Obviously, right now ALL of us are living in this surreal reality where every minute of our day is completely different than even a week ago.

I’m finding myself more affected by ANY small moment of kindness than ever before. It doesn’t matter what size the kindness is, my heart SWELLS at each instance.

I believe one of the things that come out of this is a re-connection to ourselves, to our community, and to the Earth. (Did you hear that our new way of living is reducing air pollution?)

Reconnection to that within us was desperately needed.

I know that it’s something I needed, but I was moving too fast through life to experience connection the way I am now.

And I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for the opportunity to find the good that is still out there. I’m going to share my personal thankful list. Some of this stuff might not even make sense to you – but I want to put it out there, in hopes that you’ll make your own list and share it!

I feel thankful that I can go outside, behind the house, and watch the birds (the hawk activity is incredible!)

I feel thankful that my son is home safe and sound from his terminated Outward Bound trip (what a scare!)

I feel thankful that I’m still able to teach my classes to my students (makes my heart sing!)

I feel thankful that our friends are letting us (and our son) stay in their home for a completely indefinite period of time (and who knows how long!)

I feel thankful that I have 2 pairs of jeans that I can alternate between so I don’t have to wear the same thing EVERY day

I feel thankful for yesterday’s Energy Share in my Be Open community where we all gathered to give and receiving healing. (We all teared up at the end, I think. I know I did)

I feel thankful that a few weeks ago, Kevin and I had this “idea” (ha! we were definitely intuitively guided on this one!) to go to Barnes and Noble and buy a whole bunch of board games and puzzles

I feel thankful that i have lots of shampoo on hand and that I currently live with my hair stylist

I feel thankful that as I write this, it’s approaching 70 degrees out

I feel thankful that our friends that we’re living with found their old Nintendo and my son is now having fun playing a twenty-year old game of Galaga (oh the graphics!)

I feel thankful that I have access to online pilates, meditations, and classes to keep me feeling good

I feel thankful that you’ve read my list this far too.

GRATITUDE and THANKFULNESS are really wonderful ways to keep your attention on the present moment. They keep you from going down the what if pathway (which never feels good no matter what the circumstances!).

So, I challenge you to write (and share here!) your own list of gratitude (even if no one else will understand it!)

Love and Light,

PS: We’ll be doing more energy shares and receives in Be Open over the next few weeks. Please join in if you feel like it could help you. I’ll also be looking at other ways to create community, togetherness, and support too.

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  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    I Am grateful for the reminder of feelings, and air pollution…aka how my inner emotions and thoughts ripple around the world and beyond. For me to be aware of what I am thinking and feeling that are creating my outer world.
    I am grateful for this post from Danielle and her gifts she shares.
    I am grateful for Danielle’s playful laughing high vibrations.
    I am grateful for those that have posted here.
    I am grateful for my health in this now present moment.
    I am grateful my family, friends, and acquaintances are healthy, and provided for in this now moment.
    I am grateful for loving compassionate people working together, know or unknown, towards a higher state of being or consciousness for the greater good of all.
    I am grateful my inner light continues to shine.
    I am grateful I am prosperous in so many ways, and many I have yet to discover.
    I am grateful for the wisdom of my inner darkness I have tried to block out. It is a part of me that is good nor bad, yet is my greater wholeness. Within the dark, a new creation can be born into the light.
    I am grateful for humanities participation in this wonderful experience we are having together.
    I am grateful for others inner unconditional love and compassion, whether known or unknown.
    I am responsible for my own inner well being.
    Love within, and love without.

