Free Psychic Exercise #9

Hi Everyone – here is this week’s psychic exercise. My suggestion is that you do NOT read any of the comments from the other participants until AFTER you connect to the image and get your impressions. That way you won’t be swayed by anything anyone else has said. Also, I’m going to tell you right off the bat – this image is not really what you would logically think. Last, remember that you will be more accurate if you stick to “I saw” or “I felt” rather than telling a big long story. Ok, have a great time!

One more thing: I WILL be doing confirmations on this one (and Free Psychic Exercise 1-6 also have confirmations), so come back frequently to see what everyone else got AND to read what I can confirm about what you received. Enjoy this practice!


Post your impressions from this exercise in the comments section below!

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  1. shannon
    shannon says:

    I felt she was apprehensive or worried. It seemed she was carrying a lot of weight on her shoulders. The image made me feel anxious

  2. Zuza
    Zuza says:

    I saw something different….I saw a broken heart… felt to me as if she was in love with a man……however, she had no title……no money….coming from poor family…..that couldn’t give her much….the love that she had for this was love in return….but it felt like they both knew that this would create only conflict and they would never enjoy life together …… simply because she would never be accepted or welcomed….she gave her broken heart to GOD …and she kept her broken love story to herself…she never shared her love story with anyone….she was full of love and grace….
    thank you

  3. Terry
    Terry says:

    Emotionaly I get a fealing of the silient listener. Visually I see a rocket and wonder (as paranoid as it may seem) if the combination could represent a spy satellite.

  4. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:



  5. Kevin Underhill
    Kevin Underhill says:

    From this image I detect the brightness & innocence of youth; certitude. … A history or sense of the past; that this painting was not rendered from direct observation, at least in whole, but from a memory or an idea.

  6. Stormin
    Stormin says:

    I saw and felt bondage of both mind and heart of youth/people by religion. Although, youth/people believe/are brain washed to feel they are free to worship God and live life fully they are actually in bondage to (false) religious beliefs that dictates 90% of their lives.

  7. Joel
    Joel says:

    The painting itself; pre-revelation.

    Purpose of exercise; differentiate association from perception

    Interpretation; psychopathy, lack of remorse, lack of empathy.

  8. tami
    tami says:

    i feel there are two people in this picture. a man on his knees with his head covered..maybe a prisoner of the soldier standing behind him.

  9. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Unborn baby, still in the womb. Sensed a circus kind of freak show. A medium in a cage. People were suspicious of her. Forced to do this, spiritual oppression, heavy energy. Felt she was prosecuted, burned at the stake, but I feel she was able to outsmart them and was able to get away. She later gave birth to a King or someone of power. The name Madam Husquana crossed my mind.

  10. Kate Leigh
    Kate Leigh says:

    I felt an aunt or great aunt..maybe left the church at some point. I also heard Barbie..thought Barbie doll. Outfit like a costume.

  11. shelby
    shelby says:

    A beautiful bored woman not feeling great about herself yet we all know she’s a volcano of amazing beauty and goodness. When she takes off the black and white the colors will show.

  12. Michael Paul
    Michael Paul says:

    i Saw a croked picture of a sister

    she wants too look at me but she is off in another direction

    her eyes then sudenly come into view for a second

  13. Maria
    Maria says:

    Package: Physique holds (clasped hands) answers of soul connection to greater source (cross, addition sign, +), insight (eyes looking offsite) is both seen and unseen. Package, container, holding pattern.

  14. Lori
    Lori says:

    I feel creeped out by this image. I have a sense of dishonesty. Like this image is hiding something or covering something up that is truer than what it shows. I feel like the painting was made hastily and by someone who does not personally feel that it has any spiritual significance.

  15. Brie
    Brie says:

    An estate sale. To be bid on. Gay man/men. A tray holding: cards or glass (drinking cups & wtr pitcher). I kept trying to put carrots and celery on it..but it really wasn’t working (contrived? yes! working through resistance & finding humor).

    Ok, so this one wasn’t all that fun..big charges to work through.

  16. Jayne
    Jayne says:

    The first thing into my mind was the nun is in a coffin … and the hands seems separate somehow from her upper torso, almost like another person, like she’s in half somehow. Unsettling.

