Five Tips for Connecting with Your Pet through Psychic Pet Communication


Using psychic Pet Communication and Start Communicating with Animals (no psychic experience needed!)

So you’d love to start communicating with animals psychically but have no clue what to do? Well, you’re in luck! You ARE psychic and pet communication is within your reach. Actually, everyone is psychic, however some people have taken the time to work on their pet communication skills while others have not. Being psychic is very much like running. We can all do it – but some of us really train and excel, while others prefer to simply walk.

I’ve been teaching animal communication to people who want to start communicating with animals but have no psychic experience for twenty years now . There are many ways that you can connect with your pet without using direct animal communication – whether or not you believe you are psychic.  Here are my five easy ways to pet communication (even if you don’t think you’re psychic).

ONE: Send happy thoughts and images to your pet.

To start communicating with animals, start on the positive. Since animals communicate psychically with each other every day, they find it very easy to pick up on what we’re thinking. Imagine that you are “sending” a thought to your pet almost like email in your head – and your pet will receive that thought. For example, imagine that sending the thought of, “I’m safe and I’ll see you at the end of the day!” will allow your pet to know that you’re OK and what the plan is.  If you’re interested in how pet communication really works, learn more about how animals communicate psychically here.

TWO Take advantage of your pet’s natural affinity for touch

Animals naturally align with their environment (and those in their environment) via touch. Because they are so in tune with their intuitive side, all touch is expanded and exaggerated for them. When you spend time petting (or hanging out with) your pet, you’re also effortlessly sending messages about how you feel, your emotions, your thoughts and even your concerns to your pet, through the touch. To give this a try, notice how your pet reacts to when you’re touching them while feeling loving versus while feeling anxious. This form of pet communication is often overlooked.

THREE Your pet understands all that you think and say

Even without touch, your pet (and all animals) understands everything you say about him. Your cat may not care about the stock market, but he can certainly understand your feelings and emotions about it. So, when you are talking about your pet, be aware that location and volume don’t play a role. Whispering in the bathroom with your husband about how much you hate your dog for pooping in the middle of the living room is not actually a private conversation. Anything you say or think can and will be picked up by your pet. So, be careful and aware of what comes out of your mouth and instead, be conscious of what you’re saying about him. 

FOUR Avoid using your pet for emotional support

Because animals are so in tune to humans, and because they have lessons they are teaching us (see my Animal Lessons book for more on that), the animals in our lives can sometimes become our emotional punching bags.  For those of you who want to help others, who have a heart of gold and are always reaching out to ensure those around you are safe, secure and happy – you may find that you lean emotionally on your pet.

Do you cry to your pet or on your pet? Perhaps you pour your feelings out to your pet because he/she is the only one who understands you? Maybe you feel that your pet is your absolute best friend and the most incredible listener ever? When we look to our pet for emotional support, our pet begins tapping in to us to help support us even better. This means absorbing our upset energy, and taking on the role of caretaker as well. For better pet communication, avoid leaning on your pet for emotional support and keep the connection between the two of you clear. Take care of yourself so that when you two are together, you can have a nice, clear connection through which both of you can benefit!

FIVE The More Physical the Better

Get physical! Animals, no matter what kind, are physical beings! Turtles, birds, ferrets, dogs, and horses all like to get out and do their natural thing. Spend time running through the field with your dog, galloping with your horse, rolling around with your cat… all of these create a physical and energetic bond that will allow the two of you to come together in the best way. It’s a physical pet connection that you will both value. Instead of always asking your animal to live in your world, spend some time in theirs. This will help balance the energy between the two of you and create a beautiful sense of closeness.

 Of course, there are more ways to connect with the animals in your life – sending pictures, receiving their feelings, releasing energies, feeling their body in your body and communing in a more psychic way (and these are what I teach in my animal communication classes and my psychic development classes – but know that if you can implement the five tips above, connecting in a more traditional psychic way will be that much easier!