Free Psychic Exercises

Psychic ExerciseWe’ve created these free psychic exercises to give you an opportunity to play with, expand and grow your intuitive senses. Before launching into the exercises, be sure to ground and clear yourself so that you’ll be open to receiving the best information. Perhaps a meditation or a prayer to your Guides or even a jog outside could help you get into that wonderful “open” space.

Have fun with these! Remember – we’re on Earth to enjoy the entire journey not just end goal, so if you find yourself struggling to taking it too seriously stop and give yourself a break. (It also helps most people to have an empty stomach).

Finally, for many of the exercises I do not provide an “answer.” This is because my answer may not fit what you received and I do not want to take away from what you received. There is no possible way I, as a human being, could know ALL the psychic information that could be received about an image or an object! Instead of looking for my answer – read through and comment on the impressions from the other participants. Most people find similarities in their answers and can take comfort in that.

Take me to the Psychic Exercises page so I can get started!

Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, tv and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts.

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  1. Jama
    Jama says:

    My cat Deeka an Abyssinian and my rag doll Babygirl were raised together since tiny kittens, lately Deeka has been growling and hissing at Babygirl. I would like to know why Deeka is behaving this way and what does Babygirl has to say about it all.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    Hi Danielle,
    I lost my Rose Breasted Cockatoo “Rosie” after 30 years in November 12 2013. We had quite the life together from the beginning and were a perfect match. We even moved continents together. When she passed I felt as if I had lost my spouse. It was the most devastation I had ever felt in my life and it still feels that way. I light candles for her each night since that dreadful day and keep her urn in the middle of the 6 candles. I hope she is living a wonderful life on “the other side”. Is there any way for me to find out if she is ok?

  3. Me
    Me says:

    Hope you can suggest something or give direction. i listened to you on hayhouse summit and felt as though you may be able to help. i rescue animals and practice healing, a journney which my animal friends have shown me the path too. I feel like you have really spoken my language about them mirroring but it is still challenging me to see my ‘own’ issues.I have four cats and two of them seem to be damaging the carpet. It doesn’t matter how much space they have, various shaped and sized cat scratching devices. They still scratch the carpet. Sometimes they make sure i am watching them too and other times they stopid flow. As its not our own home but rental accomodation it really upsets and worries me about the damage they are doing in someone else’s property. I have decided that I will just have to have it re-Carpeted.
    What isthe deeper meaning of this please?

  4. Nili
    Nili says:


    What if you have two dogs- brother and sister? Can they both be there for you or just one perhaps? Also- what could it mean if they pee in the house only when I leave?

  5. whitney
    whitney says:

    I lost my sister November 17 2012 she was sick since she was 10 years on oxygen she passed away at 20years old.I feel guilty I wasn’t a better sister than I should of been and looking out for her more I miss her so much and I don’t know if I will ever get passed the crying losing my sister.

  6. Colette
    Colette says:

    I just wanted to leave a note here to Thank You for taking the time to post these wonderful exercises for us Danielle! Very Fun!!! Lessons on every level including learning to be gentler with myself and not to judge the outcome as right/wrong good/bad…but just to have fun and to embrace it all. Yup – a groovy metaphor for how I want to live this life! Thanks for the reminder that showed itself through doing these exercises.

  7. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    I lost a bird in November, a bird in Dec, a dog on Feb 1, and another dog went missing on 4/22/13. the only pet I have left is ill. I’m struggling with all the loss of my pets in such a short period of time. I do know that I’m going through a transition in my life but I always though my pets would go through it with me. I miss them all dearly, I don’t even know if the one that went missing is dead or alive and I don’t know how much longer I have with the last pet I have left. I guess I’m just looking for some kind of answers.

  8. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Many years ago, I had to put my dog down because he had a spine injury and there was no real way to help him back then, I wondered if he forgave me for making that choice, I was convinced not to stay with him when he passed and I have never forgiven myself. This is why I never wanted another dog, but my daughter got a puppy almost 6 years ago and she died suddenly and you told me on the radio that he’s I’m wondering if Tyler forgave me for having him put down…. Thank you I guess I am raw for everything these days.

  9. Manon
    Manon says:

    I lost my 2 parents, 2 weeks apart, 2 months ago, can you tell me if they are in the light, or if they are still around…I need to know if they are ok, I miss them and need to let go of my pain.

  10. Minal
    Minal says:

    Hello Danielle,

    I lost my 8 week old kitten on 12th Apr. I had just left it in the fish market on 10th Apr for its own good to get freedom, food and lots of friends. I just cannot forgive myself for this. Could you please tell me why did my kitten left his soul so early and what was the message he wanted to pass on to me? Would he have survived if he was at home with me?

    Please help me.


  11. Minal
    Minal says:

    Hello Danielle,

    I lost my 8 week old kitten on 12th Apr. I had just left it in the fish market on 10th Apr for its own good to get freedom, food and lots of friends. I just cannot forgive myself for this. Could you please tell me why did my kitten left his soul so early and what was the message he wanted to pass on to me? Would he have survived if he was at home with me?

    Please help me.

  12. Soni Banik
    Soni Banik says:

    Feb 19th I had to make the decision to put my Sicily down. He had a tumor in his heart and fluid in his lungs that prevented him from breathing well. He is my 13 year old who suffered from Diabetes and Acromegaly. I have never in my life loved something so wholeheartedly. He was my everything. No one came before him. I miss him terribly and just want to know if that look he gave me was what i thought it was, him telling me what the hell are you waiting on? I was holding him when he took his last breath and I am so proud to have been his mommy for 13 and a half years. I plan on having a session when the funds are abundant. I just want to know he’s happy and I did what he wanted. Isn’t that what all moms want…to know they did right by their babies?

