Free Psychic Exercise #6

Hi Everyone! I’m a bit late (ok it’s Friday) on getting this week’s psychic exercise out – but it’s been busy around here! For this week’s psychic exercise, use the comment form to write in your impressions. I’m still on the fence as to whether I want to give you the “actual” 3-D reality facts about the image, because I feel you all will learn more by looking at each other’s impressions rather than by what is right or wrong. But for now – here’s the image. Remember to use “I felt” or “I saw” rather than translating your impressions. The raw data is always much more accurate (and often more telling) than your translation, no matter how intuitive you are.

Free Psychic Exercise #6

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Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, tv and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts. She has been nationally recognized in the book Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America (2014), by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble. Danielle’s book, Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance, continues to assist thousands of people in breaking through their blocks to discover happiness within.

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  1. Gayle
    Gayle says:

    I see the pendulum, but I hear the word No. So this means maybe it wasn’t the best gift, or it was a gift from someone who isn’t a friend.

  2. Kat
    Kat says:

    I get a sense of incense burning and questions being asked over the pendulum at a dining room table in the evening someone trying to part the veil and see what cannot be seen by the eye

  3. Amber
    Amber says:

    I felt a holiday/Christmas ambiance, saw an older woman with kind of short white curly/wavy hair in a chair speaking to a younger woman with very short darker hair on a couch.

  4. Suz
    Suz says:

    I first saw a pendulum and then later attached to the image of a wise woman using it to speak to people who have passed over, feeling of mystery,

    I also saw it as lost jewelry–a girl, a detective searching as if it had been stolen. I saw a guy and a girl, broken relationship, guy left girl, girl confused as to why—upset

  5. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    It’s a pendulum.
    balancing charas. yes/no
    I see scales
    I feel that you recently asked about a father figure
    I see an elephants head..

  6. DM
    DM says:

    I hear the heart beat in an EKG monitor, see a very pregnant woman and can see the necklace being used as a way to find sex of her unborn child – hearts, mountains and sunrise – I feel like its a boy

  7. Safena
    Safena says:

    Christmas? floating…light fixture..Danielle’s home? I feel alive curious …boy on a bicycle riding by…museum?…playing a game …laughter…dinner time…celebration.

  8. katie young
    katie young says:

    I feel very isolated when I look at this object. I feel left out, misunderstood, wanting. It leaves me wanting to be either physically embraced or embraced as the person I really am. The person who owns this once felt like a “nobody”.

  9. Jama
    Jama says:

    Was your grandmothers necklace, which was given to her by a good friend. She loved this necklace and wore it during her outings with her lady friends. She gave it to you before she passed away, knowing you loved it just as much as you do. You use this necklace to help you stay focused when your mind is busy

  10. Pat
    Pat says:

    Someone lost a necklace on a old wooden gym floor. Formed the letter W…bright light above it reflecting off the floor.

  11. Elisabeth
    Elisabeth says:

    I felt the light in the center and the soft radiation emanating from the center part of the necklace. I see two treasures on either end of the center piece of the necklace pointing in different directions – away from the center light

  12. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Belongs to woman with long dark hair who is carrying her child in her arms, she is a mother and very spiritual,there is an orb in the picture who is her guide and watching over her. She is very connected spiritually. Just pure love is emanating from this woman. There is a male in spirit watching over her, maybe her father (large man), he appears to be smiling, I feel he is proud of her.

  13. laura7162
    laura7162 says:

    i saw a woman getting slapped, i heard a man yelling, she feels shes not good enough and helpless.

  14. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    The words that came too mind were: bauble, blessing, wintertime, a hundread leagues away, ships, orient, jingle, Cathay, cornerstone, portions of something, dainty

  15. lana
    lana says:

    I saw sweater chain fell off,a grandmother with glasses,grey hair in a bun, a movie character Mrs.Doubtfire. Sentimentality around this object. Children playing with it. I hear that it represents a timeline and connects generations. I feel a hospital room with bright lighting, a passing over, a spirit anchor.

  16. Tonnie
    Tonnie says:

    I feel this necklace was very important to someone, I feel a fight occurred, I feel two people were involved and someone ran off, then they took a picture to remember what happened, to figure out why it happened, do I stay or do I go? Hurt, anger, shame, fear, loneliness.

  17. pat
    pat says:

    I heard that this piece of jewelry is vintage. I saw that the person who uses this (perhaps a guide) is older and wiser.

  18. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    Divining pendulum well used. Flooris more interesting. Lots of people have walked on it. Pendulum may have–feel like it was used to answer pregnancy questions. It’s a girl. Divide is old and has been around about as long as the floor, maybe longer. Handed down, more than one owner feels like feminine energy.

