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Soul Level Animal Communication® 102

Soul Level Animal Communication® 102
Go deeper and bring in the humans!

(Even if you don’t quite have the confidence yet – you can do it!)

  • Gain the confidence you’ve been looking for

  • Learn how to add HUMANS to your connections

  • Start really digging in to the Soul Level in your readings

  • Start believing that you’re REALLY connecting with the animals

  • Track with your community of like-minded souls!

Soul Level Animal Communication® 102 is as much about YOU, the human, as it is about the animals you connect with

Take your pet intuitive skills to the next level and you’ll not only experience a higher vibration of connection with the animals, you’ll also experience a shift deep within yourself. (The animals demand it!)

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Soul Level Animal Communication® 102 Teaches you:

  • How to work with your Helper Animal
  • What to do around those challenging animals & humans!
  • Greater self-trust (which leads to greater readings)
  • In-the-moment communications
  • How to include the pet’s human
  • About going deeper into the Animal lessons
  • How to “negotiate” with an animal around behavior problems

Here’s what you get


  • Six video lessons delivered weekly taking you deeper into your study of Soul Level Animal Communication® (Watch in your pjs if you desire!)

  • LIVE Monthly Animal Communication lab (watch or participate in on-the-spot readings)

  • The entire course is accessible through your personal dashboard including practices too!


Animal communication

Each month, students at all levels in my classes, plus my Professional Practitioners, get together for our Animal Communication Lab. And I’m extending that invitation to you!

The AC Lab is your chance to join the community to watch, read, and learn from one another. It’s the perfect way to grow and deepen your connection.

In a lab, one or two student are chosen to publicly read one another’s animals, live, on the webinar. Attendance in labs is completely voluntary – however most students attend every lab they can!

The Breakdown

Lesson One:

Helper Animals

Sometimes, when connecting intuitively with animals, it becomes helpful to call on an animal specifically assigned to assisting you. In this lesson we’ll be working to find out who your helper animal is AND how that helper animal wants to work with you.

  • You’ll walk away from the first class with bubbling with energy to connect to YOUR helper!

Lesson Two:

Smoke Blowing

As you get to know the animal you’re connecting to, you’re going to want to know how to handle each individual personality so that you can be the most in tune with what message that particular animal is giving you. In this lesson, you’ll hone those skills so you can get a more complete personality picture of the animal.

  • You’ll walk away from the second class with a better understanding of the how important the motivation behind an animals answers really is!

Lesson Three:

Integrating the Human

Most animals that you’ll be reading in your travels as a Soul Level Animal Communication® student, will be attached to a human in one way or another. In this lesson, we’ll be brining the human attached to the animal right into the reading!

  • You’ll walk away from lesson three, poised to go deeper in every reading you do!

Lesson Four:

Problem Solving

When someone decides they want an animal communication reading, it’s often because there is a challenge they would like help from their pet to solve. Here, you’ll learn the Soul Level® approach to solving training issues and more.

  • You’ll walk away from lesson four ready to get the answers to any question from the animal!

Lesson Five:

Animal GoPro®

Sometimes, you have to stop “pushing” so hard to connect to the animal and instead, let the animal take you where they want you to go. This is one of the most fun experiences in animal communication – seeing the world through the animal’s eyes.

  • You’ll walk away from Lesson Five with the know-how to let the animal finally LEAD the reading.

Lesson Six:

Multiple Animals

It’s VERY common that you’ll want to connect with several animals at a time in order to figure out a problem and in this lesson that’s exactly what we’ll be doing! This is the pre-cursor to some even MORE cool work in higher level courses (and past students have LOVED it!)

  • You’ll walk away from Lesson Six, looking for people with many pets to connect with at once!

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