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Psychic Exercise #1 House

How did you feeling during this exercise?

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Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, tv and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts. She has been nationally recognized in the book Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America (2014), by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble. Danielle’s book, Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance, continues to assist thousands of people in breaking through their blocks to discover happiness within.

277 replies
  1. Amy Jo
    Amy Jo says:

    Seems to be a warm day but looks like smoke coming from chimney (although it could be a cloud behind the house). Some of the blades of grass in the front yard stood out to me. Although it seems obvious but the basketball goal and upspout on the side of the house stands out. BTW~ I had a headache while looking at the photo and something about it felt a little creepy!?!

  2. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    A house of love. I see children who have grown. The house has become a place that the family comes home to. I see older people, gathered for family occasions. There has been talk of selling the house, but there has been resistance. I see two chairs in the family room where the fire place is. Two older people reading. It is quiet inside, too quiet sometimes when the children, now grown, aren’t there.

  3. Maria
    Maria says:

    I miss my kids. Chicago. Grandma died in the upstairs front room, I’ve lost my luster. I wish there was more time to care for me. flowers, I need more flowers. There is a lot of sadness coming from this house, but on the surface it’s happy. Tired of the charade. lonely. empty. sad. In past it was a happy place. Dad loved to BBQ on Sundays for the family. He used a push mower, not an electric/gas mower… thought they were a waste of money. Mom would make iced tea and they would sit in the shade and enjoy the yard and kids playing. 4th of July was important, water balloon fights, sprinkler. Kool aid house… coffee at the kitchen table with friends. longing for the old days, miss the old days.

  4. Jaffrey
    Jaffrey says:

    Perfect little house……feeling the love……i want to go up to the 3 rd floor and hang out by the windoow for the view………i want to plant some flowers around the front for some color and butterfies….i can feel the familly life……peaceful…..

  5. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    I am feeling imbalance. Also, the light on the siding looked a little buckled…stress, tension. The get the sense of having support and good foundation in the past. I can smell the smoke coming from the chimney. It feels like a warm sunny day and a fireplace sending up smoke is more of a signal that something is not right.
    I am feeling a disconnect. The picture made me feel sad.

  6. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    Washington….big bright kitchen. Breakfast was family gathering/connecting time. 2 girls, 1 boy. Needs or just had roof/soffit repair.

  7. Patty D
    Patty D says:

    Did this at work, not the best place for doing this but here goes. I got one word at a time. Some did not make sense at all: EMPTY (really felt big emptiness), small, lonely, empty, sad. Bilbo. (?) sassafrass (?) ((not sure about those last two.)) Dogs, playing.

  8. Ciara BlueRealta
    Ciara BlueRealta says:

    The attic drew me, secrets, sad, loneliness, emptiness.. memories of children’s screams/ playing. A pet dog who brought a lot of happiness. Sad, empty. Maybe two girls were brought up here…

  9. Doreen
    Doreen says:

    I simply collected my impressions as they came – not in sentence format – and have listed them below. Thanks Danielle for the exercise 🙂

    older woman, feeling heaviness on the left side of my chest
    small yippy dog
    rocking chair, soothing, lullabye
    someone in upper left room (if facing the house) is waving to people to come in
    basketball hoop is never used
    crystals – house gridded
    house built on a previous site/exists now on someone else’s property – another home/farm was here before
    feels like water dripping on my head
    being lead around – confused, not able to find my way on my own

  10. Cheri Linehan
    Cheri Linehan says:

    I am sad… Things are not right. They used to be but now there is sadness and change. Moving possibly. Not enough energy to do what used to be done. Change is hard.

  11. LaToya
    LaToya says:

    I mediately I got that it is not “real” or that no one lives there, at the moment, at least. The front is shadowy… murkish and something sbout the lighting and paint job on the front. Model home, maybe? hmmm

  12. Jen
    Jen says:

    The first thing that hit me was ‘pinstripes’ like a suit an executive would wear, then ‘fire’ and ‘barbeque’; the smell of peaches and the sensation of heat. Also a retro feel, like the 1950s.

  13. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    older woman in top left window
    kids inside
    Wooden floors
    Smell smoke
    Dog and cat
    Upstairs older woman rocking chair knitting
    Old home
    Teenage kids
    Man at the front door with a suit on

  14. Paulinka
    Paulinka says:

    a young boy coming down the stairs with a basketball,
    blue carpet with white dots,
    a blond slender woman with a minivan,
    a gathering in the street of neighbors with glasses, drinks, in their hands,
    an emergency vehicle, ambulance, someone shot,
    a sense of shock and tragedy.

  15. Lisaj
    Lisaj says:

    teenage girl staring out the side facing window (left window closest to front side if house). feel content, protected, but a little bored. feel a little pressure on my chest and throat and twinge in my right armpit.

  16. Jennifer Robinson
    Jennifer Robinson says:

    I got a strong sense of two sisters,maybe already grown. a boy with a paper route. A carpeted stairway just inside the front door. Josie and the Pussycats popped into my head for some reason. Books spread out on the floor. School lunch?

  17. Marie
    Marie says:

    I instantly got an old man with an older lady. The old man has headaches and I also got sensations of neck and upper jaw issues. Tension, a bit of loneliness. Stiffeled energy.

  18. Nancy G
    Nancy G says:

    The first impression I get is that it is haunted. I first get an image of an older female adult looking out the upstairs window. Not sure, but I may be picking up a child as well.

  19. shelly
    shelly says:

    Fist impression is that there is mystery surrounding the property and I saw white lights very briefly above the bottom 3 windows twice.I thought about children.

