when an animal chooses a painful way to die. Do animals also have personal karma other than their soul contracts with their human companions? I often wonder about this. Why would an animal choose a painful death, like from an accident? Why would an animal choose a painful accident at a younger age, just all of a sudden? I wonder.

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Hi Rakhee – In my experience, animals don’t have karma in the way you are thinking. They have contracted to help us humans learn unconditional love – and they are throwing their all into it. So, yes – this includes factory farmed animals, animals that are abused, animals that are eaten… It also includes animals doing funny things in Youtube videos, the squirrel running by your window and the ants trying to get into your house. This is the way of the world – and animals are partaking. They have a lesson to teach us in every single action (seemingly positive or negative).

      Animals are always working toward the big picture. That is their main concern. As humans, when we stop and understand the big picture, it makes the nitty gritty of life much more bearable. Just imagine being connected to it like animals are! The work the animals are doing will one day allow all of us to experience connection like we never have before.

      About the difficult you’re referring to: have you ever noticed how just before something really shifts, the resistance is the greatest? That is where we are right now – the resistance is the biggest it has ever been which tells me – things are changing. For the better.

      I don’t know if that helps, but I hope so!

  18. Monique
    Monique says:

    Dear Danielle,

    I have this article bookmarked and it lifts me up so much each time I read about animal suffering. Thank you for the work that you do. Blessings, Monique

  19. tracy
    tracy says:

    So what about food animals? Factory Farmed animals live the most terrible lives only to be slaughtered by the billions for food. Are you saying they are teaching us something? They are supposed to suffer for our glutenous needs? I totally disagree.

  20. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    You seem to be refering mostly to domestic animals….but what about the animals we eat?? Factory farmed animals, etc? Surely you know what goes on in those situations, and if not, please do look into it and let me know how to live in and accept a world that is so so so very cruel to these poor innocent animals. and to SO MANY. The numbers are overwhelming. And then we are literally ingesting all of that meat/energy, etc. All that pain fear and suffering for something that simply tastes good? How can violent murder taste so good. I still eat meat, so I cannot help but think I must be the worst kind of evil, truly, and yet I still struggle to quit this “habit” perhaps because it is so “normal” and acceptable/difficult to avoid. But then isn’t that really just a weak excuse/cop out. I have difficulty living in this world at times and above all, living with/loving/accepting myself. How do I fix this?? The answer seems so simple: Stop eating meat! But then why is it so difficult to do, and why aren’t more people doing/encouraging it? Why do so few care??? And why don’t more people feel the tremendous overwhelming pain that comes with this knowledge?? And worst of all, if I am so aware then why the heck don’t I immediately and easily stop, regardless of outer influences or what other people are doing?? I think the whole situation is sickening. Including my own internal struggles and my need to somehow justify it rathering than simply refusing to partake.

    • Alexandra
      Alexandra says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      I can feel the pain and conflict in what you are saying, and I totally understand — I’ve been there, and struggled with the same questions for years. Believe me when I say that there ARE people who care deeply about the animals killed to be eaten, and those who are victimized by humans in so many other ways. You can find communities of like-minded people online and through websites such as You might also want to check out the wonderful work of Colleen Patrick Goudreau. She is the one who helped me to transition to an animal-friendly lifestyle, and I’m sure you would find her work very helpful as well. You can find her website at:

    • Nicole Wishart
      Nicole Wishart says:

