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Psychic Exercise #1 House

How did you feeling during this exercise?

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Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, tv and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts. She has been nationally recognized in the book Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America (2014), by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble. Danielle’s book, Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance, continues to assist thousands of people in breaking through their blocks to discover happiness within.

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  1. Randhir
    Randhir says:

    haunting , pain, longing , philosophical, the entity in the house does not want to escape out of this, inertia, connection with the outside world strengthens memories of the entity.

  2. Megan
    Megan says:

    it feels weird like I am spying. there’s smoke comin out of chimney, could it mean a someone lives there. though I also feel like I am taking a walk on a bright sunny day. a bit srprised to see a fire running on such a warm day it seems, makes you think they migt be lonely or deepnin thought.

  3. Daniele
    Daniele says:

    I see two children one boy and one girl probably ages 6-9 girl in a dress, sweater on top of the dress I see the children playing the boy chasing the girl as she looks back. she seems to be the focal point. feel like something may have happened to her. and an older gentleman white hair white mustache dark brown pants corduroy maybe or a sturdier fabric than dress pants forest green cardigan sweater. he has a slight hunch like he has a bad back. good times and trying times.

  4. coda Sharon
    coda Sharon says:

    The Inn on Randolph, Napa ….connected to that place. to myself, so peaceful and happy during that time lasted one fantastic summer that started with a trial of trust. Nelieve it can happen. A self loving time, personal growth feeling rebirth and much hope for myself..through all summer, then it was winter, and I reluctantly left for a couple of weeks, and I knew but could not admit outloud that relationships most important to me were now in conflict as they were before but with a few different people. I was loosing something but acted like it would just be fine, I left and was miserable was on the phone trying to pacify the ones I had left behind. Felt the urgency to go back. It was so pretty so warm connected to the place, the history the past 100 years but the people were causing me insecurity, stress, worry, confusion, dread felt like I was reliving old issues I wanted to bury.. and i still acted as if it was all going to be okay…..worked through spring and I had to go back to my grown children…and insidei feel like it is falling XX I am deteriorating. And then there is a problem with the relationship w my daughter. What the HEC theres never been a problm there. Is it related to my most controversial family member ( introduced in the form of a sister inlaw…immediate and permanent) of my strongest, dominating, pushy, but I always need toneed to impress her, she judgmental of anything I might do wrong -I worry about my words my actions and mostly about how my partners axtions will be percieved by her and then put upon me as if his actions were my responsibility… I need her approval so badly it makes me miserable and I loose confidence (or maybe its because I know what different choices i must make but can not make those choices? so I blame her instead of figuring it out?) not considering my sense of well being… act like its all behind us ? not…its coming up again.. After 6 years of healing myself and gaining strength and making forward progress is when that house appeared…it was supposed to be proof of the better life I was entitled to be living with knowledge and peace and love for all… 3 years ago… now it’s hard to reach, I regressed..I have some of the same problems I had 7, 8, 10, 15 years ago…I am stronger now but still feel less than able.

  5. coda Sharon
    coda Sharon says:

    I went to another place. . .and because I didn’t exactly follow the direction that was given. Admittedly I feel a little embarrassed that my reply was so long. What I said was too much and personal and has meaning to me, but I am uneasy about my misuse of this forum. I cannot remove it. I apologize When I looked at this picture my focus zoomed in on specific parts of the house in the picture. It has partial images of my current home and a place that I felt was a home. Crazy mixed up feelings.

  6. Danny
    Danny says:

    I see a nice house on the the outside but I have a sense of
    Unclompeteness. Like something is missing in their lives.
    A sad but typical situation.

  7. CARLA
    CARLA says:

    hi there,
    the moment i looked at the picture i started to twirl (from right to left) into a kind of vortex , down into what i would call ‘the centre of the earth’ ‘earth’s core’ what was like a supercondensed sphere of the purest light

    that felt nice and re-assuring


  8. Motsilisi
    Motsilisi says:

    Old, renewed, missing something (like a portion has been removed), looking back at me, three people, fire, the trees haunting, some laughter, children and then nothing. A quietness, unsettling but also searching for peace. Like a storm before everything settles. A great love may have been there once or twice. Looking for life, new revitalising life.

  9. Maggie Barnes
    Maggie Barnes says:

    centered, like the chimney, life inside (smoke signifying) warmth, stable, uniform relaxed, basketball hoops, sunny skies & greenery but a fire going on inside, seems juxtoposed, but so what, right? life is complex and we don’t always know the whole picture. something going up in smoke? secrets? being burned for fuel, maybe making tea to share with those in the house. if pizza guy came in the rain, he’d get wet (no porch) lol. for some reason it feels like it is very simple inside, not fancy, simple & purposeful, but not stark. suburban feel, but real not illusioned safety which is what I might first think of when I think suburban. dog running in yard, playing frisbee, dirt driveway (maybe with grass up the center?) but a platform for the basketball hoop… good feeling that house is in order (can’t transmit what we haven’t got… quote from Big Book)… freedom from anxiety because of order.

  10. A d m
    A d m says:

    A feeling of sadness….. Being trapped…. Feeling trapped… Fried Zucchini.. A Golden Retriever. Suburbia

  11. OnlyOne.av
    OnlyOne.av says:

    My initial feeling is abandonment but I was unable to connect it to the house or if it were a person. I was able to see a female energy opening a door leading into a hallway. The light was shining behind her and I was unable to see her very well but I sensed some kind of urgency/panic. I did not want to see more so I closed my own door to stop.

  12. Riana Johnson
    Riana Johnson says:

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