  20. Keri
    Keri says:

    Old, worn, loved, inseperable. I think the family in this house REALLY LOVES this house. There is more meaning their than with others who just live in a house.

  21. Amy
    Amy says:

    At first the image felt welcoming, but then it felt staged. Even though there was smoke out of the chimmeny, it felt empty. No kids there anymore. Less than welcoming feeling.

  22. Stacey
    Stacey says:

    The words “Lincoln Logs” immediately came to me when I saw the picture. I found myself wondering if this might be Danielle’s childhood home although the Lincoln Logs seemed associated with a small boy. I saw a staircase and got a feeling that one of the kids fell down the stairs and hurt her knee. I got the words “above and beyond the call of duty”, then “rose bushes”, “Abernathy” and “quintessential”.

  23. Jeanne S
    Jeanne S says:

    Family. Bird. Cartoons. Doctor lives here. Him and his wife can’t have kids. Away on vacation. House may be going up for sale.

  24. elena
    elena says:

    i saw something like a big half-sphere seen from the inside, it felt related to the rooms upstairs (more on the left side, looking at the pic) and to fire.

  25. fred
    fred says:

    golden retriever in upper right window, woman in white dress in upper left window, chandelier in lower left window with party going on, scaffolding across front, christmas lights on front of house with santa and reindeer decoration outlined in white lights on the roof,

  26. Sherrie
    Sherrie says:

    I felt it was a warm house, at some time a little girl lived in the house. She was happy, passed away early. Not a tragic passing, but sad she had to go so early. She loved this house and sometimes comes back. She is a very friendly spirit. That was my first impression.

  27. Edgy Mystic
    Edgy Mystic says:

    Creepy scratching noise on the second floor on the left, I see a little girl using a stick to scratch something in the floor, She is very unhappy. Dog scratching at the back door and whimpering.
    Uncomfortable feeling overall. Pressure.

  28. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    boiler room, copper pots, kidney, brown, tired/tire?, luminescent, through no fault of my own, leave it to beaver, fortune500, 15 years, lifting a burden

  29. Jackie Walker
    Jackie Walker says:

    It felt like it’s had about 4 owners, perhaps one long term one. I’m not getting a great deal of love from it, but I feel it’s safe place.

  30. Sandy G
    Sandy G says:

    I get a sad and empty feeling from the house, almost a creepy feeling. And the expression ‘looks can be deceiving’

  31. Katie C
    Katie C says:

    I immediately felt a rush of energy (almost like nervous energry) in my chest that spread to tension in my shoulders. I also felt a light throbbing at the front-top of my head. I got the impression that the house was either newly bought, for rent, or renovated….something new about it and the people living there. I also felt that there was a gleeful presence watching the house and hanging around…maybe not one that the people expected. Something about birds and New England, too…

  32. Linda Tenney
    Linda Tenney says:

    Before even seeing the image, my heart was pounding, pounding…could be performance anxiety! Upon seeing the house, felt tension & restriction all along my neck & throat. Got the words ‘witch’ ‘endure’ then ‘Asbury Park’

  33. Anne
    Anne says:

    normalcy, cold, not for me, unattainable, sad, facade, american dream, too big, hard to maintain, hidden secrets, death.

  34. Heartsavy
    Heartsavy says:

    I feel the warmth emanating from the house, it is well protected and sheltered. There are no bright solors so I assume it is winter even though it is sunny and bright outside. All windows and the door is closed. Perhaps the inside is maintaining its warmth in anticipation of a visit.

  35. Kirsten
    Kirsten says:

    I want to feel happy but feel very troubled and sad.
    I feel divided. Happy times-sad times.
    This home needs some serious energy clearing so the sadness can be transmuted…
    Feel heaviness-lots of worries. Burdens.
    Mold in the house.
    Needs warmth sunshine.
    Burning pain in the upper right portion of my back.

  36. Lise
    Lise says:

    I immediately saw a scene from the movie “Ordinary People” – a scene toward the end where boy and Dad are sitting on the steps and both are unhappy.

  37. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    I feel calm, happy…I see a swingset in the backyard, 4 children, 3 girls 1 boy. A recent, significant loss. Just bought the house. The name or place – Dakota. Treehouse, a root celler door on right side of house. Family land but next generation just moved in. Many families.

  38. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    not getting a good feeling , not like the place is haunted but the energy is not right at least outside , kids because of the basketball net, the shrubs in the front of the house aren’t happy there, like they’re covering something, bad feng shui feeling with this house, the chimney looks like it’s cutting through the house yikes

  39. Julie
    Julie says:

    Nostalgia like looking at an old house I grew up in. A feeling of missing something. An empty longing feeling in my heart. Warm sunshine.

  40. Kara
    Kara says:

    I’m late to the party, but still want to play.

    I feel in my body that there are low vibrations that gather in the basement of this house. There is a hole or a vortex in the basement flow were these are gathering at the time the photo was taken.

    I feel bleakness inside this house. Everything looks normal on the outside but there if brittleness and starkness on the inside.

    I smell dust motes and a faint smell of smoke on the inside of this house. Nobody lives here.

    I heard the squeak of an abandoned rocking chair, with no one in it. There is basically no furniture in this house.

  41. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    I see the house n it looks bright on the outside but I get this feeling that on the inside there has been quite a bit of chaos , distress , yelling n depression . I see a lot of celebration with family but it seems as if it is a sherade , like the entertaining is to bring family together but not really out of love but more for showing off purposes . I feel kids looking happy on the outside but feeling sadness n maybe a sense of abandonment on the inside . I sense that the house is well kept but seems the family has a lot of stress . A mother in law may have lived there as well . Doesn’t feel as if there has been a lot of true joy in the house .

