9 Signs Your Deceased Pet is Visiting You (Using Technology!)


Did you know there are actual signs your deceased pet is visiting you? That’s right! Your pet can send you signs from the afterlife! And guess what? They can even use technology to do it!

As an animal communicator and pet psychic, I specialize in helping people connect with their pets that have crossed over, assisting  them in navigating their grief and understanding the animal afterlife process. Today, I want to share with you nine signs your pet is visiting you from the afterlife using technology – along with a bonus sign from the afterlife that is just too cool to miss.

9 Signs Your Pet is Visiting from the Afterlife (using technology): Understanding the Animal Afterlife

Before we explore the fascinating ways animals on the other side use technology to send signs and messages to us, let’s briefly touch upon the concept of the animal afterlife. I’ve been working with animals in the afterlife for over twenty years and have been teaching animal communication courses almost as long.

When our pets cross over, they continue to enjoy their existence in the afterlife. However, they also keep an eye on us, visiting us and staying aware of what’s happening in our lives. They yearn for us to receive their signs of love and greetings because they know how much we miss them, and because they know they still exist, just in a different way..

The following list of signs your deceased pet is visiting you stems from my many years of experience as an animal communicator.

1. An Obvious Sign Your Deceased Pet is Visiting: Spotify Keeps Playing Your Song!

Have you ever had that one song on Spotify that always reminds you of your pet? Well, it’s not just a coincidence. 

Your pet on the other side has the ability to manipulate your Spotify playlist! So, when that special song starts playing, take a moment to thank your pet for the hello sign. When you express gratitude, it will open the door for your pet to play that song for you more often.

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Here’s the next one of the nine signs your deceased pet is visiting you: If you’re like most of us with smartphones, you might have noticed a featured section on your phone that showcases different photos each day. 

Well, guess what? When your pet wants to send you a message of love and hello, they take over that featured section. 

Keep an eye out for recurring photos of your pet, even if it’s supposed to be random. It’s their way of reminding you that they’re still with you.

3. Google Repeatedly Showing you Animal Images That Look Like Your Pet is Another Sign Your Deceased Pet is Visiting

9 signs your pet is visiting you from the afterlife 2

Ever found yourself searching the web and suddenly coming across images of animals that look just like your pet? Well, it’s not just the Google algorithm at work. 

Your pet is actually using your Google searches to remind you of their presence. So, the next time you stumble upon these familiar images, take a moment to acknowledge the message your pet is sending from the afterlife and feel their love.

4. One of the Signs Your Pet Is Visiting You After They Die Is Your Pet Showing Up in Your Selfie

The fourth of the signs your dead pet is visiting you (and using technology to their advantage) concerns your smartphone again. 

Next time you take a selfie and notice a small, clear bubble or orb-like object in the background, don’t be alarmed. It’s your pet showing up visually to let you know they are watching over you. 

These orbs are often not visible to the naked eye but can be captured by digital devices. So, go through your photos and look for these little orbs as a fun and easy way for your pet to show their presence.

5. Seeing Your Pet’s Name in Your Social Media Feed Is No Coincidence. It’s a Sign a Deceased Pet is Visiting

Have you noticed your pet’s name popping up repeatedly while scrolling through your social media feeds? 

Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, seeing your pet’s name is not just wishful thinking, it’s a beautiful hello from them. Embrace the synchronicity and acknowledge their presence in your life

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6. When You’re Missing a Departed Pet, The Lights Start Flickering Is a Sign From The Afterlife

This sign that your pet is visiting you from the afterlife and be startling! 

Imagine sitting with a friend, reminiscing about your dead pet, and suddenly the lights in your house start flickering. It might seem eerie, but it’s a common way for your pet to say hello and let you know they are around. 

Interestingly, LED lights are more susceptible to their influence. So, when you experience this phenomenon, take a moment to acknowledge your deceased pet’s presence and feel their love.

7. When You Talk About Your Deceased Pet, Your Phone Drops the Call or Gets Staticky

Signs Your Pet Is Visiting You After They Die

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend about your dead pet, only to experience sudden interference on the phone line? It’s not a mere coincidence; your pet is actually causing the interference as a way to let you know they’re listening and present. 

So, if you find yourself saying, Hello? Hello? Are you there? During these conversations, know that your pet is sending their love and attention.

8. Your Pet’s Photo Suddenly Shows Up As Your Screensaver Is a Sign They’re Visiting From the Afterlife

One morning, as you power up your computer, you notice that your screensaver has magically changed to a picture of your deceased pet. How cool is that? 

Often, when our pets pass away, we tend to put away their pictures and belongings due to grief. However, our pets want us to remember them and keep their memory alive. 

So, when your screensaver becomes a portal for their presence, embrace it as a heartfelt message from your dead pet.

9. Another Sign Your Dead Pet Is Sending You a Message: Your Furbo Records “Nothing”

This sign your dead pet is visiting might be a little creepy, if you didn’t know what it was. 

Do you use a Furbo or similar device to keep an eye on your pet when you’re away? Well, after your pet has passed, you might notice that Furbo starts recording nothing. But here’s the secret: animals have the ability to show up digitally! 

So, when your Furbo seems to capture movement or strange lights, it’s your dead pet visiting and letting you know they’re still a part of your home.

Bonus Sign a Deceased Pet is Visiting – They Manipulate Online Searches to Show You Your New Pet

If you find yourself constantly drawn to a particular animal while searching for a new pet online, pay attention. Your dead pet might be pointing you in the direction of this specific animal. It’s not about obsessing or worrying, but rather a gentle nudge from your pet to guide you towards a new furry companion. 

So, trust the signs and take the necessary steps to bring your new pet into your life.

Animals have a remarkable ability to connect with us even after they have crossed over. By using technology, they can send us signs of love, hello, and guidance from the other side. The key is to remain open-hearted and trusting, allowing their messages to touch our souls. 

So, the next time you come across any of these signs, remember to express gratitude and embrace the everlasting bond between you and your pet.

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