Read This BEFORE Hiring your Animal Communicator!

by Danielle MacKinnon

hire an animal communicatorIf you’re thinking of hiring an Animal Communicator for an Animal Communicator Consultation (someone who can psychically connect with your pet to hear, see, and feel the messages your pet has for you, you probably fall into one of these categories:

  • You’re having some challenges with your pet’s behavior
  • Your pet is sick and you’d like help from your pet figuring out what you can do about this
  • You love and adore your pet and want to do whatever you can to feel closer
  • or lots of other reasons too! 

How to choose and hire your animal communicator

First, if you want to learn more about how animals communicate psychically, go here.

Next, there are several important things that you can do to make sure the person you choose for your Animal Communicator Consultation and reading aligns well with you. (Plus, scroll down to read how to make your reading the best it can be!) After you’ve read through the list, visit my Directory of Certified Animal Communicators to find your match!

Alignment is number one

When you hire an Animal Communicator to work for you, it’s important to make sure the person you choose is really in alignment with you. I’ve been working professional as an animal communicator for twenty years now (check out my school here) and I’ve been teaching others how to build their businesses in animal communication for over a decade so I’ve had a lot of opportunity to see what makes a good match. 

animal communication tips

Establish Intention

Before booking your Animal Communicator Consultation, make sure the person you’re interested in hiring is completely focused helping you in the best way possible. Look for a name and photo of the person, phone number, a business email address, and even a physical address on their website. When an animal communicator has these details readily available, it’s a good indicator of how seriously they take their craft.  (I teach Certified Practitioners this as well!)

Location isn’t a thing

The way I teach animal communication to my practitioners, location doesn’t matter. The animal does not have to be with you or with the communicator to have a successful reading. In fact, many readers prefer not having the animal physically present!

No photo needed

Additionally, while some Animal Communicators like a photo of the pet before working with them, the way I’ve trained my Soul Level Animal Communicators, no photo is necessary. They can connect with your pet, solely based on the name. So, don’t let these little details like, “I don’t have a photo” stop you from moving forward! 


If you’re considering an animal communicator and that person is guaranteeing you any type of outcome – run! No one can guarantee that an animal will want to connect or that the animal will want to share about a particular situation. I teach my students that the animal is the leader – so if that pet doesn’t want to talk about it at that time, we let it go and perhaps try again another day. 

Understanding versus demanding

Pet Communication is not about mind control. You can’t “tell” an animal to just stop doing something psychically. Animals have their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, and when you get down to the Soul Level, lessons to teach us. Often, just by learning the animal’s point of view, things can shift in the household! Much of animal communication is about listening. 


All animal communicators are at different stages in their career however this may not be as important as you think. It’s great to choose someone with experience, but if you feel aligned with someone newer, that’s OK! Trust that feeling! I train my animal communicators to be transparent about their experience during the reading. If they are having trouble with something or the animal doesn’t want to go there, they’ll just tell you!

Check out blogs and social media presence

This may sound like an odd one, but if you really want to get a feel for who the person you’re being drawn to, check out their Facebook or Insta (etc) profiles. It’s not about numbers, but more about what they’re talking about. Are they saying things that feel in alignment with you?

Ready to hire your animal communicator? Check out my Certified Directory of Animal Communication here!

***What to do to make it the best animal communication session possible!***

Sure, you can just sit there and receive your animal communication session – but if you follow these little guidelines, you’re going to get a whole lot more out of it!

Be Honest

Make sure you hire an animal communicator that you feel comfortable letting know when something doesn’t make sense. When I’m connecting to someone’s pet, I don’t know anything about them so I have no idea when something seems “off.” I always appreciate when my clients kindly says, “Hey, yeah. I don’t get that one.” Then I know, I can just go back to the animal and get clarification!

Be prepared!

You won’t necessarily understand everything. Sometimes you just won’t get what your animal is talking about during the reading and then, two weeks later it hits you like, “No way!” Sometimes it’s all about processing what your pet is telling you before you really get it.

Point of View

When you’re receiving your animal communicator consultation and reading, it’s the job of your animal communicator to share with you the psychic information from your pet as exactly as possible. This means, you’re getting everything from your animal’s point of view! And guess what? Your animal may have a different point of view on something than you. For example, your dog may say he got lost once, but from your point of view, he’s never been lost. Remember they are their own beings!


As things start making sense in a reading, a lot of people get VERY excited. They start interrupting their reader to say, “Yes! That’s exactly right! Three years ago this happened and that happened!” Remember to leave space for your animal communicator to get the information from your pet – rather than you filling in all the details with your enthusiasm. It’s WAY more cool to hear it from the animal.

Ready to hire your Animal Communicator for your animal communicator consultation? Check out my Certified Directory of Animal Communication here!

5 replies
  1. Michelle MANDEVILLE
    Michelle MANDEVILLE says:

    We adopted an older dog, Winston, from the shelter. He had been there a long time and picked me, though he was supposed to be my husband’s dog. There was no background on him at all. He came from another shelter six months before. He’s been with us 10 mo and is still scared of everything. He only recently began to warm to my husband, but is obsessed with me, to the point he doesn’t like our cats hanging out with me. He defiantly has PTSD. I want to know what his life was like before and how we can make him relax and know he’s a part of the family.

  2. Carolina M
    Carolina M says:

    I am bilingual (Spanish-English), but I always talked to my cat in Spanish (he passed away), should I hire an animal communicator that speaks Spanish or can I hire someone who only speaks English? I know this question might be very silly and that probably cats don’t use human’s language to speak with the animal communicator, but I would like to know your answer, so I can hire the proper animal communicator.

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      This is such a great question! Animals speak in a language that all species (including humans) can understand. For this reason, the animal will be able to give information to each person so that they can understand.

  3. C. Le Gall
    C. Le Gall says:

    Hella from France

    don’t you pratice yourself animal s’ readings ?
    my beloved Puppy crossed over last frebruary.
    Thanks for your answer.

    Le Gall

  4. Franklin White
    Franklin White says:

    I had no idea that animal communication is mostly listening to the animal and what they have to say. I think it would be awesome to have someone come and translate my dog’s thoughts and feelings. I’d be able to see what else I can do to the house to make him happier.


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