      You could do it gradually if that will be easier. I was born into a meat eating culture — I had family members that even ate cow brains and tongues and they chewed on bones. When I was 19, I was petting a cow, and as I looked into its eyes and saw the sentient being looking back at me, I just made the decision, that I would not eat beef or pork any more. I thought it would be hard — how would I give up burgers?, or bacon?, surely I would crave them — but, in fact, once I made that decision in my heart that day, I just never ate beef or pork again. I was surprised that I never craved the burgers that I used to like so much, didn’t miss them at all, because the memory of that cow just wiped out any desire to eat beef. After about two years, I couldn’t eat beef or pork even I wanted to — my body had come to be repulsed and disgusted by it — I tried to eat bacon at a party because I didn’t want to be rude to the host, but I gagged and couldn’t get it down my throat. The same bacon that I had loved to the point of almost addiction when I was growing up now repulsed me. At that time, I didn’t know how to be a full vegetarian so I continued eating fish, chicken, shrimp, crab, and lobster. I was living a busy life and didn’t have much time to contemplate. Suddenly in my 40s I became repulsed by fish and chicken and could no longer eat them. Luckily by this stage, I had experienced Indian Restaurants and come to realize that their is a world of healthy and delicious food and that being 100% vegetarian is not difficult at all. I still eat shrimp, but who knows, maybe I will get to the point eventually that even that fades away. (I’m 56 years old now, so it has been a long gradual journey).

  21. Karen
    Karen says:

    Thank You Danielle for this. It truly helps with the loss of our “fuzzy angel” Reba., a beautiful Corgi. She came to us shortly after the loss of Our 29 year daughter. She gave us all so much unconditional love and healing. She was with us only a mere 5 years before she developed a very aggressive cancer. We had decided when things got difficult we would ” humanly” put her down. It did not go well, the vet had a difficult time finding vein and the process took far too long. Reba was afraid of so many things in her life.. it was awful to have it end in this way.
    She “saved us ” and it felt so like we let her down.

  22. Colleen
    Colleen says:

    Danielle: There is not a better way to learn unconditional love than by animals agreeing to suffer? And if so, why has their suffering only increased with time and the so-called evolution of civilized society? It would seem to me that their suffering is for naught. Yes, there may be an instance here or there where something good comes out of a bad sitaution, but I am not a believer that people or animals have to suffer in order to evolve. And I do believe the posting regarding the eating of animals is right on mark. It all seems futile and it makes us as humans and the need for us to “learn” supercedes the animals right to live an existence free from pain. I’d rather remain unevolved and have the animals live free from pain.

  23. Lisa pastor
    Lisa pastor says:

    When my sir bentley died I mourned for a month.
    I still cry a bit every day. I learned to love unconditionally
    I was blessed

  24. Anne
    Anne says:

    yes I believe this is true, my parents dog got diabetes and went blind because of it [and then had a stroke and passed], I am 100% sure he was trying to prevent the same fate for my dad, but unfortunately my dad did not ‘see’ what was happening. He started off controlling his diabetes with food, then went to pills and now has to inject himself and he is slowly losing his eye sight ….

  25. Cindie Davis
    Cindie Davis says:

    Hi Danielle,

    I have been saying this and getting blasted for it, for a while now. So much so that I have backed off doing readings. I was finding that people do not want to know about the soul contract and how that animal is helping them grow. They want to know which color ball the dog likes better. I know that the animals are here to teach us so much and they are, I can see it not so much with my physical eyes but I can see it.

    • Susan
      Susan says:

      Cindie Davis – Your work is so important, I hope you don’t back off on doing readings too much. Although you cannot force someone to take in all of the information about how the animal helps them, just giving them a tiny bit of insight will be something they ponder over long after a reading, which will hopefully cause them to ask more questions and want to know more later on down the road. Don’t take it personally against your practice if they are just not ready to learn or understand. Keep up the wonderful work!

  26. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    Thankyou so much Danielle for all your articles. I lost my precious little man in a fur coat on May 21st and am having a very difficult time dealing with him being gone. That’s when I found you. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your articles and web cast’s have helped me. However…there is one thing I do not understand. 4 times since his passing he has woke me up from a sound sleep crying. What is he trying to tell me? I see him in every butterfly, bird, etc. that acts unusual. Thankyou so much….

