Private Transformation Group: Find Your You

New Program from Danielle MacKinnon Reveals:
How to brand YOUR Intuitive Business

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Danielle MacKinnon

From the Desk of Danielle MacKinnon
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Friend, 

If you’d like to stand out in the intuitive market, attracting the best clients to you because they know EXACTLY who you are before you even begin working with them, this is the most important letter you’ll read today. Here’s why:

I’ll show you why in a minute.

But First… A Disclaimer

Please understand that branding yourself in your intuitive business is hard work. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. It takes commitment and it takes staying power – all while addressing what are probably some of your deepest fears. 

I have the benefit of practicing my version of branding myself as ME for the past 19 years and so I’ve had plenty of time to become comfortable with what is required to REALLY be seen in the intuitive market.

The average person in the intuitive market simply hangs a shingle and expects (or at least, hopes) for the clients and the business to come a knockin’, but things just don’t work that way anymore. 

Your results will vary depending on many factors… including, but not limited to your background, experience, desire, and willingness to do the hard work that so many others don’t take the time to do. 

If you don’t think you’re ready to do the work, DON’T JOIN THIS PROGRAM!

Having said that, let me get down to the nitty gritty!

Here’s the Problem:

During the past few years, more people have heard and acted on the call to use their intuition to help others than ever before. While the intention behind this is beautiful, the results are often lackluster which means there are a LOT of people with businesses based in the intuitive/self-help world that are simply NOT bringing in the success!

To weed out the people who are serious about participating from those that are mildly interested, I’m going to give as many details as I can about the program in this letter and let you decide. 

As the best selling author of Animal Lessons and of Soul Contracts, I am an expert in intuition and spirituality. And why do you know this? Because I’m also an expert at branding and marketing my own unique voice to the world.  

When I started out in the intuitive world, I spent all of my time focusing on being best psychic I could be. 

I floundered around, offering animal communication sessions to everyone I met, hoping that, I would finally reach that magic number of clients to support myself financially…

I was completely missing the point here. I didn’t realize that I would need more than my wonderful psychic skills to create my success in the intuitive market.

Most likely, you’re having the same experience

The way to create a successful business is NOT to break your back trying to be everywhere and every THING while just shooting for bigger and bigger numbers.

The way to success is actually through letting people see who you REALLY are.

Here’s the thing: I don’t necessarily think I am the VERY BEST animal communicator or psychic in the world. There are thousands and thousands of other psychics out there, looking for business as well and I’m sure many of them can get better psychic bits than I can.

But I’m not concerned about that. Not at all. Why? Because: 

I know that no one else could ever be ME
just like no one else could ever be YOU.

When people know who you really are (and this isn’t about being famous), it’s easy to:

  • Attract clients who like you for yourself
  • Attract readings in which your client STARTS OUT knowing you
  • Simply SHOW UP and have clients immediately flock to you
  • Let go of having to “prove” your psychic prowess and skills!
  • Meet others in your industry without feeling threatened so that you can, instead, benefit from one another
  • Sell your sessions, products, and classes easily
  • Say Goodbye to frustration over blog posts and social media
  • Hook up with media outlets, radio stations etcetera because they know exactly what YOU deliver

And so much more!

You don’t have to be THE BEST IN THE WORLD at everything intuitive to become the NAME that everyone is talking about!

But you do have to be able to do three things that most people resist doing:

  • You have to be ready to get comfortable being seen as YOU. Being YOU doesn’t mean you’re on your best behavior – it means being who you really are, every day.  Mistakes, cursing, bad hair, and all.
  • You have to be good at what you do. The best branding in the world for your intuitive/holistic business won’t help you if you’re not actually good at your craft. 
  • You have to really want to do the work. If it was easy to find and highlight your YOU for your intuitive business, all those other people in the industry would already have done it!

You may have absolutely no idea where to find your YOU – but  don’t worry!

…This entire program, Private Transformation Group: Find Your You, is about exactly that! Finding and visibly celebrating all that makes you you. 

All that imperfection. 

