Psychic Game with Animals


psychic gamePsychic and physical animals – simultaneously

Psychic communication with animals is real. Perhaps you already believe this or perhaps you’ve only been toying with the idea. Animals live and die by their psychic (intuitive) connection to their world. They use their extra sensory perception to know when food is nearby, find water, connect with their loved one, sense danger, and more. People, however, turn their extra perception abilities off when they’re young and have work at rediscovering them.

I’ve been working as a professional (psychic) animal communicator for almost two decades. Many people struggle with the disconnect between what is happening psychically with an animal and what they see.  For example, I could be having an incredible intuitive communication with Sally’s dog, but while he’s in the middle of sharing deep and loving information, he darts after a squirrel. For those struggling to believe they aren’t making their intuitive info up, that could be very disconcerting!

Psychic Communication Doesn’t Always Look Psychic

Although animals don’t always “look” like they are connecting intuitively to another person or animal, they can respond in the physical, if they choose. However, they often have no need for a physical response.  But THIS is what we’re going to play with for this game – an animal’s ability to visibly respond to a psychic message!

Let’s do an experiment: Can you connect psychically with an animal and have that animal respond in the physical?

The Simple Two-Step Psychic Game with Animals :

You can do this with any psychic game with any animal, but my suggestion is that you do it with a wild animal such as a bird or a squirrel. Wild animals are more sensitive to human energy than our pets while our pets have adjusted to us already.


With the wild bird/squirrel about 20 feet away from you, close your eyes and GENTLY send your energy over to him. (Gently because it’s only YOU that thinks you have to try hard here. The animal will feel your energy easily). Send your energy to the bird/squirrel by simply imagining (like a little kid) that your heart is linking up with the animal. That’s all. Nothing fancy – just imagine it.


As you continue imagining to send the energy, open your eyes. Wait and watch to see what happens. Perhaps the squirrel looks at you? Maybe the squirrel runs away? Perhaps he inches closer or readjusts his body to be more in view of you?

Whatever happens, look at it as a response to your intuitive connection (which means, you have to temporarily suspend your disbelief!)

If the animal leaves your presence after you try this, it could be for many different reasons and it doesn’t necessarily mean you did something wrong. It could be that that animal was simply not interested in engaging at that time – or maybe the animal was on a mission and couldn’t be bothered. If this happens repeatedly, when you reach out for the connect, imagine that your energy is like a cloud touching another cloud. This will help create a more gentle connection that an animal may be more interested in.

And please share what happened in your Psychic Game with Animals experiment below!

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