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Soul Contract Mastery with Animals


Shaping a better reality for yourself (and your pet) – through your pet!


  • By application or invitation only

Get Ready for Change!

  • Do you want to access your innate potential by tapping into the unconditional love of your pet?
  • Do you want to strengthen your connection with your pet, so you can take advantage of their message for you?
  • Do you want to become part of a like-minded group of people, who support each other and share at the deepest levels?
  • Are you ready to break old habits and discover how to change your life for the better?

A truly LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE with your pet

Join me and embark on a 16-week journey to overcome personal limitations by forging a stronger partnership with your pet and tap into the true power of your Soul. Your pets want to lead you to a life overflowing with love, freedom, and happiness!

Do you believe that:
  • Your pets are in your life for a reason and there’s so much more you can learn from them?
  • Animals have more to offer on a SOUL level than you might be aware of?
  • When you peer into your pet’s eyes, you KNOW there’s a message waiting there for you?
  • Life is showing you the same lessons over and over again, but you’re struggling to grasp them?
  • You have stubborn blocks in your life that you just haven’t been able to overcome?
If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then this course is perfect for YOU!
You’re getting direct access to my guidance and intuitive connection, as I do not offer this kind of relationship anywhere else!

This is, without doubt, one of the most effective ways to expand energetically, emotionally, and spiritually while dismantling those barriers through the deep soul connection with the remarkable animal in your life!

{ During This 16 Week Program, You Will … }

  • Learn, evolve, and grow beyond your expectations!
  • Discover positive things about yourself you never knew before!
  • Learn how to really, truly LOVE yourself
  • Begin changing your life for the better
  • Finally start creating a vibrant healthy body, mind and soul
  • Learn uniquely profound ways to work with your pet
  • Personally experience what working with an Animal Soul Contract is all about so that you can share this with your own clients in the future

I have already helped thousands discover their true, innate greatness, and I’m so ready and EXCITED to empower you to discover your true potential and welcome a life you’ll LOVE living, RIGHT NOW.

I’m known for two things: helping people work through their Soul Contracts (the negative repeating patterns in our lives), and for shedding new light on this life and world through beautiful communion with animals. Here, I’ve FINALLY brought everything together into one, all-encompassing program!

In this program, I will help you connect soul-to-soul with your pet, assisting you in opening a doorway to your rapid repair and release that simply isn’t available when playing on the physical level. I want to help you discover how to accomplish the goals your soul made before this lifetime even began – through the assistance for your pet!

{ Your Personal 16-Week Program }

Over the course of our time together, I will gently provide you with the tools to access the unlimited possibilities and love within you, and show you how to shape your perfect reality by tapping into the valuable insights from the animals in your life.

Yes, you read that right!

I will show you how to work with your pets so you can identify your soul lessons and discover how to permanently master and benefit from them with less effort than ever before. This work is unlike any other!

This is a life-transforming program, and it has been designed over a 16-week period deliberately to enable students to sustainably process and manage their growth.

In this intensive program you’ll receive:

  • Eight 90-minute Livestream webinar group coaching calls with me
  • Four 55-minute private coaching calls with me
  • Four individual coaching e-mails with me
  • Dedicated group forum time with me
  • Personalized coursework to work on each month
  • Emotional support from like-minded participants through the group forum
  • Continued support as you develop your Animal Communication business, if this is the direction in which you are working

And as an added feature, all of your classes, homework, recordings, and everything else will be accessible to you through your own personal dashboard. Click here to get a glimpse of the dashboard now!


Based on the particular needs of your class, I may invite SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS to help you create your strongest energetic foundation!


You’ll also get access to at least three graduates of the SCCA for emotional support, guidance, and more. Imagine how supported you will feel being able to connect with others who’ve been through what you’re going through!

Get ready – transformation is coming!

You can choose to take this class solely to do the individual work with your pet, or you can choose to take this class as part of my certification program. It’s your choice. No matter what your intention in taking the program, know that you’re sharing your time with some very special people!

{ Are you ready… }

The Benefits

  • Experience a more healthy, positive, and evolved relationship with your pet
  • Experience healthier, more positive, and evolved relationships with friends and family
  • Learning to see who you really are: the very best you

Tuition options:

                                       ** By Invitation Only **

If you have any questions about this class, please email


Return to this page periodically or join Danielle’s email list to ensure you are the first to know when the upcoming course dates are release. There are two ways to join this class: the first is by private invitation from Danielle and the second is by going through the application process.

General Prerequisites to take this class:

If you’re taking this class in order to work on your relationship with your pet and to benefit from what your pet has to teach you, there are no prerequisites other than an open mind, a willingness to share your experiences, and a desire to move forward in your life. All levels and all people are welcome in this class.

Can’t make a call? Don’t worry – everything will be available ONLINE within 24 hours
for you to watch and listen to as many times as you would like!

Add/Drop Date & Refund Policy:

If you decide you would like to drop out of the class, we’re happy to refund you by the Add/Drop date, which is 10 days after the first livestream webinar. Just notify us via email within that timeframe.