  42. Pam
    Pam says:

    The first impression I got was one of happiness. A Light hearted feeling. As I looked at the windows and doors, they seemed to be looking back at me, expectantly. The house feels like it has it’s own awareness, as if it’s alive. Now it feels as if some solemn occasion was held here, almost as if there was a funeral in the house. I feel the mourners grief. Something is pent up in here, and is waiting expectantly.

  43. Teri
    Teri says:

    I feel solem. I feel like there use to be activity but it’s quiet now. Older couple? Maybe kids grown up and moved out however I see kids but not that live there anymore.
    Not a great feeling. Sad but not sad.

  44. Diane
    Diane says:

    I feel calm. I feel that this is a quaint little house on an acre of land in a small town. I also feel that the house is haunted, but not by a bad spirit.

  45. betsy
    betsy says:

    I got “-something not real-a staged happiness -fake” -shallowness-emptiness-lifeless-sadness-activity without depth-without permanence

  46. Penn
    Penn says:

    Picture of contentedness, nostalgia for happier times. Yet nothing appears to be what it actually is. Something is hidden here. Like a family secret of some kind.

  47. KLCH
    KLCH says:

    First imagined a woman in the top left window. It was not a feeling of happiness. I wanted to like the house, but I couldn’t. When I close my eyes I imagine it opening up, a hole more in the middle. The door feels very uncomfortable to me. It’s weighing me down on the right side.

  48. Ngozi
    Ngozi says:

    I saw the house festooned with Christmas lights and a Santa Clause with reindeer on the roof. I saw a woman pickiung up a toddler on the front lawn.

  49. Diane
    Diane says:

    The house is talking, it’s masculine and it’s grumpy. It’s been neglected inside. It’s basically a good house but its like a grumpy old man that needs some love and attention

  50. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    Fireplace in use. Seems warm but like someone is getting settled moving in. Built years ago, but has had more than a few living in it. Maybe a rental part of the time. No real unpleasant feelings. Some happiness and some sadness as if some left not wanting to leave, but some left because their careers or lives changed in a good way.

  51. Jessalex
    Jessalex says:

    First sense was nice, then dark. Teenage boy, dark-haired, athletic, basketball player. Suicide or death? Depression? Lots of pain in the house. Got a achy feeling around heart and left chest area. Heart attack? Someone’s health not good.

  52. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    I get a farm, a woman who appears to be from the early 1900s. I see a young boy wearing blue and long shorts with white socks up to his knees. I feel calm am at home. It seems like a firm and loving home. I get a dog. A stay at home mom and a working dad.

  53. louise
    louise says:

    The first word that came into my mind when i looked at the picture was ‘prisoner’, i felt as though i got more agitated the longer i looked at it. I also saw flowers, keys and the number 3.

  54. Carole
    Carole says:

    First I felt happy, comforted, then I started to feel sad/bad as though it had been abandoned. Bright on the outside but still lacking the quality of life around it even though they do have bushes and trees it just feels empty and dark on the inside.

  55. Suzette
    Suzette says:

    The first question I asked was how does it feel: “Cold”. How does it smell? “hardwood floors, wood smell”
    Then the word “Blue” came in, with no reference as to what is/was. Then I asked to hear my surroundings and I could hear birds and cars in the distance, but the house was quiet.

  56. Linda
    Linda says:

    constrained, too perfect, no loose ends, not enough time for freedom
    of spirit, picture of perfection on the outside lending itself to the pressure of perfection in her daily life. She looks as together as her house
    but her heart seeks to scream and be free. She needs to slow down and breathe and seek her own inner peace.

  57. Denise Donovan
    Denise Donovan says:

    The house appears to be empty there is nothing indicating that anyone is living there nor is there anything you can see in the windows, grass is a little overgrown. I really get nothing from this at all.

  58. Anita
    Anita says:

    I see 3 girls and 1 boy running outside the front door. One of the girls is around 10-12 years of age long dirty blonde hair pulled back into a half pony tail wearing a 3/4 length flower dress. I feel the children are happy but inside the home was not a happy place

  59. Katrin
    Katrin says:

    I like the house, but yet bit scary. I feel that there is one old lady living there alone. Maybe it is me. The garden is too small, something is wrong there. I feel that someone has died….it is too calm…quiet and lonly place

  60. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    New England – first choice: Connecticut; second choice: Massachusetts
    A couple with teenagers; a family
    A dog; a cat
    Son plays hockey; girl a professional swimmer
    White collar; husband a corporate type; wife works part time
    Swimming pool out back

  61. Nate
    Nate says:

    First thoughts that came to my mind were “childhood home.” Not sure what that means. If it’s your childhood home or someone else, but that’s what I thought. Feelings of comfort and ease and peace also were felt while looking at the image, almost like the comfort of wrapping my self in a warm blanket.

  62. Donna
    Donna says:

    Even though it’s a sunny day this house seems to have dark energy. I feel like their was a death there, perhaps a murder. The visual images I get of the inside are like it’s old and creepy and has not been kept up. Not a happy place.

  63. Masami
    Masami says:

    I feel that people in this house are very conservative. They are not interested in taking any risky chance, not very mateiaisic, and “It is what it is” type life style. I don’ feel any personal warmth from this picture.

