How to Find Intuitive Connection

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How to find intuitive connection. While we’ve been hanging out in the world in this stay-at-home space, the thing I’m seeing people crave the most is connection.

We’re all missing getting together at a restaurant with friends, or hiking in the woods with friends, or going to a movie with friends…

But right now, one of the main ways I’m finding connection, personally, is through the community of people that have come together in Be Open.

We’re doing a lot together – live webinars, live energy shares, sharing our challenges and successes in the group, and more.

It feels SO good to be with a group of people that are assisting one another in NOT going down the rabbit hole of anxiety.

It feels SO good to be with a group of people that are aligned in their positivity, and desire to lead a heart-centered life.

Actually, it feels SO good, that in several of the most recent live webinar experiences we’ve had, I’ve ended the calls with happy, sappy tears.

I’m so moved by how we’re all coming together to really BE THERE for one another. I feel like I’ve really dialed in on how to find intuitive connection and how to provide intuition connection.

And it’s this seemingly eclectic group of people in the community – from people who simply have a huge love for animals to people who are studying animal communication or psychic senses with me to professional psychics and animal communicators.

I feel like, when we bring our WHOLE selves to a group like this – it takes the connection deeper and deeper to a place where, we’re making connections for life.

One of the things that I think is emerging from our stay-at-home time, is that we’re all developing the skill to use our intuition to lean in to the connections that feel really good to us (and, of course, lean away from those that don’t).

I think that’s why Be Open is holding such a special place in my heart right now. We’re all leaning in to one another. That doesn’t mean we’re all having great days every day, it means, we have a place to be ourselves, to explore, to not be challenged or set off by negativity.

And that’s what I love in my life right now. How about you? If you want to join this community, or if you want to learn more (although, I have to say, the info page on my website doesn’t do justice to the incredible intuitive connection within this group – but I have no clue how to share that on a webpage??)

Love and Light,

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