Soul Level Animal Communication® 101 reveals
How to Intuitively Communicate with
and Help Animals Using Your Intuition!

(Even if you don’t think you have the “gift” and are worried that people will think you’re crazy!)

What’s SO AWESOME about SLAC 101®?

  • Learn animal communication in a fun, no-pressure environment
  • Use your skills to start helping animals be happier and healthier!
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • By week TWO you’ll be communicating with animals!
  • Check out intuitive impressions from previous students and add your own impressions too
  • Experience a true sense of community (and see how others are doing it!) in our monthly Animal Communication Labs
  • Complete the whole course in just SIX weeks!
  • No intuitive experience whatsoever necessary at all
  • Get a special gift when school ends
  • **BONUS! For a limited time, purchase Soul Level Animal Communication® 101 and get my Meet Your Spirit Guides Masterclass totally free (Value: $97)

What is Soul Level Animal Communication® Anyway?

Most people believe animal communication (intuitively and psychically connecting to an animal) is a great way to solve animal behavior problems. I don’t. Through my almost twenty years as an animal communicator, the animals have taught me that, yes, of course behavior problems can be fixed through this method of connection – but there is so much more!

Through Soul Level Animal Communication®, I’ve learned how to go deeper into the LESSON behind the problem – to help both the human AND the animal come to a solution. And THAT is what I teach in this course! It’s more than “What is your favorite toy?” It’s “How are you helping Sally learn to love?” and “How are you teaching Doug that he’s not a failure?”

Animal communication

That’s where I come in!!

Animal Communicator Danielle MacKinnon

My 6-week course is a unique opportunity, as I’m using my almost two decades of experience as an animal communicator, psychic, and teacher to give you the tools and know-how to tap into a Divine aspect of your Self to access and develop your ability to intuitively connect with animals.

SLAC 101® will start you on the path to intuitively tapping into and harnessing the TRUE nature of animals!

What You Get


  • Six pre-recorded video lessons delivered one per week
  • Start right away! Lesson 1 delivered immediately
  • Monthly Soul Level Animal Communication® labs with the entire DMS community
  • Access to impressions for each lesson from past students (more confirmation than ever before!)
  • Take for fun or for full DMS Course 101 credit
  • Course access through your dashboard (viewable on smart phone or computer)


  • Learn how Guide Teams function by focusing purely on YOU
  • Understand who makes up a spiritual guide team
  • See what one of your guides looks like
  • Find out how one of your guides wants you to reach out
  • Discover the differences among your different guides
  • How one of your guides specifically wants you to communicate for the best results!!

The 6-Week Breakdown

Week One:

Energy Management

This is the foundation to ALL of my animal communication work. It is what allows my students to be successful, confident, and intelligent throughout the entire course and into their own animal communication! I like to say that this week’s lesson is my little secret “power pill” that is unique to my coursework!

  • You’ll walk away from the first class with two NEW techniques you can begin using immediately to manage your energy.

Week Two:

Body Mapping

I help you understand how animals communicate intuitively using their bodies. You’ll learn how and why animals often choose to work through their physical bodies, how to open your OWN body to intuitively receive the messages from the animals, and how to begin connecting with an animal – yup, week TWO!

  • During this lesson, you’ll connect intuitively with an animal for the first time….how exciting!

Week Three:

The White Room

What messages will the animals have to give? Find out as I teach you my specialized technique for intuitive animal connection. You’ll learn the four most popular methods animals use to communicate their intuitive information, how your personal White Room works, and another powerful tool for energy management!

  • During this lesson, you’ll again intuitively connect with an animal, but you’ll do this using a new technique that will help you figure out what the intuitive space in your head actually LOOKS like, so you can get back there any time you need to.

Week Four:

Question Asking

When people look for an animal communication reading, it is usually because they have a question they want answered by their pet. Perhaps they want to know about food or why she always scratches a certain person in the home. Everyone has questions! In this week’s lesson, you’ll learn how to handle questions posed by an animal’s eager human.

  • You’ll be able to use what you learn in this lesson to facilitate a better relationship with the animal’s human – which will in turn, lend itself to a deeper, more fulfilling reading each time! 

Week Five:

In-and-Out Connection

Now is the time to start pushing the limits on what you can do! Learning to master the “in-and-out connection” is important to experiencing a successful soul level animal communication reading. In week five, you will learn what it looks like to hold the connection too tightly (and how this can hinder your readings), how to manage distractions, and the most respectful type of reading and connection for the animal.

  • PLUS during the class, I will take you through a reading so that you can try out the in-and-out connection yourself!

Week Six:

Animal Lessons

Every animal is teaching their human a beautiful soul lesson. Now is the time to pull together everything you’ve learned thus far, so that you can go truly deep – to the heart of the matter with each animal with whom you connect!

  • Here is where we’ll take your animal communication skills to the next level – I’ll help you understand how to receive exactly WHAT the animal is teaching their human. You’ll be able to use what you learn here to work with any animal on their Animal Lesson!

    Don’t Miss Your Animal Communication Lab!

    Each month, students at all levels in the Danielle MacKinnon School, plus my Professional Practitioners, get together for our Animal Communication Lab.

    The AC Lab is your chance to join the community to watch, read, and learn from one another. It’s the perfect way to grow and deepen your connection.

    In a lab, one or two student are chosen to publicly read one another’s animals, live, on the webinar. Attendance in labs is completely voluntary – however most students attend every lab they can!

    Join today and you get access to these seriously awesome community sessions.

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