  64. Rose
    Rose says:

    I get a very isolated feeling about the people living there. They are very structured, rigid, and perfectionistic. It is very neat–so they think that their way is the only way. It is a comfortable place for them to live, but living in their comfort zone does not allow them to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

  65. Barb
    Barb says:

    older couple raised 6 children 4 girls 2 boys california connection woman is short and liked to bake, blueberry pie, there are several grandchildren, one with disability – wheel chair
    one child has allergy to dogs
    woman is doting over grandchildren
    there is a lawyer, a salesman, a store owner
    down to earth people

  66. Kate
    Kate says:

    East coast
    fireplace with wood fire
    can rain allot there
    black and white dog
    peach cobler
    tall ornamental in back right of house
    key hole fro front door below handle; leaver handle
    small mat inside doorway
    wooden handrail on stairs
    small oval, wooden dining table
    lace curtains

  67. pam
    pam says:

    girl, young girl, maybe 10-12 or so, knees drawn up, in the upper left room.
    not clear if anyone else is in the house, only the sense that she is along
    house feels ‘barren’

  68. jani
    jani says:

    new england, isabelle (friend), blue sky – throat, voice, green heart…. flutters in heart space, opening and connecting with higher energies, influx receiving energies… feels very good. stability, creative abilities, grounding, appreciation and flow of nature, blue hill bay, sailing… water = emotions- opening of heart, clearing of stuck energy and emotion

  69. Sue F.
    Sue F. says:

    It was like I was looking up at the sky as a pretty black and white medium size cat and the trees were so tall, sitting out back looking up at the blue sky ..and then to the cellar, or so seemed. It was pitch black and the door opened and it let the light in and shadows of figures were walking through the door, maybe 5 or six walked through the door

  70. Lexy
    Lexy says:

    Little girls with long hair playing. The name Eleanor. A medium sized short hair beige dog. Posdiitive energy. Passed down family home.

  71. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    family in suburbia, maybe a neighborhood of all similar houses, simple architecture, but warm and cozy. Controlled landscape, gardeners, neat and keeps up with maintenance, comfortable living. The family has what “they” “need”. Lights are on waiting for the family to come home in the evening.

  72. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    Family, teenage kids, boy plays basketball, working parents, content, goal achievers, educated,independent, family gatherings, clean, safe environment.

  73. Cyn
    Cyn says:

    I felt uncomfortable … uneasy..for some reason I do not like this house. The glowing light to the one side is eerie to me.

  74. amy
    amy says:

    I am not too happy with this house. The upstairs windows are like ‘eyes’. Feels warm yet smothering. Like, your stay is ‘ok’ but you do not want to leave. Something is keep you there.

  75. Karen
    Karen says:

    cute little house, warm but ghost in the corner, peering out, got some sadness, don’t go in til spring clean time

  76. Deb
    Deb says:

    Something is very “closed” about this house. There is a bright spot (higher vibration) within it but accompanied by a sense of “locked.”

  77. cj
    cj says:

    feels like the house has a historic value. a troublesome history. I don’t feel happiness here, kind of ominous, actually. Female energy prevailing. I want to say that maybe a murder happened here, but living energy seems to be stronger so I don’t know what it means. I also feel something about a younger member of the family (a boy?) that doesn’t feel right, a dark side of the story.

  78. Garfila
    Garfila says:

    Of course I chose to do this at the worst possible time with the kids in the room & the dogs running around. I would never call myself “psychic” but I was just so excited to try this exercise!

    Anyway, the 1st impression I got was (For Sale / Foreclosure), Mom (possibly single/separated) with several younger school age children & Grandmother. I pictured the mom leaving with about 4 kids, and all were girls or most of them were girls.

  79. Ariadne Morag
    Ariadne Morag says:

    I seen a man wearing a brown suite with golden framed glasses and brown hair. I heard a lot of noise, like a lot of people gathered, maybe a holiday gathering.

  80. Kylea
    Kylea says:

    The house is very closed off.. I saw the image fade into black and white and it seems like something bad happened there? The house is very closed off, the windows are dark, the door seems firmly shut. There is a higher vibrating being to the right and it’s a beautiful location but it seems very ominous.

  81. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    Feelings I first thought of were lonely,isolated.~~My first thoughts were A childhood home.~~Famous.~~ Doctor,writer.~~Boyhood.~~Nature.~~ Winter.

  82. Janice
    Janice says:

    old lady sitting upstairs in a rocking chair the fire place knitting…blanket over her legs..content..humming…young male playing basket ball in side yard….? no one else in house but not lonely

  83. Val
    Val says:

    house looks tidy but it feels like there is no life in it. Somebody died in the upper left room. Looks like there is a ghost in the window. House looks redone- new siding on it. Sense that the basketball hoop is unused.

  84. Yunus
    Yunus says:

    The house looks haunted and I get the feeling that spirits live in the house and are trapped there and they need to be set free. The house scares me.

  85. Luda
    Luda says:

    This house prodices feelings of cleaniness, peace, harmony, warmth. It is very inviting to enter, where you will be met by kind and welcoming people, who will be sincerely happy to have you as their guest. You will be fed and offered nice place to rest making you feel at home. The forest behind the house is very light, reminding me the forest I used to walk through in my childhood with my parents. This picture brings to me very positive and relaxing thoughts.

  86. lama
    lama says:

    something drake about the upstairs window ,the one on the left ,,but i also felt this house is empty , like there is no life in it

  87. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    An old lady died there, she lived alone. Before her, there was a family, but they all went away; this family had one girl and many boys. There are no pets there. Someone died there, and a masculine presence is there, but not in a body.

