Free Psychic Exercise #1 Details

Here are the details about the house from what I have been able to confirm in real-life. There are going to be PLENTY of things that I am not able to confirm – and for those, you should look at the information that the others have brought in – does what you received align with what others received? That is going to be your BEST form of confirmation.

  • Home built sometime around 1929
  • Many families have lived in it (both new & budding as well as older families)
  • House is in flourishing suburban area, but house has not been in flourishing state itself for quite some time
  • Recent family to live there had 5-6 children
  • One child died of SIDS
  • Very suburban family (BBQ’s, parties with neighbors, etc.)
  • Much fighting, manipulation, lying in most recent family
  • Very run down
  • Forclosure in 2009
  • Stood for sale for about 1.5 years and has changed hands. The earliest psychic comments for this exercise are going to more likely reflect the disarray and negativity of the home as it was while the newer comments are more likely to reflect the changing energetic status of the home as the newer owners work to revitalize it.
  • At sale house needed new roof, had major damage on inside from water, new almost everything
  • Definitely needs a clearing
  • Don’t know about families prior to 2000 – but have been told there were many
  • House feels sad/lonely but IS being worked on finally
  • House has been improving both physically and energetically since new people purchased it
  • Basketball hoop belongs to neighbors but is unused
  • Currently, the house is being worked on by new owners. New owners do not sleep there.
  • Old owners had navy minivan

Ok – so I’ll add to this as details come up – keep these coming!

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Take me back to the beginning •  I want to do the exercise and enter my impressions now

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  1. elena
    elena says:

    well, all the real life details don’t tell me much abt what i got, but i read the other responses and noticed someone else mentioned the upper floor and the left side. also, i had not noticed it when tuning in, but later when reading the first comments i could say i also had felt something like headache.
    what the details reminded me is that at first i had a quick feeling/got a quick picture of the house as it was on a ’50s magazine. (my translation: it could be the brochure of a real estate agency)
    that’s all, since even now if i think of the picture my attention goes to the space up there and i see something big and bit dark, like a hole in a wall, nothing more.

  2. Laura Ann
    Laura Ann says:

    I’m not sure if you are still checking these…I missed it the first time. I got “cat”, a woman in a red dress, and the smell of gingerbread. I felt families and a lived in feeling also.

  3. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    The only thing that I got from this photo when I looked at it was one word, contentment. Maybe that has to do with the fact that it’s being renovated by the new owners? I know I didn’t *want* to look at the house any more after getting that one word.

  4. Jaimie
    Jaimie says:

    I felt a golden retriever running in the yard playing by himself, but that a family was on the inside and he wanted them to come out, and no one would. I did feel an unhappy feeling about a family, but also alot of parties/entertaining there. I got an uneasy feeling, sadness by the house like it looks like a Norman Rockwell painting type house, but the energy was not that at all. (like appearances aren’t always what they seem).

    • Isa
      Isa says:

      to me as well. I have just done the exercise and I still feel a big unrest within. So I am going to “clean” and ground myself right now. I have read many comments describing the same feeling. Maybe mny years back, but I have no doubt something awful took place there

  5. pam
    pam says:

    wow, amazed at the repeat of upper left, sadness in the house and death. I didn’t get other details, only that.

  6. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    Ok – I got a few of what’s written above – and I am not sure if my response is a year late since I just joined this group yesterday. I think my impressions are that of the current, I didn’t pick up alot of what’s happened in the past.

    • Blanca
      Blanca says:

      I strongly agree with Tina…. First impression of the house, a lil girl staring at the left upper window… and something in the outside on the right side just standing there a male figure… He looks like a very strong in character man… with an angry if not mad face. I can still c the girl in that window… so strong…

      • KT
        KT says:

        I felt a sad little girl in the upper left window. Also felt the house was sad and wanted a family to move in and take care of it.

      • Ming
        Ming says:

        See, I felt a red-hair girl looking out of the window either expecting or waiting for someone to come home but she is just there w/ a sad look. I have goosebumps now

  7. Luda
    Luda says:

    Nothing glooming I could feel about this house, though. I guess recent owners have made the house improvents. Or on the other hand, maybe I am not intuitive!? Just started today.

  8. lifeofalovergirl
    lifeofalovergirl says:

    Wow. I wrote down my impressions on a piece of paper. I felt that it was cold and empty. A family of 5. They were wearing 50’s style dress and the woman had a blonde bob and slightly curly hair and was wearing a red dress. There was a man in a tie and a boy in suspenders. There was some sort of a doll or teddy bear. The upper left window scared me and I thought there might be a little girl or ghost. Then I read the comments and got the chills because someone else said the same thing about a red dress and the upper left window.

  9. mara
    mara says:

    the kid died from sickness, many parties (the wine) don’t see nothing about the dog, but I was not the only one who saw it!!

  10. Mariela
    Mariela says:

    Wow, All I had gotten was a feeling of sadness and I saw it associated with something that started with the letter S. I really thought I was going to be way off, it just seemed so weird. lol. But I was surprised that my impressions, while incomplete, were accurate with the baby dying from SIDS.

  11. Monica
    Monica says:

    I just started this today 4/2013. From reading the comments “after, as suggested”, it seems many have read others before, plus read the facts you had posted about the history of the house. I did neither; and what I saw was not in anyone else’s vision, when I was done and then looked at others comments.
    I’m not saying I’m right on the photo, however I am right on how I see that others had played this game.

  12. Megan
    Megan says:

    I guess I was off except for the part where I said someone being inside along e o such a sunny all got was a bit sad……


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