  17. Leann
    Leann says:

    I feel disguise. Like a Knight is hidden within a coffin or closet dressed as a nun to create a feeling of safety or peace. I feel the knight is sitting fully prepared to protect whoever, whatever… Fists prepared to wield a sword and supply protection at any moment.

  18. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    I see an nearly empty closet with hangers
    I feel she is a student
    I see a woman clutching to a white stuffed animal or blanket with her right arm pressing it against her right thigh – trying to hide it from view.
    I see a woman looking out the balcony window, There’s green grass and trees outside.

  19. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    My first feeling was the closed up feelings of the religious of times gone by. The symbolism of the habit seemed to be saying that the nun was open to pray with her head and heart which are covered in white symbolizing purity. The darkness of the habit covers the rest of her body where physical needs will be ignored. The genial pink shows innocence to me…like the flush of a cheek. The stiffness of the figure says that the girls energy is making great effort toward perfection. The clenched hands show her energy is determined. A quiet face is perhaps resigned and has surrendered.

  20. DM
    DM says:

    holding on and also things to hold other things in like cup
    passage ways like an arch or tunnel or doorway

  21. ginger
    ginger says:

    I feel Mexico along with other pictures that we can’t see here. A dedicated nun to the town and is much revered for her hard work.

  22. katie young
    katie young says:

    Beyond seeing the sacred image, I feel that this is a box of some sort. I see a knob or handle to the right. I think that it might have held something for a conformation. I don’t feel much energy attached to the object, like if it belongs to someone, they aren’t that into the image.

  23. Carol Kemp
    Carol Kemp says:

    I saw a horse impatiently walking around in circles , shaking it’s head, snorting and puffing . Next I saw the horse taking off into the sky with huge wings like Pegasus. To me this means that the woman is strong, and desirous freedom, that her understanding and connection with All That Is is much larger than the cloister of the Church and that she has attained freedom through her Faith and deep connection to God- she has found a way of transforming her impatiences of the limitations of her vocation (nun) by claiming her truth and “flying ” with it such as Hildagard Von Bingen.

  24. ml collins
    ml collins says:

    immediate impressions: the shape is of a bullet. there is confinement – almost tomblike – but it is a chosen confinement. there is no pain here. serenity and a chosen path. acceptance. middle ages. left a world of privilege.

  25. Safena
    Safena says:

    The first words that came to me was be brave. Be free Get out. When in closed my eyes the image changed to bride everything dark looked white like a veil and gown. Full of hope and pride vulnerability and wanting love. Fear. Flight.

  26. Colette
    Colette says:

    I immediately felt there was something humorous here. It made me smile…almost laugh. I sensed a young energy connected to this item.

  27. ryan zanders
    ryan zanders says:

    i felt it was 15th century nun but then i felt that she stopped being a nun for a man. name kathrine, or maybe just a painting of early mother theresa

  28. Sandy Foley
    Sandy Foley says:

    A medievil knight with a suit of armor one of the religious knights with a cross emblem on the chest of his clothes young man hiding who he is

  29. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    The words and feelings that came to my mid were: mother, rose, apology, grave, fortitude, a mission, a scent, a candle, a going into something without reservation, holy peace, plentitude, smiling from heaven

  30. Monica
    Monica says:

    Obviously, a picture of a Nun. What I first noticed, is the white circle around “her” right eye, on closer look; I believe she is looking in that direction, (with that right eye). Also, I see a cross, however no chain to hold on to it.

  31. lana
    lana says:

    I bedtray?Carries coffee and crumbs. Delivered to someone when they are sick. It annoys me but I have catholic issues so it may just be me. It is wooden, yardsale item. Meant as a joke but used. I hear sniffling, kleenex. Soft blankets,Cartoons.

  32. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    I felt immediately drawn to the subject of the art, not the artist. Next I felt that some years ago this nun must have passed on from a wasting disease with almost the effects of starvation. She Has become disillusioned with mankind and perhaps even the church and it’s leaders and mentors but not with her faith. It feels strong. Her faith would have served he well no matter which direction in life she took and she wonders if she made the wrong life path decision. It feels like the artist, the subject, and the piece were all not well treated or well regarded. It feels like the art was used for some other purpose other than to be displayed like it was used as a tray for something.

  33. tina
    tina says:

    italy,a island community ,passing by disease spreading perhaps a cancer? an angel wing ,relating to archangels erhaps the name of an archangel is relevant in some way ? the name of the village or convent ?