  88. alexys
    alexys says:

    i feel like a little girl of about nine or ten lived here with her mother and father… i think the father died the mother was frazzled all the time…she had a cat a tabby cat

  89. Mary Campbell
    Mary Campbell says:

    The house belongs to a widower, who lives there with his sons (two or three, one is a tall athletic teenager) and his elderly mother. His wife was ill for a long time, wiping out his savings. He was nuts about her but relieved when she died… her illness was such a strain for everyone. The sons are steady, although the youngest is hurting and relies on his grandmother. Her illness is hard on him, too. The man is a musician — music teacher, band director? He is a pillar of his church, and the boys are active in youth activities, though again, the youngest is confused about a God who would allow such pain. The older son is quiet, modest, has a girlfriend who is smart, wise, stable, tall and attractive. He was homecoming king in spite of his shyness.

  90. jane
    jane says:

    The house looks clean and remodeled from the outside but the inside is very gloomy, dark and filled with unhappiness. It seems as though there has been difficult times and sad events reoccurring in the house. It is again quite dark, and depressing, not a place to be. Stay away from the house, it seems to have old negative and hurtful, sad memories.

  91. krishna
    krishna says:

    My first thought is conventional and traditional which is not desirable. I also thought secure, financially well off and too big. Then the day looked bright, but I noticed the smoke from the fire, so it must be a cold day. I also thought family but the sense of the conservativeness is a turn off.

  92. Charity
    Charity says:

    The family that lived here had their fights, but don’t we all. Especially, when there are teenagers involved. The Girl liked to play basketball, red and yellow uniform i think. Here mom had brown here, and I don’t think the father was around a lot. Just a little bit of a workaholic. There is some presence in the house, but not because of the family that lived there. It was a spirit from another source, tended to make the child that lived in that upper right room uncomfortable and even fearful at night. He didn’t like his closet or turning all the lights off at night.

  93. Lucia
    Lucia says:

    Peoplevdressed in black…feuneral….a cat! A red head girl smoking, she is wearing red lipstick… Sprinklers going off…water?

  94. Sally Heath
    Sally Heath says:

    This house has a dark heavy energy. I feel like I amd being watched by someone or somthing who wishes to remain out of sight. The place holds secrets. I find the windows quite disturbing almost as if they represent a portal into another world. I wouldnt want to enter this building.

  95. Lana
    Lana says:

    I felt sad looking at this house. The windows are all dark. There’s little sign of life in the yard. I felt people there are just going through the motions of living with no real joy.

  96. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Boring. I would not want to live there. Looks like the suburbs and a lot of work is required during the weekends rather than enjoyment. Looks like a lot of old energy may be stuck inside the house.

  97. Sally
    Sally says:

    A family lives there. there is warmth -the fire in the hearth, smoke from the chimney. the family seems to be a healthy unit – there is even a garden on the side, with a light, which shows me they appreciate finer things, maybe even grow their own vegetables. The house is too square, too symmetrical, for me, but it seems happy for the most part.

  98. Patrice
    Patrice says:

    It’s a nice looking house but I am not drawn to it. It’s not my house or a house I would want to live in. Someone else clearly lives there happily and that is nice for them.

  99. Erin
    Erin says:

    Suburban CT, family of four have lived there, a lot of money but little true happiness, lack of connection between family members, two sons one a few years older than the other, get along but only on the surface. Mather and father have been estranged for a while now. Were happy once but everything feels like its slipping away.

  100. Gudrun
    Gudrun says:

    I felt sadness from this house, some kind of lose. The feeling of unity is broken, fear is looming like a heavy burden. Playing with basketball reminding us of time past.

  101. teresa
    teresa says:

    I could see grandma sitting in a rocking chair in front of the woodfire their was a mama in the kitchen making pies – a large wooden table was in the kitchen full of diferent pies – 5 people lived in the house there was lots of laughter and joy and the smell of the cooking was wonderful

  102. Linda McCabe
    Linda McCabe says:

    3 stories, OCD neat, looks like a summer’s day, but fire is on (smoke from chimney), crystal-shaped light to rt of door. Empty, cool feeling.

  103. Mcandyr
    Mcandyr says:

    This picture made me feel good, reminded me a HOME….not that any home I ever lived in was like this one. It’s sunny and warm looking, calm, quiet, lookes like a wood heating system which I associate with warmth and coziness…the basketball net outside makes me happy thinking of being outdoors, moving, exerising. Fresh air.

  104. martha
    martha says:

    ok there is loss in that house
    something to do with a woman, maybe a grandmother or mother
    it is dilapeted a little with the color outside the siding
    the breakfast is on
    and the fire is going to get warmth back in the house

  105. Allie
    Allie says:

    This house has sad but not fearful memories. Many spirits and tied to this house. One in the window on the second floor on the left and another in the front lawn.

  106. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Lack of funds. Using wood to heat the house, the shrubs needed trimmed, someone is alone in the house and waiting.

  107. Carol
    Carol says:

    I see a nice home that reminds me of a human behind the veil. There is light on one side shining on the whole side of the house–like God, then there is the light from the lamp in the yard, this could be our connection or guide. The house needs some care, it needs more light on the front part of the house, it is in darkness or behind the veil.

  108. Mariela
    Mariela says:

    My first thought was “home” Then I was feeling sadness and I kept getting something starting with the letter S.

  109. Donna
    Donna says:

    Love it, a comfy, homey house, family, love, well kept, summer day with bright sunshine and beautiful trees with bright green leaves. I could imagine living there.

