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Is Settling for OK Ever Really OK?

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What is settling energy? Settling energy is an energy that all of us have had to deal with at some point in our lives. It is that sneaky little discordant energy that invades your head space with thoughts of “well, this may be as good as I can do” or “I’ll never be able to get a better job” or “he’s a jerk, but they are all jerks.”

While more and more lightworkers are becoming aware of the existence of settling energy, they often aren’t aware of the various places that it can pop up. You are most likely “settling” for less than amazing (and remember: we all deserve amazing!) if you:

  • are staying at a job you hate because you think the economy is going to prevent you from having any choices
  • are staying with a man (or woman) and hoping he (or she) will change once the circumstances (job/divorce/children/finances) change
  • aren’t following your passion because you think you are too old/broke/broken/etc.
  • dislike your body but don’t think you can change it

See the pattern here? Many of us were taught that life is life and you take whatever comes to you – but as so many of us are realizing… we actually have some say in this!

How about next time, instead of saying “I think this the best I can do…” you instead visualize what the ultimate situation would be like? Instead of saying “it’s not even worth it to look for a job in this economy” you take a few minutes and imagine yourself on coming across the ultimate listing – perfect for someone with your qualifications? Or perhaps you imagine yourself sitting in a classroom learning about social work… whatever your dream is – settling energy has an outstanding and uncanny ability to perfectly neutralize that dream. Use your imagination to, instead, neutralize that settling energy!

Life isn’t about achieving every single goal you can think of – but it is about knowing that you, like everyone around you, deserves to be happy. If you can believe it can happen, the universe will comply!

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  1. Sue Robinson
    Sue Robinson says:

    Danielle…it was like you have written this just for me. As you know I have finally begun to break through this “settling pattern”, but it has been a long journey for me. Now I am beginning to imagine all of the wonderful ways my life can and will change. 🙂


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