  2. Karen Doyle
    Karen Doyle says:

    Im grateful for finding Danielle on You Tube last night . Im grateful for my artistic abilities as I paint away the evening as I listen to who ever pops up on there (on YouTube).
    I am just so smitten 🥰 with Danielle and her joyful energy. I am grateful for the amazing sleep I got last night as a result of hearing her soothing words via her soul contract interview with Bob Olson . I am grateful for a HUGE sense of relief to explain the truly bizarre and unexpected disappointment in my what was and hope to be again positive relationship with my 23 year old son .
    I am grateful to you Danielle and now you’re up there with my list of go to’s :
    Eckhart and Dolores.
    All my animals came over to me btw when I was entranced by your talk . Amazing 😉. Thankful. ❤️Karen

  3. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Hi Danielle
    Thank you for your message,
    For the last 6 months i have had to live in my bedroom , to be separated
    from my ex husband, we are waiting for the sale of our house, so i am almost a recluse
    I return downstairs, for my meals only. and i do go for walks in the forest.
    As a child i spent alot of time alone, so i like my own company.
    Of course also i enjoy other people’s company,
    So i am also grateful for many things.
    I am grateful for sunrise
    I am grateful for my meditation in the morning
    I am grateful for my shower,in the morning makes me feel wondeful
    I am grateful for my computer
    I am grateful for you tube,for many things it brings into my life
    I am grateful to president Macron for the strict lockdown in this country protecting us
    I am gratefule for the tree outside my window, as i can watch the birds feeding, and singing
    I am grateful for the view outside my window, distant forest all around.
    I am grateful for my cat who loves me very much, he is beautiful
    I am grateful for my family, one son, five gransons four great granchildren, one sister
    And her three children, and her three granchildren,
    I am grateful for my car even though it is a sixteen year old voltswagon bright yellow.
    I am grateful for the peace in my life, even though i miss company.
    I am grateful for having such wonderful neighbors , even though they have busy lives.
    I am grateful for the people i meet when i go for a walk.
    I am grateful for my emails though i get too many.
    Thank you Danielle

  4. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    I am grateful that I still get your messages in my email, even though I canceled my Be Open membership ( I’m just not feeling that intuituive-capable after all ).

    I am grateful for how these messages interrupt my stream of worry-ness when I need them most, and ground me again.

    I am grateful I have access to YouTube and so many wonderful present-moment teachers who inspire me to grow and evolve.

    And I am grateful that I know underneath all the chaos of these times, Conciousness is ever-present, omniscient and fully engaged … everything is as it should be. Namaste.

  5. Karen Dendy Smith
    Karen Dendy Smith says:

    I love this Danielle!! Here’s my list (ok not everything but, some stuff… 😊)

    I’m thankful for this community and you (Danielle), it makes my heart more open and kind, and I learn so much

    I’m thankful for my husband who made me a fondue dinner for my stay-in bday yesterday! ❤️

    I’m thankful for my kitties and all the love the are bestowing on me, and I’m thankful I HAVE THIS TIME to really acknowledge and enjoy them

    I’m actually thankful for this time, this break from the high stress go go go of the life up until now

    I’m thankful I can cut my own hair! (which I did!)

    I’m thankful for the spring weather and being able to go outside for walks to the dog park so I can watch all the dogs frolicking and their owners (with distance) being friendly. It’s an amazing vibe!

    And I’m thankful for the emotions this crazy time is bringing up so I can look at them, feel them and try to grow from them.

    And I’m thankful we have TP. 🙏 (Got lucky and went to Costco before this started!)

    And thankful for technology so we can all stay connected and share.

  6. Lori
    Lori says:

    On the phone with a friend yesterday I told him how I had begun in the past 6 months to thank every aspect of and within my body for everything it does. That I thank my clothing for its contribution to my life. That yesterday when I was cleaning my coffeemaker I thanked it for all of the deliciousness it provides in my days. Then this morning I thanked my bed, the spoon I stirred my coffee with, my fridge, home, neighborhood, city, county, planet. I then wrote to the friend I spoke with yesterday and told him how much I appreciated his presence in my life. I am about to go out for a walk and will continue to express thanks for every tree, crow, puppy, squirrel, warmth of sun on my face, that I am alive, healthy, aware, connected and very hopeful about this new world we are in the process of creating. Namaste

  7. Sue
    Sue says:

    I’m grateful for the opportunity to make this list.
    I’m grateful for the walks outdoors enjoying nature with my husband & our 2 rescue dogs.
    I’m grateful that my 92yo Mom & 91 yo mother-in-law are safe & well cared for while I can’t be with them!
    I’m grateful that my family members are safe & well.
    I’m grateful that I can continue to work at a Birthing Center trying to keep some normalcy in my life while I assist parents with the newest members of their families!
    I am grateful @ how so many people are willing to help others to get through these very stressful times!