  13. casey
    casey says:

    OK…I somehow ended up on “comments” before I even got to the Free Stuff page. Now that I have actually been there…I wish there were some very simple directions for someone who has never attempted anything like this. I have been meditating for years off and on but grounding and clearing and almost all the other “terms” used in these practices (nearly everything I am reading about which pertain to spirituality, as the word is currenly used, are relatively new to me. I am going to wing it anyway. Casey

  14. casey vogler
    casey vogler says:

    Danielle: I don’t know what all these remarks have to do with the exercises but…I stumbled on you saturday listening to some of Darius’Global replays. I “dunno” about some of his guests, but I knew right away you were the real deal. I googled you, stumbled on your ANIMALS AND THE AFTERLIFE vids. Serendipity. In the last five years my animal population has grown from four house cats and an old lab to 23 in/door out door cats. They just sort of showed up one way or another. In the last year or so I have lost my sister, my lab (two days before her funeral), 14 cats to coyotes (frost and drought) and distemper brought in by a stray kitten and renal failure…and last month my brother. I think I know at least partly what it was all about. But I took the kitten and an old tom way too far. I just wouldn’t give up. (and I am thinking right now about your 12/21/12 blog) I have been beating myself up about making them suffer and your vid released me from that. I willbe visiting this site often. ThankYou!

  15. Susan
    Susan says:

    Hello, my Jacksonboy had to be PTS on 9/14 after 9/13/12 dx of hemangiocarcnioma. He has reincarnated into a litter of cockers an
    hour from me. We will be continuing our soul contract again. My
    own physic/intutive abilities from 2 lifetimes ago have started to return
    and I have asked God to fill me with my gift in full force, as i want to read for shelter animals and tell them its not their fault! and that they can be loved again. WILL my soul contrant with Jack help me fullfill my animal connunication future?
    Thanks Susan

  16. Shandelle
    Shandelle says:

    I worked with an animal communicator Dr. Elizabeth Severino over 10yrs ago who helped me with a lost cat over the phone & I later learned Reiki from her so in my personal opinon she’s the real deal. I don’t know if she still helps with lost pets but here’s the link of how to contact her.
    (Danielle: I hope this is ok with you to post -“I’m very sorry” in advance
    if it’s not)

  17. charlene
    charlene says:

    Please help me find my missing bengal called marley. He went missing on the 24th december (3 weeks ago) we cant find him anywhere. He looks like a little tiger and meows alot. I miss him so much. Just want hi home safe with me. Please help :'(

  18. Fiona
    Fiona says:

    Hello Danielle, I very recently have lost a beautiful dog, that I used walk each Tuesday and Friday. I have my own business where I walk dogs, and mind them.
    This lovely girl passed away, it was awful how she died. She got her head caught between the gate, the owner still really can’t work out how it happened. I was wondering how lady is going,am sure she was in pain when she pain when it all happened. Can you tell me how she is going now, how she is feeling and all. I am missing her alot too, is she missing me lots to. I am sure she is missing the owners and their gardener to.

    Thank you.

  19. Manny
    Manny says:

    I recently lost my Standard Poodle Sasha of 16 years lost her to Cancer and it is really hard to describe how painful it is for me to have my Sasha collapse in my arms and then pass away in front of my senses then having to bury her the next day,it is very difficult for me even now to tell you about this! But I feel that she’s finally released form the pain of the cancer and of her old body of 16 years which is about 112 human years. I deeply know and beleive that she will be back at my side soon within 1 to 5 years as I have experienced this before with my other dogs! I rexcued Sasha and cared foe her since she was 2 years and had Seizures, and she always gave me back unconditional Love! What more can I ask of my Loved Companion and Daughter. Sincerely, Manuel

  20. Marisa
    Marisa says:

    Hello, Danielle I am interested in your feedback on my dog. She recently passed away Jan 8 and I am having a extreemly hard time with her. Is it too early to speak with you? I watched afterlife part one and two and seemed to get alot out of it.. I actually got many signs with her the next day. I have such a strong connection with her that i sometimes I can’t tell people because I think they will think I am crazy..I have many questions.

  21. Eva
    Eva says:

    I have a lost orange tabby male(Shrimpy) that has been lost for five days now. Would like to know if you could give me reading on finding him or if he has past. WHat would it cost???
    Thank You!

    • admin
      admin says:

      Eva – I don’t locate lost animals as I have found I am better at other areas of animal work. I do recommend Joe Polivick though – you can find him through Google. I send you lots of hope and love energy that you can find some closure.

      • Manny
        Manny says:

        Eva I worked at the Psychic Network back in 1993-95, and my intuition tells me that your orange Tabby “Shrimpy” is not on the other side yet, more than likely Shrimpy wondered over to one of your neighbors homes, and that he is still over inside their home. you may want to start your search there right next door? Who knows??? they may be wondering who’s??? cat he is???

    • Manny
      Manny says:

      we lost a large very nice yellow tabby and we came to discover that my next door neighbor’s sister had taken him when she stayed over with him. We never were able to recover him, and she came back and told her sister in law that she wanted our other yellow tabby Guisepe which the neighbors call him by “Garfield” but my neighbor’s wife told her not to even try to take him as she did with Desi the other one she stold! think this might help you someohow Eva?

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