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Transcript for Pet Euthanasia at Home 

When you understand the spiritual aspects of the animal dying process, it becomes easier to then understand how animals feel about euthanasia, and pet euthanasia at home. In this video, I will also share how you can know if you made the right choice to euthanize your pet as well as my simple technique to help you understand what your beloved desires pet euthanasia. 

The Pet Dying Process According to Animals

As an animal communicator for over twenty years, I’ve worked with thousands of animals around crossing over and pet euthanasia at home. One of the very consistent things I’ve seen around this is that, once an animal has completed their work in their physical body,  they actually plan out their passing. They’ve shared that they know when the right time to pass is, they know who they want with them, they know what they want to die of.  They also have a wonderful spiritual awareness of how their passing is  going to affect their beloved humans and animals that are left behind. 

When they’re planning their passing, one of the things our beloved pets are deciding is exactly HOW they will die. This could be through  an accident, a sickness, old age, or even through euthanasia. Yes, pet euthanasia is one of the options they choose from at the Soul Level. 

Animals Have Dying Goals to Achieve

At the spiritual level, animals weigh their options (including pet euthanasia at home) to figure out what will most effectively accomplish their goal to leave their body. How can this animal cross over in a way that’s going to help their human learn something from it?

I know, animals planning their passing is really hard to accept because it hurts so much when our animals cross over. How could they ever “choose” to leave us! But this is one of the deeper reasons  we love them so much. They’ve mastered unconditional love, and they know that even through their passing, there’s something for us to learn from them. 

How Animals Feel About the Animal Dying Process

Animals plan their passing based on all of these factors: timing, method, how someone is going to learn from it, et cetera, et cetera. Which is amazing to realize, if you can step out of your grief and sadness and anxiety, to see. They have a big plan that we only get to see part of. 

I ask often psychically ask animals, “What do you want your human to know?”  Animals preparing to cross over often say, “OK. I’m ready to leave my body. I want Dora to help me cross over. I want her to get the vet with the skinny legs to come to the house. They might also say, I want to sit in the blue chair next to the window. I want to be in her lap. And I want that vet to help me die.” They’ll kind of dictate all of these pieces, and euthanasia could be one of those pieces. That’s right, sometimes pets really do choose to euthanized at home.

To an animal, death, dying, and the planning of their passing are pieces related to their existence on earth.  They don’t resist – they go with the flow. And they do whatever they need to to make that flow happen.

How Animals CHOOSE Pet Euthanasia at Home

I’ve never connected psychically with an animal to hear, “My death was an accident.. It never should have happened.” This is because animals spiritually arrange their passing (whether it’s euthanasia, pet euthanasia at home, car accident or anything else). In fact, they are guiding us from behind the scenes using energy, emotions, and our environment to ensure their passing is as they want it to be. This means that if you decided you had to euthanize your beloved cat, your cat wanted that to happen. The choice really isn’t yours! 

For example, perhaps you have noticed that your cat isn’t doing well. Maybe she stopped eating, or playing, or she seems to be unable to enjoy life. Let’s say you’re sitting in front of the TV, trying to figure out what you should do. Suddenly, on the show you’re watching somebody is euthanizing an animal. Then, the next day while you’re at the grocery store and you hear two people talking about euthanizing an animal. Your cat is purposefully creating these situations to bring your “stuff” to the forefront. This will help you make the decision the animal wants you to make. Note: I’m using euthanasia as an example, but animals send messages about other methods they choose for passing as well.

Pet Euthanasia at Home: What To Choose

Are you worried you made the wrong decision to euthanize your dog?  Perhaps you’re worried that you’re about to make a mistake. This is where you have to trust that your animal, no matter how sick, no matter how low energy, no matter how weirdly disconnected, is still helping you figure out the best path. Because animals have this spiritual ability to guide us energetically from behind the scenes, it is impossible to make the wrong choice .

Knowing this has given me a lot of comfort, because we euthanized one of my dogs and it was very, very hard. It didn’t matter how much I knew about how animals plan their passing or that the choice I was making was guided by my dog.  It was still very hard to experience. Knowing what I know did help, but it certainly didn’t alleviate the pain completely.

Is it time for Euthanasia or Euthanasia at home?

To figure out what your animal really wants, give yourself some time.  Your animal guided you to this place (even to this blog!) start watching your environment for little seeds. Start watching and listening and paying attention, because that animal is directing signs and messages at you to help you make the decision that she or he wants you to make.

Start thinking about any coincidences that may be occurring. Could these be signs about what your beloved pet wants or wanted? (And, having read through this whole blog, you know that they are!) 

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