Rainbow Bridge | Animals in the Afterlife

The animals in the afterlife experience  is probably very different from what you think or possibly worry about. As a psychic animal communicator,  I frequently connect with animals that are about to cross over or that are already in spirit about their journeys to animal heaven. Animals have a lot to say about the Other Side and they want to share that with us so that we can better understand their roles in our lives. 

The Truth Behind the Other Side

While it may be a new idea to us, animals don’t see the Other Side (or dying) as something to be avoided or as a bad thing. Instead, animals consider the the Other Side as a marker for their achievement in their current life with you. As you read through the articles and videos here on the animal afterlife, you’ll most likely be surprised at how uplifting our pets are about their passing.

Animals in the Afterlife Video Manual

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