  110. Monica
    Monica says:

    This photo is all off. A chimney going with windows wide open, a light on during the day. Maybe the chimney smoke backed into the house and the windows had to be open. It was noticed early in the day, before anyone noticed the night light was still on. Smoke in the house is definitely more important than leaving on the night light.
    With all the lush green shrubbery and trees; why would someone need to have the fire place going; was some child goofing around?
    Otherwise, the house looks quite peaceful, no one coming or going.
    There is something in the front right window, I would say part of an overgrown piece of shrubbery.
    The Shrub over by the light seems to be (out of bloom); all dry and no green growth.

  111. marie latting
    marie latting says:

    The house, as large as it is, seems lonely. I also feel that this house does not house more than 3 people. A lot of windows, but not enough sunshine enters. This is an unhappy house. This house seems closed to visitors. It’s lke we don’t want you here. Is this a haunted house, something has happened in this house!

  112. Linda Eveleth
    Linda Eveleth says:

    First impressons Home, comfort, safety. Then a sudden feeling of fighting then playing…secrets, dolls, children, violence, out of controll man, death.

  113. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    A simple, clean home on a nice day, with smoke coming from the chimney. Nice yard, kids live here (basketball hoop). Serene.

  114. Chermm
    Chermm says:

    I immediately got a cold and closed in feeling when i looked at this house. I felt confined. not a happy place. The sun is shining in this house but I get a claustrophobic feeling

  115. ryan zanders
    ryan zanders says:

    it looks like old colonial house maybe political figure. definately old person .it was refurbished .at first i thought serial killer

  116. alex
    alex says:

    i get the feeling of someone being settled and comfortable. i felt a sense of family, the color i thought of was blue and the image of water-waves to be exact came to my mind as i pondered over the picture. im not sure if any of this is right, its just what came to me. i also see frolicking…like little girls running in the trees.

  117. Paula
    Paula says:

    Family, middle class, children, golden retriever/lab, elderly woman crossed over in upstairs bedroom; something to due with the chest/breathing difficulties, Connecticut, skeletons in the closet (what appears on the outside is far more glamorous than the inside truth), very old souls stuck in that house/property.

  118. Patty
    Patty says:

    I was drawn to the door; wondered if I perceived a light in the lower left window. A feeling of history, a little cold.

  119. Journey
    Journey says:

    Older woman 50-60’s strawberry blonde hair, black and white cat, the name Felix, chocolate lab, young boy with dark hair

  120. Pat
    Pat says:

    I see a woman in the kitchen, wearing apron and dress, her back to me at the stove making something that smells of “gingerbread”. Feel kids will be coming home from school soon.

  121. Tish
    Tish says:

    An american dream house with fire in the fireplace, blue skies, greenery and a two ir three storey home. Home. Not just a house. Looks pleasant, warm, loving, something I, perhaps, have yearned for but not acquired in this life.

  122. lorena
    lorena says:

    Quite neighborhood. The house is cold, no children, sad home. The woman of the house cooks, I could smell the sweetness of baking pies. There is no happiness…

  123. Laura Putman
    Laura Putman says:

    The house seemed homey and spacious, but dark and without life. It seemed to be waiting for someone or something to light it up. The grounds were cared for, but stark, no color and softness, it seemed harsh. There were no birds flying or squirrels scampering across the grass which to me is necessary, especially if a home is in the country and part of what makes a house a home.

  124. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I felt very good looking at the house and standing at the door. I saw a few cats, grey and white ones. One was going up the stairs and turned around and looked at me. I felt good in the house it was fresh and airy with lots of light.

  125. irina dimarsky
    irina dimarsky says:

    At first very happy content feeling of the hoise, peacefull. Then if u look closely, the blue sky and sun trows you off. When focusing just on the house, it looks renovated, like no one lives there now. Before it wa a gloomy story. The door and the windows have sad story. Confinement mental. Person wasnt able to socialize with others, maybe due to sickness, old age. I get an older man. Cat for sure.also get an older woman on a wheelchair, has a sliding lift for her chair going up and down. She is nice and and grandkids are there but not visiting often.

  126. Saadia Mai
    Saadia Mai says:

    At first glance, it is a homey looking house, almost like one drawn by a child. 2-stories, pitched roof with a chimney, blue sky, trees around the house… Then one notices smoke coming out of the chimney, wow, it is a live photo! And then I see the front door is set to the lower right corner, which gives an unbalanced feeling to the structure.

  127. Juli
    Juli says:

    Immediately I felt pain in and great sadness, and a definite that someone had passed. There is been little joy. Something about upper left side of house, maybe where someone passed. Just a real sense of sadness.

    • Chantele
      Chantele says:

      I too felt as though something had happened in the top left side of the house. (Attic) i saw a boys red bicycle laying on the ground, and a flash of a blonde woman with some sort of bob. The house seems to be inhabited at the moment. Looming sadness.

      • Shay
        Shay says:

        I too saw something with the upper left side of the house. It was almost as though there could be a spirit there but also quite sad.

  128. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Very warm looking home, happy color, beautiful day, green nature, heard children laughing, maybe playing basketball outside, then a baby inside with mom, like 2 older children, a mom and dad, like Leave it to Beav. Made me feel comfortable, reminded me of my own childhood home, too.

  129. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    the house is orderly but plain. Everything looks ok on the outside but the windows are dark. Is there any one home? The house is surrounded by nature. Lots of green trees but no other color caught my eye. It needs some flowers, some joy to it.

