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Soul Level Educator® Course 302

Soul Level Educator® Course 302

(Formerly called MCPP)

You’re a current DMS Certified Practitioner and you’re wondering what’s next.  For anyone interested in teaching through DMS and making it a long-term commitment, the 302 track is for you. It’s a chance to expand your intuitive skills, share your knowledge with animal communication students, and begin gaining the expertise necessary to become a professional Soul Level Animal Communication® DMS teacher.


To apply, CPPs must meet the following requirements for at least six consecutive months:

  • Work professionally with clients monthly 
  • Publish a monthly newsletter/blog 
  • Participate actively in Be Open as a CPP 
  • Feel consistently comfortable and confident leading a group
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve business problems independently



The transition from expert to teacher means building advanced skills that nurture and uncover your innate leadership skills.  It means learning to confidently guide students while also acting as their model.

It’s a step that can’t be rushed, but if you’re ready – really ready – the rewards can’t be described, they have to be experienced.  When you trust your expertise enough to teach, then you step into a new kind of personal power.

For those who want to help others grow

For certain people, there’s no greater feeling than the feeling that comes from watching someone’s eyes light up as they finally grasp a concept – that is, unless you’re the person who helped them to that ah-ha moment.

DMS 302 training is a combination of teacher training and intuitive skill development.  By the end of the program, you’ll be prepared to work as a paid Teaching Assistant in DMS classes.

You’ll also be trained in Soul Level Coaching, the intuitive method developed by Danielle MacKinnon for guiding humans. If you’ve ever experienced a session with Danielle before, THIS is what you’ll start learning how to do. Soul Level Coaching will both strengthen and deepen your intuitive skills and help you feel truly ready to work confidently with students, understanding their reading styles, strengths, and obstacles.  Plus, it will add a new dimension into your work as an animal communicator.


What’s Included:

  • Six interactive 90-minute livestream video webinars with Danielle
  • Facebook group with access to Danielle and your class community for the duration of the course
  • Your own, created-by-you, approved-by-Danielle, mini-course tailored to your specific strengths. It’s YOUR complete mini-course to teach to your network (or Danielle’s if approved)
  • Official designation as an MCPP in DMS related places

The Results!

  • Potential to lead Animal Communication Lab
  • Paid TA positions for DMS classes, in-person and more
  • Paid positions for CERT 201 Feedback calls
  • Affiliate opportunities
  • Specific denotation on Practitioner’s Page as an MCPP
  • Access to the 302 Facebook group 


Danielle created this course because she wanted a way for her gifted intuitives to tap into more of their innate leadership and teaching skills.

This class moves into new territory. It’s professional training with specific deliverables and deadlines. Like all DMS classes, the homework is designed to challenge, push boundaries, and still allow you to have fun.

The goal is to help CPPs develop their teaching and leadership abilities, expanding their intuitive work seamlessly into the teaching realm.

The Soul Level Animal Communication® Online Course 302 workload will be approximately three hours each week between each class for the twelve-week course period. In addition, DMS asks that you commit to teaching for at least one year after you are certified (so that both you and DMS can take advantage of your newly acquired skills).

Below is the list of requirements for successful completion SLE 302:

  • Five Soul Level Coaching readings, with written summary due ~4 weeks after course end
  • Participation as TA in at least one DMS course
  • Successful design and presentation of your mini-course
  • On time completion of all assignments
  • Enthusiasm and a love of teaching

As a new course, please note that all deliverables are subject to change.



SLE 301

Learn how to work intuitively with clients and students as they learn from you.

SLE 302

Discover how to coach, mentor, and teach your work to your students.

SLE 303

Learn how to teach Soul Level Animal Communication® using Danielle’s teaching method, marketing materials and more.

Successfully graduate from this course, along with SLE 301 and  SLE 303, to complete the Soul Level Educator® Module and qualify to teach Danielle’s Soul Level Animal Communication® course #101 to the world. You’ll also gain access to Danielle’s marketing materials, PowerPoint presentations and more!

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Begins: TBA

10-Day Money-Back Guarantee From the First Day of Class

To apply for this course, please email with an indication of your interest. You must meet the prerequisite requirements listed above to apply.

Tuition options:
One Time Payment: $1997   or   Three Payments of $765

Link to purchase course will be emailed to those accepted to the program.


  • Must be a current Certified Soul Level Animal Communication® Practitioner
  • Soul Level Educator® 301 (or waiver from DMS)
  • Approval from Danielle MacKinnon

Add/Drop Date & Refund Policy:

If you decide you would like to drop out of the class, we’re happy to refund you by the Add/Drop date, which is 10 days after the first livestream video class. Just notify us via email within that timeframe.