Psychic Signs from the Universe

psychic signsPsychic signs from the universe really do happen. If you’re willing to suspend your disbelief, the possibilities are incredible!

My husband and I are currently building our forever home in Maine. This was not our original plan, but we couldn’t ignore the signs coming from the universe.

It’s all about the psychic signs

The move has been intuitively guided, start to end.  I’m sharing my story so you can understand how psychic signs really work. And so you can know what to look for for yourself!

Our Three Psychic Signs

My husband and I had a lifelong dream to move back to the New Hampshire seacoast area that we loved so much when we were in college. The problem was that we weren’t finding any homes that fit what we were looking for.

Psychic Sign #1

Three times during our home search, we found a home that we both really liked, but something didn’t quite work. Either it was the location or the amount of land… This was very frustrating until we realized that all three of the houses we liked the most were built by the exact same builder.  

Psychic Sign #2

When we first met with this builder, it was clear that the universe was on our side again. The builder and his wife had been heavily involved in dog rescue for the past thirty years AND they were fascinated by my work as an animal communicator.

Psychic Sign #3

Also, in that initial meeting with the builder, the builder suggested that we might like this one little town in Maine better than the one in New Hampshire we’d been focused on.  The first visit to that land didn’t impress me, however on the second visit, when we brought out dog, Tuukka, things changed. Tuukka was able to be off leash, play in the brook, and run all around without a problem. Her happiness was that third clue.

Psychic Sign Alternatives

Kevin and I chose to look at all of these “coincidences” as psychic signs from the universe. There are many different ways to look at these, “coincidences” but through my years as an intuitive, I’ve learned that coincidences really are one of the ways that the universe talks to you.

When you look for psychic signs from the Universe, you will FIND clues from the Universe. And the more you accept that they are actual signs, the more will show up to guide you!

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    I was shock that you wanted to stay I the Northeast considering each winter the cold was such an issue.

    I expected you to maybe look in the Southwest or Southeast or even outside of the country. So glad you have found your place. Still looking and I’m getting not now, stop and roadblocks. Always looking for clues from the Divine it’s less stressful.


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