  130. trish
    trish says:

    At first, it gave me a sense of peace, but when I looked closely, it gave me the chills. It seems dark, even though there is a lamp on downstairs. I also notice a shadow on the second story window…. creepy!!

  131. kaye
    kaye says:

    I first felt a warm-ness, but then it looked like a sale Ad-type pictures trying to sell this home.
    And then i heard” this is where danielle was raise/lived”

  132. KDC
    KDC says:

    Immediate response was the house was something i could not have….and then a lot of stuff about a ‘traditional’ family, BBQs, family reunions, that kind of thing. But very cute house.

  133. Ana L.
    Ana L. says:

    A couple lives there with 2 girls. The energy of an old woman who has lived there and has passed away is in the house, especially on the 2nd floor and in the attic. The family has a karmic debt with her, something related with witch episodes in Salem. She wants her presence to be noticed. The black dog sees her and barks all the time. Her presence interferes with the energy flow of the house which is causing the couple to have constant arguments about furniture disposition and interior design, and the girls to grow apart from each other. All she wants is an apology. There is an yellow watering pot and a blue ball.

  134. Carla Kramer
    Carla Kramer says:

    I feel inclosed, a hand around my throat, want to take deep breaths and feel an ake round my heart(plexus). I feel I want to run away. It remebered me of my youth were unwritten laws ruled and I wasn’t aware of those laws.

  135. katie young
    katie young says:

    I felt confined. Too much like living in a family who want to keep up with the neighbors. It doesn’t feel like a house filled with love or warmth.

  136. Ming
    Ming says:

    A red-haired girl and 2 brothers, early 30’s-50’s in Europe. The girl looks out the window seems to be expecting or waiting for someone. I only feel the girl, can’t see parents or anybody in the house.

  137. Yanet
    Yanet says:

    The first word I hear was fire, this feel intentional jealousy? it been rebuild many times. This is weird but sound like med century?

    • Yanet
      Yanet says:

      I also feel to children boy about 10 and girl 6-8 all trap inside with fire.sad feel the little girl still around she need to move on.something about rose wood/respect/sanctuary?

  138. Christine O.
    Christine O. says:

    My first impression was that this was Danielle’s home when she was growing up. It felt like a warm and happy home, with a pet, and a family member may still live there.

  139. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    I felt an emptiness a sadness no one appeared to live there and the windows are so dark not a place I wanted to enter.

  140. CD
    CD says:

    Initially I felt that the house was peaceful and full of comfort. Then I closed my eyes and I saw, behind the house, a hole in the ground where someone had been digging. It was shaped like a long vertical box, and near the top – running across it, was a small pipe. The hole almost looked sculpted, as though it wasn’t made with a shovel. It was deep. At the bottom was a much larger pipe.

  141. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    Even though it seems beautiful and wealthy on the outside, it gives me bad feelings. It feels lonely, scary, not happy, sad on the inside. It seems to be closed down because something bad happened inside.

  142. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I felt like this house is a secure place to live. It’s safe and cozy. The Wizard of Oz popped into my head for some reason when I noticed the sunshine on the wall of the house. I wondered if they were cooking pies in the kitchen

  143. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    The house seemed warm and inviting as well as a sense of openness and an invitation to explore. I can see a family playing here and taking care of what they work so hard for.

  144. Brie
    Brie says:

    Like a doll house…empty. Picked up and moved. Ambivalent location, here, there anywhere is ok. Malleable people. Sm dog (wiry hair) tells off street people runs in house. Nothing is real… 60’s like. Mom, Dad, Dick and Jane … and Spot. “See Spot Go!” (This image came from 1st grade educational reading material and was actually the title of a book.)

  145. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    First impression: something horrible happened here. Like in a horror movie. Then I saw 3 children playing in the garden and after a while, the grandparents trying to take them in very quickly, like if something bad and dangerous was coming. Then children watching afraid out of the upper windows. Everything closed, cold, hopeless.
    Cats surely lived there, a dog too.

  146. Isa
    Isa says:

    I felt uncomfortable. The first thing that came to me was “somebody has been killed in that house”. It kept on coming and nothing else came. The place is quite, no so many sounds. I felt strong “tension” in the air. I felt it gives the appearance of a middle class nice family house, but some awful crime has been performed there. The appearance is great but it hides something awful that one cannot suspect just looking at it. I still feel stressed within.

  147. A.F.
    A.F. says:

    Something awful happend here ,( maybe on the left side of the second floor?) has a child died herevor disappeared from this house?

  148. Amber
    Amber says:

    I saw a piano and a woman playing it in a high-collared dress(1920s/30s?), a brick fireplace/hearth, a white vase dropping and smashing on the ground, some old wood floors. I feel an entity, a feeling of unrest, and my first impression felt a bit spooky and as though something “bad” happened there. I felt the energy of a cat, but didn’t see it.

  149. Tim
    Tim says:

    it felt like home I could see my meditation room in the attic peaceful also sitting in a recliner in front of the fireplace feeling the warmth of the fire.

  150. Kat
    Kat says:

    Looking at this picture I see light colored hardwood floors and a sense of family and older people living in the home. A comfortable home with some age to it. In an upper window I feel as though someone sits and looks out often. Like a woman sitting with her hand under her chin looking out at the street with a sense of peaceful solitude.

  151. Briana
    Briana says:

    When I first looked at the picture, I perceived what I think is actually a basketball hoop with the sun reflecting off of it as a lamp post. At first I didn’t even question that the lamp post light would be on in the daytime, and when I closed my eyes, I imagined the same scene, but after dark in the evening. I felt compelled to look again at the picture in case I’d notice anything else or anything different. Then, upon second inspection, I saw it’s actually not a lamp post, which disappointed me. The picture of the house is beautiful as it is, but the image of it late in the evening with a lamp on was so warm and comforting. Not surprisingly, I’m a night person.

