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“New Class from Danielle MacKinnon reveals
Yes, you  CAN learn Animal Communication!”

Even if you don’t think you have the “gift” and are worried that people will think you’re crazy!

Danielle’s Premiere beginner Soul Level Animal Communication® 101 course
is now open for enrollment!

From the Desk of Danielle MacKinnon
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Friend, 

I bet that you’ve already had an inclination that you might be able to connect intuitively with animals but something prevented you. Perhaps you thought you’d be called “weird” or maybe you just didn’t think you would be any good at it. Maybe you were thought it won’t work for you because you don’t have, “The Gift. If so, then this is the most important thing you’ll read today!

I’ll show you why in a minute.


Learning Soul Level Animal Communication® is totally possible. I’ve taught thousands of people how to communicate with their animals and I can tell you one thing for sure: it’s not about, “The Gift.”

In my 19 years as a professional Animal Communicator, what’s the biggest factor that determines a person’s success? PRACTICE! 

Your results will vary depending on many factors… but the most important factor is your commitment to doing the homework, using the tools, and doing the exercises! 

If you’re ready to learn, then I can help you! If you don’t think you’re ready to do your homework, DON’T JOIN THIS COURSE!

Having said that, let’s take a look at what is really going on here!

The Soul Level is a BIG deal:

When most people think of animal communication – they consider only the PSYCHIC aspects of it. What’s wrong with that? Well, animals are not only giving us messages psychically, they’re also working to help us evolve our souls! When you leave the Soul Level out of the communication by focusing only on the psychic part, you miss serious messages from the animal – messages that can create GREAT transformation for the people and animals listening to them!

To weed out the people who are ready to work and play from those only mildly interested, I’m going to give as many details as I can about the course here and let you decide. 

As the best selling author of Animal Lessons and of Soul Contracts, I am an expert in animal communication, intuition, and spirituality.  I’ve connected with tens of thousands of people and their animals over the years and so I’ve had the advantage to learn exactly how the animals most want animal communication to be taught.

Years ago, when I started out as an animal communicator, I tried to create a business that taught animal communication the “right” way so I could show people how to fix any pet’s issue. 

It took me a few years to realize I was completely missing the point. The animals wanted me to teach animal communication using their method that would bring bring the Soul Level squarely into the connection.

Likely, you want to experience the deep Soul Level connection that animals have to offer too!

Learning Soul Level Animal Communication® is NOT about memorizing the steps (although the steps are important).

Learning Soul Level Animal Communication® is about understanding what the animals really want you to know – in a safe, supportive environment, surrounded by a like-minded community. 

Here’s the thing: I don’t necessarily think I am the VERY BEST “technical” animal communicator in the world. I’m sure there are others out there who may very well be more skilled at picking up the small intuitive details, but I’m VERY good at this…

I’ve mastered connecting to the animal at the Soul Level – and the transformation that comes from it is what it’s REALLY all about! 

When you discover the Soul Level connection you have with the animal – and you’re able to go to the Soul Level with her, you will: 

  • No longer feel “weird” because you’ll be with like-minded people who really GET you
  • Learn how the animal is helping their human evolve
  • Discover how the animal is helping you be your best self
  • Attract people and animals to read for that totally resonate with YOU
  • Let go of having to “prove” your animal communication skills
  • Meet and play with others who are aligned with animals just like you are 
  • Create a business helping animals help their people
  • Say goodbye to not understanding why an animal keeps behaving a certain way. You’ll get the big picture!

And so much more!

You don’t have to already be psychic to learn Soul Level Animal Communication®

But you do have to be able to do three things that most people resist doing:

  • You have to be able look at yourself. One the thing animals don’t let you get away with is hiding your baggage – so doing this work will require you to address those parts of yourself that are standing in the way
  • You have to be committed. Each week you’ll have practice homework. You can’t get better if you don’t practice!
  • You have to really love animals. Those who have animals in their heart find this course much easier than those who can take-or-leave animals. 

You may be nervous that you can’t do it
but don’t worry!

This entire course is about showing you that you CAN do it. It’s also about showing you that you’ve probably already been unknowingly doing it to some degree AND that you have more to discover with your own animals through the Soul Level connection!

All that worry. 

All that lack of confidence. 

All that stuff that made you not fit in or feel unsupported – when you learn animal communication, it all shifts to become your strength!

In Soul Level Animal Communication® 101, you’ll feel supported (and loved!) as you rediscover your innate intuitive skills.

Here’s what’s ahead:

PROGRAM DATES: SIX video classes delivered one per week via email and you can start RIGHT NOW!

PRACTICES: Each video contains in-class exercises plus between-class homeworks and practices for you to do at your leisure

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Open to students of THIS course only, the group is YOUR home for getting answers, hooking up with homework partners, and finding support. This is where you realize you’re really on a group adventure!

INTUITIVE CONFIRMATION: Want to know what intuitive data others who’ve taken the class received? Go to the Feedback section of the lesson to input your own impressions from the animal AND see what everyone else got! This is a great way to start to understand your intuition.

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: My Certified Professional Soul Level Animal Communication® Practitioners are there to answer your questions in the private Facebook group and in the live webinar. These are men and women, certified by ME, that are now working as professional animal communicators out in the real world!

LIVE Q&A WEBINARS: Each month on the 3rd Monday, we’ll hold a live Q&A webinar to focus on how you’re implementing your most recent lessons and answer your questions. This is where you can ask questions specifically related to your challenges and get the support you’ve been looking for!  

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION LABS: Get to know the community even better by attending our monthly Animal Communication labs where students at all levels do readings, live, for the rest of the group! A great way to see how animal communication works for others!

CLOSED CAPTIONS: Have a desire to take the course without sound? Well, now you can! All course lessons and videos have closed captions! 

GOALS: By the time the course ends, you will have achieved three primary objectives. You will:

  • Know how communicate with animals at the Soul Level
  • Have experience in managing your energy to create the best possible connection
  • Understand how to access the Soul Level of the animals purpose 

“Get ready for an adventure. If you want guidance on communicating with animals and at the same time are seeking inwardly for deeper meaning in your life, this class is for you.”

~Faith BirchallSoul Level Animal Communication® 101 StudentClick to read more from our students!