  27. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I love that we are having this discussion. But, what about all the beautiful sentient animals that are raised so that humans can eat them? Animal farming is such a cruel and wasteful industry where precious cows, pigs, chickens, lambs etc are suffering horrific abuse and suffering- yet many animal lovers continue to support this suffering by continuing to eat meat because the atrocities are largely hidden from public view. I’ve seen and heard the pain, grief and fear of these millions of animals and it breaks my heart apart. Cows in the dairy industry also suffer not only physical abuse that would make your skin crawl but also terrible emotional pain as their babys, still wet with amniotic fluid are torn from their mothers. Its so wrong. So very very wrong on every level. What about these animals? Why and how can people love their pets so much and yet eat other animals that have been gravely abused and murdered? I just don’t understand. If they agree to come to this earth to suffer such atrocities it is very heartbreaking indeed – these souls are so much more evolved than humanity. When will humanity have compassion for ALL animals? And not just those culturally accepted as pets?

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      We have animals and humans working on this. The best thing you can do is continue to put your heart (not anger or fear) into it. Thank you for the work you do! <3

  28. Mary Helen
    Mary Helen says:

    Beautifully expressed. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to express these ideas to people when connecting them with their animal companions. They do such a wonderful job of showing/teaching us about unconditional love. I have a different experience with the reincarnation to human idea but a sign of a good teacher is to be true to ones self and be open to others experiences. Bless you.

  29. Michael Vintean
    Michael Vintean says:

    Thanks Danielle for this wonderful article. It gives comfort that animals are truly sentient, loving and survive into the next phase of existence. Being an untrained empathy and I mean one who is coming into the realization of who and what I am but in chaos sometimes, grieve tremendously on a daily basis that my dog Louisa will be cross over and I will be left alone and its painful. I dream frequently that she and I cross over together, and even when I dream or astral project into other realms where ET’s or some invisible force is trying to scare me, she is there when I cry out for help. Its frightening but beautiful.

  30. Diane Sylvain
    Diane Sylvain says:

    Thank you so Danielle for this teaching. It is a blessing. I am SO connected to all animals (my pets, wild animals, insects in my house…ALL animals). Your article has helped me with the anger and sadness I feel when I see any animal suffering. It literally crushes me with pain. I will now take in your teaching that their suffering is an offering….a sacred offering to help me and other humans evolve. This will help ease my pain at seeing any animal in pain or suffering. Namaste. Diane

    • Christine
      Christine says:

      Seeing animals suffer is so, so difficullt for me, as well (it led me to become vegan 6 yrs ago). I feel such sadness, that it can last for days. Knowing that, on a higher level, they have chosen this path for us, makes me love them all the more.

  31. Moni
    Moni says:

    Interesting, but I have a question: Penelope Smith often mentions people reincarnating as animals at times… do you think that means they have evolved? And what about animals who are people at times? What do they do, go back and forth in awareness?

    I usually really like your take on things but this one is bugging me because it reminds me of when we thought the sun and everything else revolved around us.

    I think our spiritual paths are more like a whole lot of circles and dirt and mash-ups rather than anything resembling a line.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi Moni –
      In my experience, animals do not reincarnate as humans nor do humans reincarnate at animals. The animals have said very clearly to me that they have no need to live lives as humans because they’ve already learned the main lessons that humans are working on – unconditional love.

      I understand that this differs from what some other people and religions have said and that’s OK. For me, I go by my experience, and by what the animals have shown me. <3

  32. Safena
    Safena says:

    Thank you Danielle. the article does bring comfort. I actually met the officer who rescued the duck babies. His name is Ray and he died a week after i met him. He also loved dogs and that’s what got us chatting on a walk that day in my neighborhood. He told me about a friendship he had with a racoon who used to go by his ground level condo and tap on his door and Ray in the middle of the night would feed her pancakes (her favourite) and would watch tv together. I did go to his funeral in the park where we both lived. He touched alot of people. Ray also started a “missing child department” at the Vancouver Police and saved many many children. He was an amazing man and on that special day of his funeral I experienced the biggest heart opening I have ever had. It was a miracle in itself how profound it felt. I believe Ray changed my life that day.

  33. Ann Chisholm Hart
    Ann Chisholm Hart says:

    Who is going to feed Zoey? I was going to jump over 23 floors, and it occured to me who would feed my siamese? She saved my life….I sobered up, got my life together, I becoming spiritual, ,,, and am enjoying my life. Thankyou, for your educational and loving article. Namaste Ann.

