Free Psychic Exercise #2 – Details

Ok everyone, you are going to laugh!

This is my calculator. I purchased it brand new from Staples in the ’90s specifically to use for graduate school. For those of you who don’t know – I attended Grad School for my MBA in Boston, MA. I did not like it at all. The corporate environment, the roles, the boxes that the students were taught through – all of this served to help me realize my true self. I found many of the teachers (most of them older men) to be very old fashioned and even closed-minded and I found the environment stifling.

I will also give you more details based on information that you received:

  • I absolutely did NOT feel comfortable being my true self in grad school.
  • I did not like the things I was being taught to do with the calculator (I’m good at math but I just don’t like it!).
  • I’ve been told that I have some very masculine energy (and to be honest – this is very true. That type A energy (the go-getter) energy is very masculine.
  • I felt that many of the things we were learning were outdated when compared to where I wanted to be in my life.
  • The school was very challenging – long hours, up until the wee hours of the night studying, pressure, pressure, pressure!
  • I still used this calculator heavily in 2001 at my corporate job – and doing a project that required it’s use during the September 11th attacks.
  • Purchased in Boston, MA
  • I do use the calculator currently for my business. This is a much more positive thing!

I will continue to add as I see more details come in that I can confirm. I cannot confirm, however cigarettes. I have never smoked (except for giving it a try a few times in High School) so I’m excited to see how the smoking detail plays out!

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