  152. Randhir
    Randhir says:

    haunting , pain, longing , philosophical, the entity in the house does not want to escape out of this, inertia, connection with the outside world strengthens memories of the entity.

  153. Megan
    Megan says:

    it feels weird like I am spying. there’s smoke comin out of chimney, could it mean a someone lives there. though I also feel like I am taking a walk on a bright sunny day. a bit srprised to see a fire running on such a warm day it seems, makes you think they migt be lonely or deepnin thought.

  154. Daniele
    Daniele says:

    I see two children one boy and one girl probably ages 6-9 girl in a dress, sweater on top of the dress I see the children playing the boy chasing the girl as she looks back. she seems to be the focal point. feel like something may have happened to her. and an older gentleman white hair white mustache dark brown pants corduroy maybe or a sturdier fabric than dress pants forest green cardigan sweater. he has a slight hunch like he has a bad back. good times and trying times.

  155. coda Sharon
    coda Sharon says:

    The Inn on Randolph, Napa ….connected to that place. to myself, so peaceful and happy during that time lasted one fantastic summer that started with a trial of trust. Nelieve it can happen. A self loving time, personal growth feeling rebirth and much hope for myself..through all summer, then it was winter, and I reluctantly left for a couple of weeks, and I knew but could not admit outloud that relationships most important to me were now in conflict as they were before but with a few different people. I was loosing something but acted like it would just be fine, I left and was miserable was on the phone trying to pacify the ones I had left behind. Felt the urgency to go back. It was so pretty so warm connected to the place, the history the past 100 years but the people were causing me insecurity, stress, worry, confusion, dread felt like I was reliving old issues I wanted to bury.. and i still acted as if it was all going to be okay…..worked through spring and I had to go back to my grown children…and insidei feel like it is falling XX I am deteriorating. And then there is a problem with the relationship w my daughter. What the HEC theres never been a problm there. Is it related to my most controversial family member ( introduced in the form of a sister inlaw…immediate and permanent) of my strongest, dominating, pushy, but I always need toneed to impress her, she judgmental of anything I might do wrong -I worry about my words my actions and mostly about how my partners axtions will be percieved by her and then put upon me as if his actions were my responsibility… I need her approval so badly it makes me miserable and I loose confidence (or maybe its because I know what different choices i must make but can not make those choices? so I blame her instead of figuring it out?) not considering my sense of well being… act like its all behind us ? not…its coming up again.. After 6 years of healing myself and gaining strength and making forward progress is when that house appeared…it was supposed to be proof of the better life I was entitled to be living with knowledge and peace and love for all… 3 years ago… now it’s hard to reach, I regressed..I have some of the same problems I had 7, 8, 10, 15 years ago…I am stronger now but still feel less than able.

  156. coda Sharon
    coda Sharon says:

    I went to another place. . .and because I didn’t exactly follow the direction that was given. Admittedly I feel a little embarrassed that my reply was so long. What I said was too much and personal and has meaning to me, but I am uneasy about my misuse of this forum. I cannot remove it. I apologize When I looked at this picture my focus zoomed in on specific parts of the house in the picture. It has partial images of my current home and a place that I felt was a home. Crazy mixed up feelings.

  157. Danny
    Danny says:

    I see a nice house on the the outside but I have a sense of
    Unclompeteness. Like something is missing in their lives.
    A sad but typical situation.

  158. CARLA
    CARLA says:

    hi there,
    the moment i looked at the picture i started to twirl (from right to left) into a kind of vortex , down into what i would call ‘the centre of the earth’ ‘earth’s core’ what was like a supercondensed sphere of the purest light

    that felt nice and re-assuring


  159. Motsilisi
    Motsilisi says:

    Old, renewed, missing something (like a portion has been removed), looking back at me, three people, fire, the trees haunting, some laughter, children and then nothing. A quietness, unsettling but also searching for peace. Like a storm before everything settles. A great love may have been there once or twice. Looking for life, new revitalising life.

  160. Maggie Barnes
    Maggie Barnes says:

    centered, like the chimney, life inside (smoke signifying) warmth, stable, uniform relaxed, basketball hoops, sunny skies & greenery but a fire going on inside, seems juxtoposed, but so what, right? life is complex and we don’t always know the whole picture. something going up in smoke? secrets? being burned for fuel, maybe making tea to share with those in the house. if pizza guy came in the rain, he’d get wet (no porch) lol. for some reason it feels like it is very simple inside, not fancy, simple & purposeful, but not stark. suburban feel, but real not illusioned safety which is what I might first think of when I think suburban. dog running in yard, playing frisbee, dirt driveway (maybe with grass up the center?) but a platform for the basketball hoop… good feeling that house is in order (can’t transmit what we haven’t got… quote from Big Book)… freedom from anxiety because of order.

  161. A d m
    A d m says:

    A feeling of sadness….. Being trapped…. Feeling trapped… Fried Zucchini.. A Golden Retriever. Suburbia

  162. OnlyOne.av
    OnlyOne.av says:

    My initial feeling is abandonment but I was unable to connect it to the house or if it were a person. I was able to see a female energy opening a door leading into a hallway. The light was shining behind her and I was unable to see her very well but I sensed some kind of urgency/panic. I did not want to see more so I closed my own door to stop.

  163. Riana Johnson
    Riana Johnson says:

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