  19. Mcandyr
    Mcandyr says:

    I head the sound of a tinkling bell, probably inside the charm in this chain…used at a cat door to alert of the cat’s entering. I felt it’s just down for this exercise and is currently still used.

  20. Sally
    Sally says:

    I am picking up the word pendulum. I also get the word gift and a reflection of feelings towards
    I sense a positive energy and psychic knowledge. Not used anymore, retirement

  21. cBRIs
    cBRIs says:

    I see primarily masculine trickster energy. 🙂 A woman’s left hand rushing through her day. Hear a bell. See a dog and rushing energy. The item is a pendulum and came from a spiritual space…not a church, but has a sacred energy to it. It feels like something is clinging to it and wants to be cleansed…or not. Quite neutral but would “feel” better to clean. When I hold my left hand out I feel weary neck and shoulder dis-comfort…literally lack of comfort and I want to shake that arm…let the blood flow. At first the reflection of the flash on the table put me off…the rushed feeling was not comfortable…and then when I closed my eyes the other stuff came in a rush with the energy. Thanks.

  22. Denise
    Denise says:

    I felt a loss, someone lost a necklace that a loved one gave them, but also felt hopeful in time it would be found because there is a little light shinning on it.

  23. Madison
    Madison says:

    I see/feel it picked up by my left hand. Once I feel like I am holding it be my left hand, my right hand begins to pulse much like it does when I feel a powerful crystal in my palm. While holding it, I also feel sensation through the right side of my body which all draws attention towards the energy pulsing in my right hand. I also felt sensations on and around my neck like when I work on balancing and opening my 5th chakra.

  24. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    I felt – spiritual, pendulum, I saw a woman in black cothing, healer, work from home, many clients, almost dark feelings.

  25. Michael
    Michael says:

    i saw a wave, an anchor, started to feel the presence of a child, possibly parents, but strongly the presence of a child. Hemmed in? Anchored between adults ?

  26. Sue F.
    Sue F. says:

    It was picked up somewhere like a flea market or not expensive seeling of items. It doesn’t hold great value monetary or personal but the original owner likes that whoever purchased it was drawn to it because she was lonely at times and feels connected to the owner now. She was a gray haired lady, very sweet and quiet, she’s wearing a heavy cardigan home-made aqua/bluish sweater over a white blouse. She wears glasses and likes to crochet. She’s liking the owner of this piece now. She’s smiling at me to show she’s pleased.

  27. Louisa
    Louisa says:

    I feel a young girl hated this necklace and took it off as it dropped to the ground. Gift from parent for birthday.

  28. Suzette
    Suzette says:

    I had a very surprising experience, Yes, I believe the pendi is Danielles, it gave a positive nod and then the most beautiful gold light, loving and WARM came out and through my minds eye. Comforting and warm. Not something I was expecting. It really was a beautiful gold light. Not the norm for me to see at all.

  29. Alexjess
    Alexjess says:

    I felt that an older woman was gathering her things and someone was rushing her like something was happening. She was rushed out of the room and she either forgot it or dropped it on the floor. It had a deep sentimental value to her, almost like it belonged to her mother or grandmother. Im seeing the letters S and E. Im getting the names Suzy or Susan and Elizabeth.

  30. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    I feel something happening in a house. An old fashion house. A mid aged women with curly hair and a bonnet with a french perfume on. A war is going on and there are bombs coming through the window while she is putting on her necklace and she throws it on her vanity and runs.

  31. Jessalex
    Jessalex says:

    I’m seeing a bird and the letter E, then the name Elizabeth. The number 81, then just 8. An older woman connected to this as well.

  32. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    I did not get much from this image. Saw it as a piece of jewelry or trinket new to the owner in their lifetime (not inherited or family heirloom) but with nothing outside of it’s intended use. Seeing it new when acquired. Nothing from the floor or reflected light (camera flash).

  33. Ngozi
    Ngozi says:

    I heard the word ghost. I saw a woman with long narrow fingers clasping the chain around her neck. I feel this belonged to someone who’s passed away.

  34. KLCH
    KLCH says:

    I didn’t know it was a pendulum.
    I saw a chandelier.
    A necklace.
    Thought of a genie bottle.
    The shape made me think of a teacher or instructor, instructing.
    The floor I thought of dancing… I saw eyes that looked jealous looking at the object on the floor.

  35. Rob
    Rob says:

    I’m picking up on male…older. Interesting because my first thought was feminine but then I felt “No try again…keep trying” also 3 kids 2 girls 1 boy.

