Pet Companionship and Coronavirus Lockdown

When you’re stuck at home for the Coronavirus Lockdown, what do you do? If you’re like many of us, instead of feeling loneliness during covid, you’ve turned your focus to your pet!

by Danielle MacKinnon

Start delving in to the world of animal communication with my 5 Tips to Connect Better With Your Pet (for Non-Psychics). No experience necessary!

Loneliness During COVID-19, Spent More Time With Your Pet?

When you’re stuck at home for the Coronavirus Lockdown, what do you do?  If you’re like many of us, instead of feeling loneliness during covid, you’ve turned your focus to your pet!

Perhaps you’re walking your dog more often or spending more time with your cat. Maybe you’re using your newfound home-time for more horse visits.  For many of us, “my dog is my best friend” and “I love my cat sooooo much” are more true now than ever. But is this true for your pet too?

As an animal communicator for two decades, I’ve been putting my psychic skills to use lately! You’ll be surprised to learn what the animals have told me they REALLY want from us during the Coronavirus Lockdown!

How Pets Feel About the Coronavirus Lockdown

Although many of us are very happy to spend more time with our pets, our pets have a different perspective. I’ve psychically connected with many animals about the change that covid has caused, and spending more time together isn’t always as easy as you would think.

Spiritually, animals have access to the “Big Picture” of the world. They tap in to the Universe in a way that we cannot. They’re asking that we take this time to re-evaluate and re-prioritize our lives. Although they enjoy the extra time with their humans, they do have some requests!

How to Have the Best Relationship With Your Pet During the Coronavirus Lockdown (According to Your Pet)

Here are three things you can do to have an even better relationship with your pet during COVID.

1. Check Your Feelings and Emotions

Loneliness during covid may be at an all time high, but so are emotions. Our animals tune into us to survive. Human feelings affect dog feelings. Our human emotions affect dog emotions. The same goes for cats, horses, hamsters, parakeets and all other pets.

You may be feeling more lonely, scared, anxious and guess what? Your pet FEELS this because your pet is psychically and energetically connected to you.

Before hanging out with your pet, take a few deep breaths to calm and balance yourself. You could also try my Heart Magnet Energy Management technique for a shortcut to calm. When you hang out with your pet in peace, your pet notices this and can be more peaceful herself.

2. Stop with the Hugs

We know pets provide companionship. We also know they feel great to hug! And with loneliness during covid so high, many of us tend to ignore our dog’s emotions (or cat, horse etc.) in favor of a hug.

As human beings, we all enjoy a solid, loving embrace. To us, it’s comforting and calming. When we’re upset, what do we want? Someone to hug! And if you’re thinking, “My dog is my best friend,” you’re also thinking, “I need to hug my dog.”

Unlike humans, animals don’t place the same value on hugging. Many animals touch one another, rub, lean… but the act of embracing in a hug feels confining to them. This leads to a problem. We’re feeling isolated in the coronavirus lockdown with emotions running higher than usual. The solution? We want a hug and our dog or cat nearby seems like the perfect solution.

Our animals want to be able to love us in their own way. Usually without hugs. Many animals tell me, “Just let me hang out with you and be free. Enough with the hugging!” The animals want us to be with them, without making them love us the way WE want.

4. Enough Mini-Humaning

Treating animals like animals is not bad. In fact, it’s what they tell me they want! As we spend more time at home with our animals, many of us have begun (or continued) to treat our pets like mini-humans.

Fancy beds. Incredible variety of food. Expensive collars. High-end hay. Chandeliers in stalls…

Every one of these things is important, not to your pet, but to you.  No dog has ever said to me, “I wish she would dress me in more sweaters.” Your dog doesn’t have a desire to wear clothing. Your cat doesn’t care about the most expensive toy. Your horse has no feelings whatsoever about the chandelier.

What they DO want is plenty of fresh air, exercise, and stimulation.

With such high loneliness during covid, people are devoting more time to treating their pets as mini-humans. They believe that the human way of life is what every animal aspires to.

Not true. Our pets, despite being pets, want to be treated like the animals they are. Let your dog get dirty. Celebrate that your cat wants that mouse. Let your horse run however she wants to run…

Pets Provide Companionship But So Much More

Take advantage of the coronavirus lockdown to feel even closer to your pet than ever before. But do it in a way that works for BOTH of you.  Try my Heart Magnet Technique to help you manage your emotions and feel even closer to your pet!

3 replies
  1. Julie Hirt
    Julie Hirt says:

    I love this post – and couldn’t agree more. Our dog, Lukas, does not like to be alone – but he doesn’t always want to be with us, either. He used to go to doggie daycare every week day and once Covid hit – that stopped. At first, he was okay with it but after a few weeks, I felt his boredom and missing his dog-friends. We started taking him back once a week, which is all he wants, and he’s so happy. The daycare owners notice his joy as well. Win – win – win!

  2. Donna Ohanian
    Donna Ohanian says:

    My rat terrier Bode climbs up onto a pillow to be closest to me. Sometimes we are cheek to cheek. If I look over at him. I see his tail start to wag. No hugs, no kisses, just cheek to cheek. We both love it!


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