  34. kateena
    kateena says:

    Italy, an island community, and passing of a disease that spreads like cancer,an angel wing .perhaps something relating to the main archangels names.

  35. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    The name Maria came to me the instant I looked at it. But, after looking at it a little longer the name Teresa came to me. That’s all really.

  36. Mcandyr
    Mcandyr says:

    You said it’s not what we’d think. I am getting, it’s the sign on the ladies bathroom door – probably in a convent or other similar place.

  37. martha
    martha says:

    man i need to open more
    good work guys
    ok here it is
    portrait a gift maybe from a girl 23 yrs old
    hand painted
    peace beauty acceptance

  38. casey
    casey says:

    painting hanging in a dining room. 50s furnishings. painted by family member? an older woman. the painting sort of pisses her off. A golden retriever, also older. husband has died? Dog trying to help. more going on with that but it’s, i don’t know…involved?

  39. Sally
    Sally says:

    This brings to mind the years I spent in a catholic orphanage run by nuns, It was a closed system, (the window) with very little outside contact except for my schooling at an academy away from the home. The nuns were not allowed to touch us, nor give us love, It was a sterile atmmosphere, and I felt locked in, It was a time of pain, but growth, in which I was made aware of the profession I was to enter, nursing. It’s interesting that charge nurses are called sisters in Ireland and that’s where the majority of the nuns were from. I still cry for that lonely little girl who came from a loving, but chaotic family. Hence, the tear.

  40. Sally
    Sally says:

    I heard tea tray? I am picking up a male energy and the words disguise and fallen angel. I feel there are problems with the hands or arms as I am getting a heavy energy and no control.

  41. Charity
    Charity says:

    I see a family. I feel I little love for this picture, but preferance for another. I don’t feel any spirit within the picture, just a witness and a reminder from where it hangs.

  42. Clr
    Clr says:

    First I felt oppression but I think that is because I was in school with I let that go…then I started to feel a feeling of well being and accomplishment. I felt that this was a person who wanted to help people and not just to escape life. If you take the costume away, she feels like a person who had some health issues but is working past them. She has a Joan of Arc feeling around her. Like she wants to help people but also has an inner strength for so much more in leadership.

  43. Roz
    Roz says:

    I was drawn to her face. I feel like she’s looking at a vision and experiencing surprise, saddness and then acceptance. Her left eye shows her tearful – I think for humanity. Yet her right eye shows strength and light. I feel that there is a slight smile underneath these more outward feelings.

  44. Ma. Loribelle Perales
    Ma. Loribelle Perales says:

    I am a Princess. I am afraid to show who or what I really am, so I am hiding and masking myself through the faith I believe in.

  45. Noel Guilaoro
    Noel Guilaoro says:

    I am always running. I tend to be distract. My guardian angel trying to communicate me something I can’t see or hear. I need to pay attention.

    • Bruce
      Bruce says:

      cBRis I think you nailed it exactly. A sign to indicate the woman’s restroom.

      I had this overwhelming feeling that neither the subject, the artist, nor the piece were being treated with much regard. Now it all makes sense, it is a restroom door indicator sign. I bet you’ve got it exactly.

  46. lynn
    lynn says:

    Just as I originally thought earlier, the picture reflects how we feel and perceive ourselves. In other words, it is a mirror of our own feelings about ourselves reflected back as we analyse her perspective on life and her/our current situations in life. I believe our analysis also determines our own analysis of our selves as positive or negative thinkers. The other perspective I got after reading the others analysis lyes in the question. If in fact.. this picture is placed on a public door as many of you have suggested, then perhaps the owner of this picture is trying to spiritually awaken others to their spiritual selves and or feminine intuition. I believe that this picture is on the door of a female dormatory, more specifically a Nums (sleeping)room at a Catholic church.She finds comfort in the Nuns presence and spiritual protection. To post such a picture on one’s door makes a huge statement essentially saying no one of darkness may enter my room or life. Clearly a powerful presence and state of spiritual awareness. I think one of darkness would have a difficult time crossing the thresholds of such a pure spiritual presence. It gave me pause and the statement it gave me was WoW, the person that occupy’s the other side of this door is deep, (you can’t lie to them, nor would you want to) and in a spiritual conquest of grasping the white light of God. The choice of pictures makes a profound statement as to who they are. So I leave you with this question…have you ever known anyone to make such a profound statement using a picture of this magnitude on their door? Not me!

