Psychic Tool for Decision Making

by Danielle MacKinnon

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My Psychic Tool to the Rescue

Do you have trouble making decisions? Do you scour the web, ask friends, and read everything you can to find your answer?

I’ve created by Psychic Tool for Decision Making to help you though this! And you don’t need to have any prior psychic experience. You just need an open mind and to be ready to take a chance on yourself.

What you need to know first

First, everyone is psychic. Like animals, we’re all born psychic. By the time we’re about five years old though, most of us have shut down our psychic abilities.

This means that, even if you don’t think you’re psychic, somewhere deep down, you are. You may already be using your psychic abilities and you didn’t even know it! (Take the quiz below to find out what psychic sense you may already be using in your life – or keep scrolling to get to the Psychic Tool steps!)

My Decision Making Psychic Tool is going take advantage of your (most likely unknown and undiscovered) innate psychic skills.

But beware: don’t “try” to be psychic through this tool. Just go with it and enjoy it. I am always telling my students that laughter and not taking everything so seriously, actually creates a better outcome.

Psychic Decision Making Tool Steps

We’ll start with your imagination. In my work as an intuitive, I’ve found that imagination is the easiest way to access those hidden psychic skills, because we’re taught that with imagination, the sky is the limit! 

We’re going to use a made-up scenario here with the Psychic Tool for Decision Making, but you can replace the scenario with your real-life scenario.

  1. Imagine that you’re trying to decide between buying a red car and a blue car. Close your eyes and sit still for a few moments. Hold the thought of deciding between the red and blue car in your head while you take some long, slow, cleansing breaths.
  2. Hold both of your hands out, palms up in front of you as if you were gently cupping a little water in each hand. Set your intention that your hands are going to act as your Psychic Tools. 
  3. Decide which hand will represent the blue car decision and which hand will represent the red car decision. In this case, we’ll say blue is left and red is right. 
  4. Ask yourself this question, “Which color car will make me the happiest?” Take a moment and pay attention to your hands. Because your hands are the barometers for this question, you’ll receive messages through them as the answer to your question. Perhaps one hand will get a little warm, heavy, cold, tingly, itchy, or maybe even a fly will land on it. Maybe you’ll feel like one hand kind of disappears or that you’re totally drawn to look at a certain hand. There’s no limit to the way that this information will come in so you’re just going to have to trust that whatever you’re noticing is part of your decision making process. Note the difference between the two hands as the difference indicates your answer!

Psychic Tool Tip 1

The accuracy of this Psychic Tool for Decision Making all depends on the question you ask. If you ask, “What color car SHOULD I get?” you’re asking a question that’s very tough to interpret. Should? What is “Should” based on? Happiness? Satisfaction? Someone else’s approval?

Stick to phrases like, “Which color car will I feel most happy about for the next ten years?” or even better… “Which color car is it for my greatest and highest good to purchase.”

You will get different answers depending on the question you ask. So, before beginning the tool, spend a few moments ensuring that you’re asking the best possible question.

Psychic Tool Tip 2

It’s hard, but try to ask about something only once. As human beings, we get attached to answers so when we start using the Psychic Tool to ask about the same thing in a thousand different ways, you’ll lose your accuracy. Unless you feel you asked the question in a way that didn’t really work, trust that you’re receiving the best information and answer.

6 replies
  1. Victoria Loveland
    Victoria Loveland says:

    Danielle and Martha, Thank you so much! by using both your techniques, I feel much more confidence in how to listen to my body for the answers.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    Sooo interesting! At first, I was very skeptical, but thought why not give it a try? plus I do believe in psychic abilities. I had a similar feeling that Becca mentioned – like an energetic thumb or brush going back & forth over my palm. Another time it felt like pulsing. Thank you so much, Danielle⭐️♥️

  3. Wendy Fletcher
    Wendy Fletcher says:

    Loved the question “For my greatest and highest good”, it covers all that is needed. And, I love muscle testing and do it many times a day. The question is outstanding and so positive, the only way to go.


  4. Debbie Gray
    Debbie Gray says:

    WOW! Well both methods worked…Danielle’s left my right hand feeling heavy and tingly. Then I tried Martha’s technique and that worked too…giving the same answer.

    YAY! Too totally wicked tools for the price of one :o)

  5. Martha
    Martha says:

    Hi Danielle — I have a wicked cooler tool for you. Rub your thumb & index fingertips together & say “yes” — they’ll rub smoothly. Rub them together and say “no” & they’ll stop short. Now ask your question: Will the red car make me happy?

    I learned this method of muscle testing at a massage conference some years ago, from a neuroscientist who was sure that it was the most reliable form of one-person kinesiology.

    I use this for absolutely everything. The conscious mind is a liar but the subcs holds truth. 🙂

  6. Becca
    Becca says:

    Hi Danielle!
    Totally worked for me! In my case, the “answer” came immediately in the form of – well it felt like an energy paint brush brushing my hand. Really super cool, thank you!!! Have a Wicked Good Thursday!


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