Free Psychic Exercise #9

Hi Everyone – here is this week’s psychic exercise. My suggestion is that you do NOT read any of the comments from the other participants until AFTER you connect to the image and get your impressions. That way you won’t be swayed by anything anyone else has said. Also, I’m going to tell you right off the bat – this image is not really what you would logically think. Last, remember that you will be more accurate if you stick to “I saw” or “I felt” rather than telling a big long story. Ok, have a great time!

One more thing: I WILL be doing confirmations on this one (and Free Psychic Exercise 1-6 also have confirmations), so come back frequently to see what everyone else got AND to read what I can confirm about what you received. Enjoy this practice!


Post your impressions from this exercise in the comments section below!

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  1. Terry
    Terry says:

    Emotionaly I get a fealing of the silient listener. Visually I see a rocket and wonder (as paranoid as it may seem) if the combination could represent a spy satellite.

  2. Zuza
    Zuza says:

    I saw something different….I saw a broken heart… felt to me as if she was in love with a man……however, she had no title……no money….coming from poor family…..that couldn’t give her much….the love that she had for this was love in return….but it felt like they both knew that this would create only conflict and they would never enjoy life together …… simply because she would never be accepted or welcomed….she gave her broken heart to GOD …and she kept her broken love story to herself…she never shared her love story with anyone….she was full of love and grace….
    thank you

  3. shannon
    shannon says:

    I felt she was apprehensive or worried. It seemed she was carrying a lot of weight on her shoulders. The image made me feel anxious

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