5 Signs from Pets in Heaven (for Non-Psychics)


5 Signs from Pets in Heaven for Non-Psychics

Today we’re going to be talking about receiving messages from your pet on the Other Side. I am going to share with you five ways that your pet on the Other Side could be sending you messages that you don’t have to be psychic to receive.

How to do this can be challenging because a lot of people are getting messages and signs from their pet on the Other Side, but they’re just not trusting those messages.

Our animals are still with us!

Before I give you those five ways, I want you to know that animals are always looking to share and connect with us from the Other Side. So many of us, when our pet crosses over, we feel disconnected, we miss their physical presence, and so we assume that they are also not connected to us spiritually anymore, energetically anymore. And actually they are.

I can connect with animals that have crossed over just as easily as I connect with animals that are still here. There isn’t any difference in doing that. I can still receive the same amount of information, it’s just as hard or easy depending on how you look at it.

The types of messages that animals that have crossed over are usually looking to get to their humans are things like this. Your pet on the Other Side wants you to:

  • Know how loved you are.
  • Understand how supported you are.
  • Feel comforted knowing they see you when you’re washing your hair, they see you when you’re going out on that date, and all the other time too!
  • Feel safe in the knowing that they’re looking out for you.
  • Relax in the knowledge that they’re sending you your next beloved animal

There are all these different aspects of the relationship that continue even though your pet is on the Other Side. And if you can open your mind to the idea that your pet wants to maintain and grow the relationship, you can actually kind of move through the grieving process more easily because you don’t feel so disconnected.

The 5 Signs From Pets in Heaven

Here are the five signs that I’m going to share with you that animals could be using to get their messages through to you. I have chosen these particular five signs because you don’t have to be a psychic to see the signs, to get the signs. I do a lot of teaching people animal communication, and that’s a different kind of receiving signs. In my school, that’s what we do all the time, but here, we’re going to do the non-psychic signs.

Sign #1

You’re sitting at your desk, for example, and you hear your dog who’s crossed over bark off in the distance. Really cool, you’re hearing it with your ears, it’s off in the distance, doesn’t quite make sense, this is one way they let you know they’re around. Could be a bark, it could be nails on the floor, it could be the hay rustling, whatever it is, it’s a sound that you know, that you associate with that pet and that animal knows you associate that sound with him, and so that’s why that animal is able to make that sound.

Sign #2

The smell of your pet walks by, which can be really awesome when it’s a good smell. It can also be kind of funny when it’s not a good smell. So for example, my dog Bella crossed over. She didn’t like baths. She was a chocolate lab, so we didn’t give her a lot of baths. What does that mean? She had a smelly chocolate lab smell. And for a couple of years after she crossed over, every once in a while I would get that smell, that smell of Bella going by, it was pretty cool.

Sign #3

Let’s say again, you’re sitting at your desk, I sit at my desk a lot! Let’s say again you’re sitting at your desk and suddenly you just, your animal pops into your mind. So my dog Bella would pop into my mind, and then I would kind of almost like feel or sense, or kind of just feel like she’s down by my legs like she normally is, laying on the floor while I work at my desk. It’s kind of like, I just feel like she’s around. This isn’t a psychic thing, it’s more like she pops into your head and then you feel like you’re together again for a moment. This is another way that they’re sending you a sign of hello. This one’s also a sign of hey I love you, hey I’m giving you comfort, that kind of thing.

Sign #4

The fourth sign is a kind of a fun one. You are doing your normal thing, let’s say you’re cooking dinner, and you feel like you see your cat run by out of the corner of your eye. They’re around and we can’t psychically, or in 3D really actually see them, but they do have the ability to make us see them in this way, out of the corner of your eye. So don’t discount that like I’m just so used to seeing him, I think that’s why it happened. This is actually a way that they send a message.

Sign #5

My favorite! This has to do with visitation. So I have a dream connect method that you can check out. It’s actually the steps to getting a visitation from your pet while you sleep at night. It is the coolest thing when you get a visitation, because it feels very very real, and you just, you wake up feeling amazing, refreshed, and reconnected to your pet.

Learn about my Dream Connect Method here: https://www.daniellemackinnon.com/dream-connect-atos/

Don’t stop believing!

There are actually many, many, many more ways that animals send us messages from the Other Side, but I picked these five because they’re easy to understand, anybody can do them. You just have to have an open mind. The biggest challenge that people have with this is believing in the messages. Don’t do the thing where you go, oh well, it could be just a coincidence. You’re never going to hear from your pet if you say everything’s a coincidence, never.

Open your mind, let’s play. Let your animal send you some messages and believe it.

Have you ever experienced any of these signs from pets in heaven? Please share!