Treat Yourself

I like to fall asleep watching old episodes of Parks and Recreation. Kevin and I always talk about how funny that show it and how we wished we watched it more when it was still running.

In the episode I drifted away to the other night, three of the characters were embarking on a “Treat Yourself” journey. Two of the people held a Treat Yourself day every year and knew exactly what they were going to do. From shopping to acupuncture, they were all over it!

The third person, however, had no clue how to treat himself. He didn’t really care about splurging on clothes or a big shopping trip or a spa treatment… in fact, the big joke on the show was that he had no idea how to really treat himself!

And this is something that I see in so many of the people around me (and yes, including myself!).

I often get so caught up in doing the things I need to do, accomplishing my daily (and bigger) goals, that I forget to stop and do something that would be TRULY ENJOYABLE in this moment.

And then, when I remember – stop and enjoy the roses, because I have been starving myself of in-the-moment fun, I think the enjoyable moment has to be an absolutely incredible, life-altering moment.

But that’s hard to just create.

So I end up doing nothing and instead, going back to getting my things done.

Which is why, Kevin and I dashed off, last minute, for a three-day vacation in Miami. Just two nights – not life-altering, BUT totally out of character for both of us (and  certainly a beautiful TREAT! I’m going to do more of this!!

What can YOU do, right now, to Treat Yourself?

Love and Light,


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  1. Patty Daley
    Patty Daley says:

    My birthday is the 28th, and I am single and, by choice, live out in the sticks. I have been knowing my special day is coming up but had no idea what I would do. After reading your post, I KNOW WHAT I’LL BE DOING! Scheduling a soak in the mineral springs up north, followed by a massage, followed by a treat at the Highway 4 Bakery in the mountains, followed by shopping, followed by dinner! THANK YOU! great post.


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