  47. lynn
    lynn says:

    I saw that the Nun in the picture has one (right) eye larger than the other. It appears to be a glass eye. I saw tht the picture of the Nun is posted on a door as if to say that she is protecting the presence in the room beyond the door itself. I saw that her hands are clasped together to symbolize unity in the masculine and femine as well as the devine union between God and the feminine. She appears to be picture perfect with the exception of the right eye. She is young, beautiful, graceful and poised. I felt her peace and concern about a matter she is contenplating. Although being outside a locked door represents, missed opportunities, I feel here that she is protecting someone inside the closed door.

  48. Garfila
    Garfila says:

    Seems strange & guessing it’s not about the picture but Right away I felt deep aching pain in my Left knee & then in my Right forearm.

  49. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    I felt discipline, I saw – school kids in uniform – orthodox, picture of of mother superior who’s crossed over. rulers, spring day, nippy weather, green grass, teacher nun, punishments.

  50. Sue F.
    Sue F. says:

    I feel like a young girl did this and she had a white pair of sneakers, the canvas kind, not running sneakers, she got something on them and eventually threw them away. She did this and was proud of her work and gave it to someone.

  51. Diane M
    Diane M says:

    The instant I saw this picture I got an image of Danielle in my head. After that, my own thoughts got in the way, like they usually do.

  52. Mark Lemoine
    Mark Lemoine says:

    I feel like this is a spirit guide for you, an important one at that. She helps you a lot in your work. She exudes spiritual power!

  53. Ann
    Ann says:

    I feel this and the above is in regard to the owner of the painting. I feel that this time, this person is very uninhibited, quite the opposite of the nun in the painting. The painting itself is a reminder, a comfort to what the person is not anymore and of the comfort and discipline of their upbringing. I feel the red paint is sort of Freudian as well- symbolic of the female genatalia.

  54. Ann
    Ann says:

    I get that someone feels a past life connection to being a nun. Thus the painting on the wall. I also get a strict Catholic upbringing.

  55. Dee
    Dee says:

    This made me think of an elderly woman in a retirement home. I saw her in front of a window watching the seasons change, waiting for Spring flowers to appear. She has very white hair. I also felt she may be of Italian heritage, with a daughter or daughter and son. She has medical issues.

  56. Leila
    Leila says:

    Hmm, I’m new to this too. fffunnn!

    I felt calm, at peace.
    I saw the shape of triangle’s everywhere (this is easy to see) as if everything was leading up to source.
    I thought of a space ship or rocket and the beyonds!


  57. Marisa
    Marisa says:

    I felt that just after my Lhasa passed that I turned to somewhat of more faith. I seem to need more faith to turn too to cope with the loss of Karli

  58. Alexjess
    Alexjess says:

    Im feeling like she is an important person but she did something bad. Im getting the feeling she was being watched or was watching somebody. I have the feeling of hatred or guilt. She had a plan to do something or hired someone to do something and it didnt work out the way she wanted it to.

  59. Jessalex
    Jessalex says:

    I instantly think Catholic, reserved, conservative. Feeling of guilt associated with it. The red coloring brings intensity to the feeling or a deep love and devotion. However, there is also the tip of a finger seen in the bottom right outside of the frame with the nun and the frame is slightly tilted.Perhaps, too literal interpretation…

  60. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    I see a painting hanging on a wall or oddly hanging on or next to a door. The painting is very modern in style although classic nun frocks. This evokes Catholic Church at my first impression then I jump to a school setting, maybe an art school. Warm, positive feelings with many souls like a school or more like a boarding school.

  61. Diane
    Diane says:

    I see a doorway, gateway or passage into a loving area. I feel kindness and loving thoughts. She has passed to the other side and now helps guide many of us.

  62. Nina Marie Ventra
    Nina Marie Ventra says:

    Contentment. This painting gives contentment to the elderly woman who has it hanging next to her dining table. She notices her (the nun) when having her daily tea and it gives her contentment.

  63. Terry
    Terry says:

    I see: fabric/textiles/yarn
    I see nice weather, sunshine, tile floor, a cat, plants, greenery, almost a tropical sense.
    It feels warm.
    I feel feminine energy associated with it.