  8. LM
    LM says:

    I am grateful for you, Danielle. I am grateful for the opportunity to make this list. I am grateful for spellcheck as I lay in bed typing on my phone without my glasses. 🤪. I am grateful for emojis, especially this one 🦨. I am so grateful for cool wildlife. I am grateful for my cat who Had decided my lab is the best place ever rather than who super awesome hanging window seat. I am grateful my other cat greets me in the morning with his toys to play fetch. I am grateful for the cool vegan sweets I can make with beans. I Am grateful for the early morning walks around my neighborhood. I am grateful for the big windows in my apartment that overlookq trees. I am grateful for the deer that stroll by my window on their way to breakfast. I am grateful that I have everything I need. I am grateful to have an essential job that allows me to be a part of the solution. I am grateful for the opportunity to live in this time & space. I am grateful for growth and learning about myself. I am grateful I have the choice of perception. I am grateful for the stillness to listen. I am grateful that I learned the same letters in listen are in silent. I am gratefully grateful to be loved and to give love.

  9. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    I am really grateful to have read Danielle’s blog and the others that have left comments. It’s really helped me. I will be starting that gratitude list right away!

  10. Sharon Smith
    Sharon Smith says:

    I love being a part of this community! I’m grateful for it……and coffee……and the time we are ALL having to take to reflect and connect with ourselves and each other. Since Covid-19 is a virus…which is a critter…. I’ve been connecting with it on a regular basis and gotten some surprising information. Here’ it is: Its here to help us not harm us. It came because WE asked it to. It will stop all the frantic activity we’ve been unable to disengage from. It is here to upgrade the immune system of humans as a species and it is doing this as gently as it can.
    I would invite all of you who are able to do this work to connect with “19” (my nickname for “him”–feels like slightly male energy) and see what you get. 19 is pretty chatty and really wants to communicate with us.

  11. Kathy Castillo
    Kathy Castillo says:

    What a wonderful idea to help us stay connected and focus on all the wonderful things that we still have daily in our lives! So many things that we can be grateful for.
    I am grateful for all the people who are out there on the front line fighting this medical crisis. They are putting their life on the line daily to be there for us if we should happen to need help.
    I am grateful that my husband of 49 years this week,
    ,grandchildren ,grown children, 90 year old mother, friends and pets that have so far remained in good health!
    I am grateful that we are all tucked safely in our homes with food in our cupboards.
    I am grateful for my hobbies that keep me busy and things I can share with others. My piano, My watercolors , My love of yoga.
    I am grateful for my modern conveniences. The internet that makes me smile at all the humor and creative ways we share with others. The movies and games that are there for us at the touch of our fingertips.
    The way I can talk to my friends and check in with them.
    I am grateful for the fresh air and dog walks that get me out of the house and recharge my spirits! And my doggies also!
    I am grateful for their unconditional love ❤️
    I am grateful for another day of good health!

  12. Jody Crotty
    Jody Crotty says:

    Thank you for sharing and reminding me! Honestly, I have been struggling with all this. I have good days where I feel “ya we’re gonna get through this!” but the last few days not so much. It’s the rollercoaster of emotions I’m having a hard time with. I love this idea of a gratitude list and sharing, I feel this is a great way for me to have a “hard copy” reminder of all the wonderful people, things and critters I have around me! Sending you and your family love, so glad that your son is home!! Many blessings to you all!❤


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