What to do When Your Pet Gets Lost

Losing a pet is a very difficult experience. The emotions, fears and imaginations of everyone involved can actually prohibit an effective search from taking place. As an Animal Intuitive, Danielle can often help locate a lost pet using her psychic connection. If you have lost your pet, please take a moment to calm yourself before contacting Danielle or any other service for help. Although difficult, clear communication is “the” most important factor in the search. With balance, clarity will come. You may find that when you calm yourself down, you know exactly where to look.

What to do when an animal is lost:
In addition to your immediate contact information, posted fliers should include a photo, date missing, last seen location, details about the pet’s personality (shy, excitable) and, if necessary, details on how to approach the animal as well as your contact info.

  • Contact shelters and rescue agencies in your town and surrounding towns (animals are capable of walking long distances)
  • Remain calm. Animals connect to our energy and will have an easier time locating you if your energy is more like it usually is in your every day life.
  • Visualize the animal returning home to you. Imagine a beautiful ball of your pet’s energy and the beautiful ball of your own energy consciously and calmly merging together on the front lawn of your home.
  • Talk with your pet in a calm voice. Have a conversation with him/her in your head. This conversation can calm you down as well as your missing pet.
  • Ask for your animal to tell you his/her location in your dreams (we’re often more receptive when asleep—not so nervous!)
  • Put the message out to social networks such as Twitter. With so many psychics and animal communicators on Twitter you will receive info back. (It will be up to you to discern the level of truth with what you get though! Not all animal communicators are alike!)

A few reasons animals become lost:

  • While most people balk at this idea, it may just be time for the human and animal to part ways. Sometimes when a pet completes his work with his human he chooses to move on to another human.
  • Getting lost was the best way for the human to learn a lesson they have been working on-kind of like a spiritual “test.”
  • Something scared either the human or the animal.
  • Some animals will “protest” an especially negative situation at home by temporarily or permanently leaving.

This is just a small list of the reasons that animals get “lost.” Many other reasons also exist.

Danielle Does Not Offer Lost Animal Services
Although Danielle is deeply connected to the animal kingdom, she does not offer a service for finding lost animals. This is because she feels she is much better at working with animals on Soul Contracts and connecting animals to their humans at the soul level. There are many animal communicators whose Soul Purpose is to help people reunite with and understand about their lost animals. The best place to start would be a web search. At this point in time, we do not have anyone we are directly recommending for this service.

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