Does Your Pet Know How Much You Love Her?

So, I have to get this off my chest.

Recently, I made a whole bunch of goodwill videos and posted them to Facebook. They were three-minute videos on topics like, “How to get a message from your pet on the Other Side” and “Your pet can help you with your anxiety.”

I wasn’t selling anything – I just wanted to raise awareness of the deep connection animals have with us.

One of the videos was titled, “Does Your Pet Know How Much You Love Her?”

Just today I received a comment on the video that said this,

This is such a scam, our furbabys know we love them by the way we treat them seriously psychic” (sic)

At first, I took the comment personally. I never like it when people think I’m a scammy person just because I work in the world of psychics.

But then, I started thinking about it further. My ANSWER in that video was that our pets already know we love them because they are deeply connected to us. We don’t have to DO anything to earn their love – they love us unconditionally.

And I began to feel sad for this person who believes that she has to EARN LOVE.

The reality is: we don’t have to earn love. Unconditional love is just that: UNCONDITIONAL.

I don’t take care of my dog in order to be worthy of her love. I take care of my dog because I love her. And she loves me back because she’s mastered the art of unconditional love. It’s that simple.

Love exists, no matter what we do. We do not earn it. Every single living being deserves love, just by being alive.

Live your love today!


PS: If you want to see that video yourself, you can watch it here on my Facebook page.

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  1. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    I think people who post things like that are scared of their spirituality. She was at least curious, right? I mean she was reading it. Those things do hurt but remember the huge value you provide to the world, Danielle. Thanks for being you!


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