  34. Genene
    Genene says:

    Beautifully stated! When I began communicating with furbabies a few years ago, I entered an amazing world where these highly evolved beings have taught me so many lessons. I must have a lot more to learn since I’m surrounded by a herd of beautiful doggies. Thank you, Danielle, for putting the message of these furry angels into human words.

  35. petra gerda paul
    petra gerda paul says:

    Thank you so very much Danielle for all you are and do. I watched you on the interview with Bob Olson and told every body about you, for you speak from my heart.
    I recently was inspired to write a little book: “Letters to my Immortal Beloved:My Journey From Heaven on Earth Through Alzheimer’s and Back”. In my little book I share my experience with Wilbur Alexander Paul, my Catfriend for 17 years and what he taught me, even years after he had left his body. At one time he told me, ” I am a Being that is always with you, and for a time I took on the form of a cat to be with you in this lifetime……

  36. Peggie
    Peggie says:

    This reminds me of a very clear message I received about 6 years ago. It was after the Kentucky Derby when that beautiful horse was injured and had to be put down. I was in my kitchen, doing dishes and weeping about what I believed was the idiocy of “the sport of kings” and that horse came to me clear as day and said, “Don’t worry about me, it’s for the humans.” I looked around, stunned, and said, “WHAT?!” and that horse managed to let me know that they had willingly gone down to help the humans become more aware of our interconnectedness. It was one of the most humbling and profound moments of my life and I am forever grateful for that lesson. Thank you Danielle for your work and for sharing the message.

    • Marion
      Marion says:

      Peggie, thank you for sharing that story. In past years my family has made a trip to Saratoga Race track every summer. I don’t like to go, but I make it bearable by going and praying for the horses, sending them love. I too was deeply saddened by the story you told of the horse they put down at the derby, and I loved hearing your story. It lifted my heart, and helps to know they are helping us recognize our interconnectedness in their own way.

      VARINA PAONE says:

      Thank you for sharing Peggy, that gave me chills. I had long hurt for that horse in my heart. I understand now as since then, I have refused to watch horse racing ever again. That day changed my life, that horse’s life mattered and broke my heart to hear of her being killed like that. V.

    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      I’ve worked with hyenas in captivity, and they are like giant smelly dogs. They are affectionate, funny, timid, and beautiful! If you do a little research you’ll find they are quite important in the food chain and not as creapy as they have been made out to be.

  37. Karen
    Karen says:

    What a wonderful article – and thank you for confirming and articulating that which I’ve already come to feel within my soul. I lost my first (I just can’t call them “dogs” – always “pups”) in 2010 but she was with me for 13 1/2 years – (american eskie)- she came to me at a time of despair and fear and made it possible to get back out in the world and live on my own again (after a horrible attack). Then I thought she was lonely, got her 1/2 brother, Aleksi, who was always in the background while Sasha was here – she was my heart, we were so in-tune. However, Aleksi has really stepped up to the plate and after a year of total mourning (even lost my job of 10 yrs) – I’m still at home, unemployed, but so thankful for Aleksi (he’s now 15 1/2) – and though he doesn’t snuggle as much as Sasha would – we’re definitely inseparable (I fear the day when I’m left – however I know Sasha (and Lexi) will be waiting for me as soon as I cross over into the spirit world. Thank goodness for animal communicators and people like Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton. Their theories have saved me from severe depression! I love the saying that “DOG” is “GOD” spelled in reverse.
    Thanks for all that you do – I look forward to the day I can work w/you on soul contracts AND checking in on the loves of my life – Sasha and Aleksi.

  38. susanne
    susanne says:

    Thank you for the greater Picture, and i can feelin my bones..:-) that it is the truth, and yes the animals are such great and loving theachers..i have been very greatful for my 2 horses and my 2 dogs and for the unconditional love they gave me..and the insights..they surely opend my Heart..thankyou to them and to you for your gift..bless you

    • lillith
      lillith says:

      validating. thanks for sharing this insight for all the subhumans who believe we’re superior to all other living species.


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