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Start Date:

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Soul Level Animal Communication® 103/201

Want to MASTER your animal communication readings?

Considering starting an Animal Communication business?

If you’re looking for MORE CONFIDENCE in delivering your Soul Level Animal Communication® readings, you’ve come to the right place!

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For those who want MORE from their animal communication!

  • Are you ready to develop your confidence?
  • Do you want to feel comfortable acting on the information you receive from animals?
  • Are you looking to go deeper with the animals you’re connecting to?

This is YOUR moment. Seize it!

Start giving readings true to who you really are, while still honoring the needs of those you are reading. This program will help you do that.

  • Learn Danielle’s personal tricks for keeping a session on time
  • Learn how to work with clients who seem to think they know everything
  • Find out (and practice!) working with people who want you to have all the answers – in just 20 minutes!
  • Feel INCREDIBLE bringing you, your client, deeply into the session  – all while keeping the reading right on track
  • Feel confident LEADING each reading while allowing the animal to remain in charge

 You Have TWO Options For This Class: 

Option #1: Soul Level Animal Communication 103

SLAC 103 is for those who purely want to hone their animal communication skills and enjoy the delights of being an animal communicator. Enthusiasts simply forgo the Feedback & Certification calls, but receive all of the same teachings as the budding professionals!

Option #2: Soul Level Animal Communication Certification 201

SLACC 201 is for those who are considering a business in Soul Level Animal Communication®. 201 includes private Feedback and Certification calls.  When you pass your Certification call, you’ve completed the pre-requisite to potentially move into SLACC 202, begin building your business, and become one of Danielle’s Certified SLAC Practitioners (CPPs) through the Practitioner Advertising Program.

Get Ready To Evolve as a Soul Level Animal Communicator®

  • Six 90-minute Livestream webinars with Danielle and the class
  • Access to Danielle’s lively private group forum where she and her Teaching Assistants devote time each week to answering your questions
  • Coursework specifically designed to build your confidence
  • Downloadable copies of any notes or handouts
  • Group and paired homework and plenty of play!
  • The opportunity to meet, bond, and grow with your intimate group of like-minded others who are working toward the same goal as you!
  • Group mentoring with Danielle as your guide
  • Dedicated Teaching Assistants to support you and help you grow
  • *Private In depth Feedback Call with personalized feedback from me or my Teaching Assistant
  • *Private In depth Certification Test Call with personalized feedback from me or my Teaching Assistant
  • Additional Teaching Assistant led check-in calls as determined by the class needs
  • Open access to all Animal Communication labs that take place during your class
  • Prerequisite fulfillment for Soul Level Animal Communication® Certification #202

*Note: Certification and Feedback calls are only available to SLACC 201 students


  • SLAC 101 Course
  • SLAC 102 Course

10-Day Money-Back Guarantee From the First Day of Class

Registration OPEN!

SLAC 103: Choose this option if you want to continue to boost your animal communications skills so you can read animals for friends and family.
This course does NOT include Feedback or Certification calls.

Tuition options:
One Time Payment: $1997 or Three Payments of $766

Class Dates

Tuesdays @ 2pm Eastern
Nov 19th, Dec 3rd, 17th, Jan 21st, Feb 4th, 18th, March 10th

Note: Course 103 and 201 are taught together

Two course options

SLACC 201 Choose this option if you want to become certified as one of Danielle’s practitioners through the Practitioner Advertising Program. Includes both the Feedback and Certification calls. 

Tuition options:
One Time Payment: $2497 or Three Payments of $957

Class Dates

Tuesdays @ 2pm Eastern
Nov 19th, Dec 3rd, 17th, Jan 21st, Feb 4th, 18th, March 10th
Feedback Calls: Jan 6th – 17th 2020
Certification Calls: Feb 24th – March 5th 2020

Note: Course 103 and 201 are taught together

Add/Drop Date & Refund Policy:

If you decide you would like to drop out of the class, we’re happy to refund you by the Add/Drop date, which is 10 days after the first livestream webinar. Just notify us via email within that timeframe.