All that difference. 

All that stuff that made you not fit in or feel unsupported – this no longer has to take you down. Once you find your You, this becomes your superpower!

And once you discover your true You, bringing it to the forefront becomes the easy part!  

When I’m teaching my students to deliver the best possible intuitive readings with people or with animals, it’s not psychic skills but TRANSPARENCY where people make their missteps.

In the Private Transformation Group, I want to support you and walk you through the process of bringing your YOU into your business.

Here’s what’s ahead:

SIZE: Ten people or less. This size allows me to fully support each and every person in the group.


We will have two ninety-minute LIVE group calls each month on the First and Third Mondays of each month (with possible changes due to my schedule). Classes are scheduled for 2pm Eastern.

1ST Monday: The first call of each month focuses on the lesson. I’ll teach and then we’ll process what it really means for YOU.  Each person will be given the homework most appropriate for them, based on the lesson.

3RD Monday: The second call will be focused on how you’re implementing the month’s lesson, finding the hiccups and moving through them. This is where you can ask questions specifically related to your business and we can drill down through the lesson. 

GOALS: By the time the course ends, you will have achieved three primary objectives:

  • Discovery of your YOU (the one everyone needs to see!)
  • Internal map for how to bring your YOU out to the world 
  • Restructured belief in your YOU and what your YOU can do for your intuitively based business.

Here’s what to do next

Your investment in this program is $2947.

Why $2947? Because this is a Beta program! Once the program is out of Beta, the cost will be the normal price, which is $4997.

I’ve learned that, because I work so intuitively with my clients, students, and groups, I want some wiggle room to go where we need to go – and the first time I run a program needs lots of wiggle room so it can be it’s best!

As soon as you hit the big pink button, you’ll be directed to the program application. Just fill out the application and wait for an email from us!

The email will come from so be sure you’re set up to receive it. 

If things look like a match, we’ll set up a quick call to get things going! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have taken any previous courses with Danielle?

You are not required to have taken any courses with Danielle to participate in the Private Transformation Group.

What the requirements for my business?

You must have a working business in any intuitive/self-help/energy-worker/New Age market, as this program works with the specific challenges raised by having a business in an area that many people “poo-poo.”

Do I have to be psychic/intuitive to take part?

Most likely, if you’re reading this, you are already using your intuitive abilities in your business, however it’s not necessary for you to be a practicing intuitive or psychic to take part in this program.  It is important, though, that you’re open to the fact that ALL people have intuition and that we’ll be digging into some of that in the PTG.

I’ve just started my intuitive business, can I still take this course?

Yes, provided your business is in place. This is not a course that shows you how to leave your full-time corporate job to move into your dream job. Instead, it’s about helping you take the next step in your dream job to really make it what you’ve been dreaming.

Do I need a Facebook account to take this course?

Yes. We will have a private Facebook group for you to connect with your fellow students and to get feedback and support on your progress. Through experience, we have found that Facebook provides the best, most interactive, easily usable format for this.

What if I can’t come to one of the group calls?

All webinar calls are recorded and will be available to you through the duration of the course. If you must miss a call, you can watch the recording once it is posted. Since there is so much personalization to this course, however, we do suggest that you attend most, if not all, calls. Calls will be held at 2pm Eastern on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, MAY through JULY, 2019.

What if I don’t do my homework?

The homework is the point of the course, as your homework is what is going to allow you to discover and then work with your own Power of You. I will not be “checking” people’s homework, but you will not get the benefit from the course if you don’t do your homework.

Will you be offering this course again?

Since this particular course is a BETA course, I do not know what schedule the course will have for the future. Additionally, after this first time offering the course, the price will increase.

I’ve been using this method with my private clients for YEARS with GREAT SUCCESS. I’m so excited to now be able to offer it as a standalone group program!

This is a very intimate experience where I will get to know you and your business very well

It’s a big step for me, personally, to bring this program out from behind the veil of my private clients but the time is finally right!

If you’re ready to find how what makes you YOU is also what makes your success, then click below!