What kind of Pet Communicator are you?

New to pet communication? No problem, everyone starts somewhere.
Take this easy (and fun!) quiz to find out the best way to get started for YOU!

We’re all born intuitive.

This is true! Everyone single one of us came into this world with our psychic senses open and functioning. By the time we’re about five years old though, most of us have shut down these incredible intuitive assets.

On the bright side, learning animal communication is simply re-discovering that innate intuition. The big question is HOW? In my work as an animal communicator, I’ve seen that the best re-discovery pathway varies based on desire, commitment, upbringing, and goals along with many other influencing factors.

When we make the decision to re-open our intuition, the process is easier if we start out on the pathway that best suits us. Use this quiz to discover your personal, best pathway to mastering your animal intuition and connecting with your beloved pets.