Pet Euthanasia: Dealing with the Loss of a Pet


Pet Euthanasia: The Pet Psychic Perspective

As an animal communicator, I’m most often asked about pet euthanasia when people discover what I know about animals crossing over. It’s also the thing that people have the most guilt around.

Here are three things that the animals have told me about pet euthanasia that will hopefully help you understand the animal’s viewpoint about euthanasia and give you a sense of relief as you seek out pet loss support.

The Animal’s View: Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

First of all, animals plans their passing. They choose who’s going to be there, what they’re going to die of, when they’re going to die, what is going on around them. They choose all of this at the soul level. Not consciously, but at the deeper level, they’re connected to the big picture and they choose how they’re going to pass. Yes, that includes euthanasia.

In addition to a car accident, old age, and anything else you can think of, euthanasia is one of the methods from which they choose. I have a more in depth video about this called, “Are Animals Afraid to Die?

Did You or Your Pet Choose Pet Euthanasia?

I don’t know all the different factors that put into play, because I am not connected like animals are connected. But I do know that animals look at everything, including their human to figure out, “This is the way I’m going to pass.”

So if you’ve been thinking, “Hey, I chose euthanasia for my pet, maybe I should have waited. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this…” Well, I want you to understand that at a very deep level the animal is driving you to make the decisions that you’re making.

There Are No Accidental Deaths

Accidental Deaths you may think you’re deciding, “You know what, I think this is time, I’m going to help him cross over. I’m going to call my vet.” And yet, because of the connection that you have with this animal, and because the animal knows what’s best in a big picture way, that animal’s actually maneuvering things at a very deep level so that you make that decision for euthanasia.

When I connect with animals that have crossed over, I’ve never had an animal come to me and say:

“That was an accident.”

“I wasn’t supposed to pass yet.”

“She shouldn’t have euthanized me.”

“This is a problem.”

It just doesn’t work like that. Because they plan it and then get us to follow their plan (without us realizing it!). And this, is what happens with every single passing of our pets – in every single way.

I’ve heard people who are offering pet loss support say things like, “It was just his time…” I’m not sure they understand the deep truth they are really speaking!

Animals Do Not Hold Grudges After Euthanasia

Contrary to most people’s worry, when you euthanize an animal, you’re not severing the relationship between you and the animal. You’re not creating a situation where that animal is going to be angry with you or hold a grudge.

So many people are afraid to do an animal communication reading because they helped their pet cross over and they’re worried that their pet is going to hold it against them. It actually doesn’t work like that.

When the animal reaches the Other Side, whether it’s through euthanasia or any other method, that animal now has access to even more of the big picture, even more information and that animal will now do even more to help you grow, evolve, to connect to you, and to be there for you.

Your Pet Doesn’t Want Regret

With euthanasia, but also with other circumstances like leaving the door open so your dog ran outside and got hit by a car, for example. Or, “I should’ve taken my cat to the vet earlier.” Or any other type of “should have” you may be feeling, animals have a specific desire.

When we’re dealing with the loss of a pet, we often lose site of this: our animals simply don’t want us to spend our time feeling badly about HOW they crossed over.

They truly want us to be happy, grow, evolve, and learn from their passing. Not spend our time picking apart each thing we did and didn’t do for them when they were alive.

If you’re in a place where you’re grieving, but you’re also feeling guilty and terrible and bad, that’s going to get in the way of your grieving. That guilt absolutely impedes the grieving process. And there is a whole process to go through with the grieving that leads to peace.

Dealing with the Loss of a Pet: The Problem With Guilt

When you’re dealing with the loss of a pet, looking for pet loss support, and you’re in this guilt place, not only are you impeding the grieving process, but you’re also making it harder for your pet on the Other Side to:

  • Come through and give you a message
  • Show up in your dreams
  • Continue helping you
  • Develop their relationship with you from the Other Side

As long as you’re in that place of guilt, you don’t get to have the relationship with your pet that you could have while your pet is now on the other side!

The best thing, from what the animals have told me, that you can do to help yourself through this very challenging process is let go of the guilt.  Because what is guilt? It doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t have a function other than to hold you back.

Develop the Relationship with Your Pet on the Other Side

I know I sound like a crazy person saying, “You can have more from the relationship with your pet even after they’ve crossed”, but if you desire that, you have to let go of the guilt. And here’s how you do it. The simple fact is:

Your pet chose euthanasia and GOT YOU to choose euthanasia.

Your pet crossed over and wants to connect with you, wants to give you messages, and even wants to continue helping you grow and evolve.

None of that can happen when you sit in this place of guilt, taking credit for something that was actually your pet’s choice. So remind yourself that you don’t really have a choice in all of this.

Your pet crossed over in the way that your pet needed to cross over, we just have to be okay with that.

Be IN the Relationship with Your Pet

Now it’s time to be present. Stop living in the past, be present. Be present and ask your pet for signs. Ask your pet for messages. Try my Dream Connect method.  But be present with the now and what you and your pet can have versus hanging out in the past and feeling the regret.

You’re dealing with the loss of a pet yes, but remember that you still get to have a relationship with your pet – but not if you’re spending time in the past!

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