Soul Level Animal Communication® Certification 202

NEXT CLASS STARTS: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Let Danielle help you create the strong foundation needed for a successful Animal Communication business. You’ll have five months with Danielle (and her Teaching Assistants who’ve already gone through the process) to put into place the intuitive business you’ve always wanted.


    • Are you serious about your love of animals?
    • Do you love helping people solve their pet’s challenges?
    • Have you been dreaming of going pro, but you don’t know how?
    • Do you love assisting animals as they assist their humans?
    • Do you sometimes like animals better than people?
    • Do you believe the world needs more animal communicators?
    • Do you feel like you were meant for something more ?
    • And would you LOVE to do all of this professionally?

    In this course Danielle MacKinnon mentors you through the process of creating your business. Each week you’ll conquer a new topic aimed at helping you build your business from the ground up. With Danielle as your mentor, she’ll be able to look at each step you’ve taken and help you make adjustments so that your creation can be as solid and as reflective of you possible!

    This is one of Danielle’s favorite parts of teaching – helping someone tweak what they are doing to make it the most successful! Because of this, Danielle keeps this class small which allows for the time and space for individual attention. 


    What You’ll Learn:

    • Your personal niche
    • Your strengths and weaknesses (and what to do with them)
    • How to set up your business (from front end to back end)
    • The best technology systems for you based on how you want to run your business
    • How to run a business that protects and supports you
    • How to create your best intuitive website 
    • Confidence in your readings
    • How to put yourself out to the world
    • Pricing (oh, pricing!)
    • The difference between in-person and phone sessions
    • How to stand up for yourself with challenging clients
    • How to get comfortable exchanging money for your work
    • Time management

    What’s Included:

    • Six Interactive 90-minute Livestream video webinars with Danielle which includes twelve weeks of support 
    • Information, support, and guidance from your Teaching Assistants
    • Additional support and feedback through your private Facebook group
    • Invitation to all live Animal Communication Labs
    • The steps to creating your marketing footprint
    • Access to the FB community
    • Danielle’s intuitive guidance as you start up your business
    • Ten additional weeks of dedicated support from your Teaching Assistants 
    • Access to your command center classroom dashboard. Click here for a glimpse.

      Not included:
    • Your phone line and website costs, which could range anywhere from free on up, depending on the choices you make

    Course Format

    WEBINARS During each  of the six classes you’ll work a different business aspect to assist you in creating a clear and open pathway for your successful practice! You’ve got Danielle for twelve dedicated weeks –  and then her Teaching Assistant for an additional ten weeks – checking out each aspect of your business as you create and share it!

    PRACTICE As you’re working on the business aspects, you still get to practice your animal psychic skills, as you will get to do plenty of readings towards your certification!

    COMMUNITY You’ll be experiencing all of this with a small group of dedicated intuitives, also working toward the same goal – of becoming the very best Soul Level Animal Communicator they can be! 

    CERTIFICATION At the end of the program, when you complete the requirements, you’ll be officially certified as a Soul Level Animal Communication® Practitioner and you’ll have the opportunity to join Danielle’s CPPs in the Practitioner Advertising Program too!  (Learn more about the PAP here.)


    As a Certified SLAC Practitioner in the Practitioner Advertising Program you get all of these benefits!

    • Official Certified Professional Practitioner (CPP) Certificate
    • Public listing on DMS website as Certified which puts you, as a professional, in front of Danielle’s dedicated audience
    • Open invitation to all Animal Communication Labs
    • Access to the CPP Community private group
    • Access to the CPP Community private group
    • Inclusion in Danielle’s community of animal lovers, Be Open
    • Teaching Assistant Opportunities
    • Access to Soul Level Educator® Course

    Learn What’s So Cool About Certification Here!


    10-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    From the First Day of Class. Notify us!

    One Time Payment: $2497   or   Four Payments of $687

    After passing the SLACC 201 course, please contact us below to receive your SLACC 202 application.


    • SLAC 101 Course
    • SLAC 102 Course
    • Passing grade SLACC 201 Course
    • Application approval from Danielle MacKinnon

    Add/Drop Date & Refund Policy:

    If you decide you would like to drop out of the class, we’re happy to refund you by the Add/Drop date, which is 10 days after the first livestream video class. Just notify us via email within that timeframe.