Power and Anger Series #2

So, I have no idea how long this Power and Anger Series is going to continue. Perhaps it’s just my last email and this one… but two makes a series so here goes!

If you want to read the first email in the Power and Anger Series, go here before continuing with this email. Otherwise keep reading…

I’ve been thinking about this since I wrote the first email in the series because the feedback I’ve been getting is, how? How do I find power without bringing anger into it.

Here are some tips to start with:

1. You have to believe it is possible to be strong and powerful without being angry. If you don’t think it’s something that can happen, then it won’t happen. Look around you for examples of great power that doesn’t involve any anger, just strength. In the animal kingdom I think of the mama dog who needs to correct her pup in a dangerous situation. She barks or grabs him by the scruff of his neck, takes control of the situation and then goes right back to whatever she was doing.

2. When you’re powerful without anger, it’s very easy to go back to a lower level of power – there isn’t any residual to it. It’s just – I power up, get it done, and then I return to my regular state. That’s a great sign that you’re achieving power without anger.

3. In most cases, you’re not going to have to go to the top of your power scale to make happen what you want to have happen.

Now let’s give power without anger a whirl!
Using your imagination, imagine attracting in a lower level of power first (instead of a 10 on your power dial, let’s start with a 5). Imagine that you’re gathering the power in your center (that soft space just below your diaphragm) and that your power looks beautiful and sparkly as the energy of it grows in that space.

When you feel you’ve built it up enough to potentially equate to a 5 on your 1-10 power scale, imagine that you’re holding this power in your body beautifully – while you walk forward. Keep walking and keep holding that level 5 power. Notice how your body feels.

Next, do it again – but let’s try for a 7. Notice how your body feels. Notice how your shoulders are, how your neck feels. What are the differences between a 5 and a 7. How does your walk change?

Start playing with this for the next few days and then check back in here!

Love and Light,


3 replies
  1. Lisa Carey
    Lisa Carey says:

    Interestingly enough havin been in the Navy for 20 years I don’t have much of a problem of power without anger. Anger seems to drain my power. Very interesting thoughts.

  2. Sherry Zwick
    Sherry Zwick says:

    The difference for me is the residual Yes, AND when I’m powerful and not angry, I’m grounded. I can be calm and powerful. I am clear and straight forward. I am certain. I know. I can walk away and not “lose” anything. I don’t have to blow people away with anger…which always has a residual emotional and energetic effect on me and others. Powerful can also be peaceful…anger is not. I can stay ‘open’ when powerful. I can communicate when powerful but not angry. Thanks for the ‘series’ Danielle. I like distinguishing between ‘power’ and ‘anger’ – the distinction gives us power!


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