Animals, Hurricane Sandy, and Soul Contracts

I thought it might help everyone come to a more peaceful place regarding animals and Hurricane Sandy if I explained Animal Soul Contracts a little bit and the incredible way they are playing out day by day right now. First, an Animal Soul Contract is a pre-birth agreement between your soul and the soul of a particular animal in which you both agree to work together toward a common goal upon incarnation. Sounds complicated I know, but really it’s just one soul saying to the other “Hey! In my upcoming lifetime, I’m going to work on standing up for myself – will you help me with that?” and the animal soul responding with “Absolutely! And as you get better at standing up for yourself, that will make my life more comfortable!”  When that human and the animal begin their next incarnation, they will somehow come into each other’s lives to start working on the lesson in question. In most cases, the animal will do or experience something that creates an awareness, an emotional experience or even an “ah ha!” moment in the person’s life which catalyzes the learning of the lesson and forward movement in both the animal and the human’s life.

Now, on a larger scale there are also Species Animal Soul Contracts in which the species in general is helping humans in general. For example, cats are notoriously independent. Their Species Animal Soul Contract is to model this behavior thereby helping people discover their own power and independence. When you look at the various species of animals, you can get a simple picture of how each species assists in their unique ways. Dogs and leadership, horses and being calm and centered… etc.

And it’s an Absolute Animal Soul Contact that we’ve been witnessing with Hurricane Sandy and the resulting more than 250,000 homeless animals. An Absolute Animal Soul Contract connects not to an individual, not to a group but to all of human consciousness and is put in place in an effort to raise the overall vibration. Just like in an individual Animal Soul Contract, the animals involved will do or experience something that creates an emotional and often physical reaction in a huge number of people – which then catalyzes their forward movement (in this case Hurricane Sandy). You can see evidence of this just easily by typing “animals, Hurricane Sandy, rescue” into your search engine. You’ll find that there are pages and pages of heartfelt stories of rescue, individuals, groups and companies mobilizing and more. (Click on these for example: “Hurricane Sandy Animal Rescues: 10 Amazing Photos of Pets Saved from Danger” or “Petfinder Foundation” and “After Superstorm Sandy, Pets are Rescued by Animal Support Groups.” While much death, pain and suffering came about via  Hurricane Sandy, through the animals we were also able to experience the desire of hundreds of thousands of people to stop concentrating on the details of their own life to band together to assist others (both human and animal alike).

While, on the human level I worry, hurt, and cry for the animals affected so deeply by Hurricane Sandy, I’m also in awe of the huge sacrifice they made so they could help human consciousness evolve.

How did the Absolute Animal Soul Contract touch you? What did you find yourself mobilized to do?

Want to donate money to continue assisting the animals? Donate (for all affected areas): Text ANIMALS to 20222 to donate $10 to Humane Society Disaster Relief Fund or text PREVENT to 25383 to donate $10 to help the ASPCA’s animal rescue efforts.

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  1. Ines Radman
    Ines Radman says:

    A few days my cat whom lived with us was hit by a car. He chose a very quick cross over and I’m thankful for that. My husband brought his collar home and a neighbor thinking it was his cat, buried him. It wasn’t until that evening that reality hit me, tears started to pour out, but not just tears for him but tears of my childhood that I was not allowed to cry otherwise my father would beat me even harder. Aslan came into my life to help me cry, to teach me unconditonal love and forgiveness. Now, at the same time, I remembered about 10 years ago, I got a cat whom lived me just as long as this one did. He jumped off a ledge of the apartment window that I rarely leave open. I knew he was my father reincarnated, I just knew it. I think that I didn’t learn my lesson yet and so this time around he made sure I got it straight. It was today that I heard Danielle talk about animals souls and their life with us that helped me relax and be happy that Aslan didn’t suffer and that he’s happy. Thank you so much for existing Danielle.

  2. elena
    elena says:

    Hi, and thanks for this, Danielle.
    It’s a topic I think of very very often, especially when it’s about vivisection and the use of animals as food, for our clothing, in different forms of entertainment, etc..
    I’m not anymore only in the deep sadness and heartache it has always caused me, also thanks to the work done with you I could see it’s their choice to be part of that too.
    But, have to say I haven’t made peace with it, yet. ‘Cause, yes, as you call it, it’s a sacrifice, and although I can accept that it makes perfect sense on some (higher?) level, sincerely to me the time for something different has already come, and standing the sufference they are still undergoing –with so much love and total allowance– to give to all of us way to awaken to it, aww, it’s hard.
    Also, in spite of what I feel and what I’d like could change, I haven’t yet found a way to be really helpful, I keep having the perception that what I already did (volunteering in different ways) didn’t really work at its best, and also that the forms of action that are usually used at the moment are not in alignment with me, within.
    So I often do wonder what may I really do, to be in support here, with these Absolute Contracts, as you call them..

  3. Janis
    Janis says:

    I spent two years of my life helping families reunite with their animals after Hurricane Katrina. Talk about conscious awareness, the result of those efforts triggered new laws, adopted new safety plans for animal rescue after disaster and even provided FEMA shelters which would accept animals and assist with transport. We all knew for days Hurricane Sandy was coming. So why did those humans not take heed, after what we all learned as a result of Katrina animal rescue. In the words of Peter, Paul and Mary – How many deaths will it take till we know too many have died –.


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