Rewriting Soul Contracts


Rewriting Soul Contracts and Breaking Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts, as I’ve come to know them through my two decades of work as a a psychic, are very different from most people believe. Discovering and working with your Soul Contracts is an empowering experience that can help you grow as a person and as a soul.

Are Soul Contracts Really Negative?

When most people find out that they have a Soul Contract, they ask about rewriting Soul Contracts. Or they ask about breaking Soul Contracts. However, it’s not actually possible to rewrite or break the Soul Contract. It is, however, possible to master Soul Contracts. And it turns out that that’s the entire point.

Soul Contracts are Unbreakable?

Everyone is working on some variation of mastering unconditional love within themselves.  Their Soul Contracts help them do that.

The four ways we experience not-having-mastered unconditional love yet are believing you’re not:

  • Good enough
  • Lovable
  • Safe, supported, and protected
  • Worthy/deserving

As part of your Soul System, Soul Contracts simply function as signs pointing out the Soul Lessons you came to work on when you were born. (Read my Soul Contracts to go deeper.)

Soul Contracts are really beautiful (and often obvious) signs for our soul, even though they may seem negative. Breaking your Soul Contracts would prevent you from discovering where you need to do your inner work.

Soul Contract Lesson Examples

A Soul Contract that says you must be loyal to your friends at all costs could indicate you’re working to learn that you’re lovable no matter what. See five specific Soul Contract examples.

If you feel you must be number one in whatever you do, your Soul Contract could be pointing you toward working to learn that you’re good enough.

Are you afraid of the spotlight? One of your Soul Contracts could indicate that you’re working on feeling safe, supported, and protected in the world.

Look Deeper into the Benefits

When you’re feeling stuck in your life, and you think it’s a Soul Contract that is blocking you. Stop and take another look. When you know the type, that Soul Contract is really just showing you where to look!

When you know where to look, you get to delve in and understand your underlying lessons. As you master those lessons, you’ll find that things in your life become easier. The decisions you make shift and the results of what you’re trying to achieve in your life become fuller, happier, and bigger.

So, rather than rewriting Soul Contracts, learn the lessons behind behind them to experience the evolution you came into this lifetime to experience!