  36. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    I see a pendulum that slipped out of someone’s hand n landed on the floor where there was a ceiling light reflection . The way it landed with a point or curve to it seems to be a message that there is going to be a wave of change for someone . It seems as if the pendulums also an heirloom . I also detect that this is an old house with lots of memories .

  37. christine
    christine says:

    at first I thought “this is a necklace” but the bright light reflecting on the wood floor made me think “you were rushing to leave, pulled the wrong cord on the ceiling fan and the chain snapped”

    • admin
      admin says:

      Not exactly – but I was rushed when putting this picture and image together as it was the end of the week and people were waiting for the next exercise!

  38. Julie
    Julie says:

    A light hearted feeling & the chain feeling cold, wrapped around my left hand and cool in the left palm. Coins falling like a waterfall. A portrait on canvas that is black at the top and white at the bottom.

  39. Alexandra M.
    Alexandra M. says:

    I have the feeling that the globe of the pendulum is completely grounded in the floor, like stucked, blocked. As I have the feeling that my intuitives senses are stucked and blocked…

  40. Prem
    Prem says:

    I get a sense of intuition. I see a full moon and a woman looking like a witch. I see someone shaking her shirt/ sweater while wearing it like she has hot flashes, I see a black cat with a neck less with a bell attached to it, a woman using the thing on the picture as a pendulum over a person laying on a bench, a women asking questions while using the thing as a pendulum, I hear a door knirk.

  41. Leigh-Ann
    Leigh-Ann says:

    Impression of incense. Belongs to a male maybe? Scuffling of dog nails on the floor around the table.
    From a church or used at one/something similar to a church–Wicca.
    Family heirloom.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Interesting! You are the third or fourth person to read the owner’s energy as male. Even though I am not male- many mistake my Type A energy for male energy.

  42. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    I feel something religious attached to it. I see someone holding it in a church but the church is totally empty, maybe a priest or a nun? Someone who has a connection to God. I feel it being a keepsake

  43. Laura
    Laura says:

    I get the impression of someone who is expecting. However I could also interpret that as someone who is hatching a project that is a big deal and it hasn’t been an easy process.

  44. Teena
    Teena says:

    Could see an old man’s hand holding the chain. Heard voices talk about it belonging to him but used to belong to his wife who passed away. Could see a younger person taking a picture of it on the floor of the room where the old woman would enjoy her daily tea and visits from family.

  45. amy
    amy says:

    Heard:Hungarian heritage. Saw: Volkswagon Beetle. Loved an older woman? Age difference? Heard the ‘I’m lookin’ over a four leaf clover’ song as sung by Bugs Bunny.

  46. debbie
    debbie says:

    First I thought pendulum,then I saw the word bell & I see a dog witht this. It feels like a toy for the dog. I just saw him bat at it to make a noise. I see a door with it, or see it hanging on a doorknob. I am getting brought to the idea of an animal using it to signal to go out??

    I just got brought back to an image of it being held as a pendulum.

    • admin
      admin says:

      You are connecting through the pendulum to my energy. We have used a bell to have one of our dogs signal she wants to go out.

      • Dana
        Dana says:

        I think it is interesting that your dog’s name is Bella. Perhaps this is why debbie saw the word bell & a dog with this bell?

  47. Jen
    Jen says:

    The first thing I got was ‘grandmother/heirloom’, then West (something?) and a brown cat. Then I saw an old kitchen painted green with white trim. It was a bright and sunny kitchen and felt warm and filled with love.

  48. Rachelle Depratto
    Rachelle Depratto says:

    I felt pain at the top of my shoulders and at the neck line, hot flashes also. I also felt that I was looking at a witch with her black hat.

  49. Kirsten
    Kirsten says:

    I see a man…60’s, I guess. Salt and pepper hair, mid/dark color frame glasses, maybe even tinted a little in the lenses. He has cigarette breath and his clothes kinda smell like it too. And a slight congested dry cough. Hair is more bristly, but short. Navy pants, button down shirt with stripes. Happy guy. When he laughs, he coughs. I can see this guy really clear in my head. Kind of a regular guy.
    (Logically, I see the pendulum. Logically there are things I want to say, like “this is used for spiritual work”, blah blah blah. I am avoiding that because this image of this man is more interesting to me.)
    He is telling me that this should be used for basic work. Like “water witching”, making normal decisions…not all the “fancy stuff”. Important but normal life moves…I keep hearing like “looking for water on a farm”.
    Lungs are hardened…hard to breathe. But happy.
    Once again, “everday decisions”.
    Takes it everywhere,…..
    more later.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Kristen – I can’t verify any of this as right or wrong. The pendulum is mine but I do not know anything about who made it, where it came from etc. So, you could be right here. No idea!


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