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Pets misbehave because they’re trying to draw your attention to something bigger within…

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What is an Animal Soul Contract?

Animal Soul Contracts are Your Pet Life Lessons

Animals have incarnated on earth with the grand intention of helping us evolve our souls and master unconditional love.

They do this in large scale ways, such as a challenge that an entire species is experiencing at the hands of humans. They also do this in smaller, more individual ways through our own personal relationships with them.

When you take the time to examine and understand the connection you have with your pet, you’re opening the door to that animal’s great wisdom.

Is there a pet life lesson for me?

You absolutely do have a soul contract with the animal in your life. In fact,  you have a soul contracts with every single animal in your life – whether you love that animal or not.

It’s simply of matter of discovering that lesson and doing the homework with your pet to master the lesson and evolve.

Take the Journey with Your Pet

  • Learn how to position yourself for the greatest possible outcome
  • Learn how Animal Soul Contracts really work
  • Find out the steps for discovering the lesson your pet is teaching you
  • Learn how to identify what your pet is doing to teach you this lesson
  • Discover what happens when you learn the pet life lesson

What You Get!

Focus on One Relationship

In this masterclass, you’ll choose which animal in your life you want to work with and I’ll take you through the process of understanding your Soul Contract with that animal. After you’ve learned the process, you can apply it to ALL of the animals in your life and learn from them too!

Soul Contract

Get that lesson

It’s exciting to learn how your pet is helping you heal, grow, and transform but there’s more! You’ll also learn how to identify the homework your pet has for you so you can actually master the lesson your pet wants you to master. It’s about more than information. Now you can take action with your beloved animal soul contract!


Even though I’m giving you everything you need to do this on your own with your pet, sometimes it’s good to get a little extra help. For those who attended live, I answered so many GREAT questions, helping you over those humps in understanding the soul contract with your animal.