  64. Aimee
    Aimee says:

    I see it in a frequented room, hallway, dining room. Significant to the original owner, a potrait. Put away for some time and then rediscovered after a passing. For sale

  65. Gwen
    Gwen says:

    I’m new to this, so don’t know if I’m doing this “right.” Thoughts and words I received: 20 or 30 A’s; Carol; Hawaii; Layers of the Heart; Shivani; large water falls. I also saw an image of a man kissing his reflection in a mirror and then felt something about a self portrait of a man.

  66. Brian
    Brian says:

    This picture of a young Nun reminds me of my cousin Ann, who was a Nun, and did not have an enjoyable time the last years of her life. She died very young, and I regretted not having been ‘there’ for her. She lived in another city far away, and just before she died, she called me, but I was unable to call her back due to the rules of the institution she was in. I regret very much I was not home when she called. I miss her very much.

  67. Angela
    Angela says:

    The room behind the door is not very big. This is an older building and some kind of public place, not anyone’s home. The woman in the picture is waiting patiently for something or someone, but is not comfortable and is averting any eye contact with other people around her. I also initally got a thought that she was sitting on a toilet…LOL She at first appears to be a Nun, but I also get a thought of her wearing chain head wear, like the gladiators. She is very unsure of herself.

  68. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    I felt something open wide—either the red frame was easy to open or this image was on something that swings open. I also heard bold B names like Bridget, Barbie, Brenda…was trying to sort out which one it may be.

  69. elena
    elena says:

    after reading the other comments: i feel in agreement with all those abt a picture hung on a door (in a public place, eg. restaurant, etc). the two people i saw could just be chatting while waiting in front of that door.

    ps: hi teena! 😀

  70. elena
    elena says:

    as i tune in, i see and feel someone standing in front of the picture, a lil on the left. this person is talking to someone else on ‘his’ left (to me, the energy of the main person feels masculine). ‘he’ is not shouting, but there’s energy in ‘his’ voice, it feels like ‘he’ is explaining something to the other person with some emphasis. sometimes ‘he’ looks at the picture, but i cannot say if he is talking abt it or something else.

  71. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Very old picture. Has been moved around a lot. This woman has passed since sitting for this portrait. I feel a wonderful energy about her. Brings people much comfort when looking at this portrait. I smell a mustiness in the air.

  72. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    I see one person in the white clothing being “hidden” inside the black either a “casket” or “costume that is partially ripped. She feels like she is hiding with a bit of a glint in her eyes and that the hands I see are not hers. It seems that the black is encapsulating her. The two are “separate”

  73. Deb
    Deb says:

    I see an gray haired woman. Posture is bent. I see a small white terrier. I feel they are in a cottage. The woman has a loving feeling towards this picture.

  74. kirsten
    kirsten says:

    =I feel this is somewhere “inappropriate” for the subject matter.
    =The pic of the nun isnt in a church etc…but I feel like she looks like she has to pee, or she just did in her pants. Maybe this is hung near or in a bathroom.
    =pic says, i make the lady smile.
    =i am near a busy part of the building. near the place where many people come and go and have fun.
    =it can get noisy in the space i am near, talking, laughing.
    =am I in a restaurant?
    =i like being here because many, many people see me.

  75. Susan R.
    Susan R. says:

    I did not like this picture at all. Gave me an eerie feeling. I immediately felt like she was hiding in a doorway (like a vampire emerging from the shadows). I then felt an unease in my 3rd chakra as well as a pressure against the back of my neck and against my arms.

  76. Jen
    Jen says:

    I heard the name Hildagard von Bingen and felt a lot of healing energy in the room where this hangs. (not a hospital feeling, but more of a reiki/energy feeling) I smelled lavender and chamomile.

  77. cathy o
    cathy o says:

    My first impression was Quaker or Amish. I focused alot on the face but the only thing that comes to mind is plain and simple. Isn’t that odd that both the Quaker/Amish and plain and simple are together in combo and totally unrelated.

  78. Rainbow
    Rainbow says:

    It feels like this person is not really a nun, but posed as a nun for a movie/TV show. She seems uncomfortable with the idea of being a nun

    • chakra khan
      chakra khan says:

      My impression was that this is a wonderous woman. I am not convinced this is her path, ( nun). Although, she is of a certain faith, not sure she belives what she is practicing. In other words she is not as “innocent as she looks.


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