That Chihuahua

I’ve been in Costa Rica for a week now and I can feel myself falling into a very different rhythm. I can feel myself slowing down. I can feel my heart aligning with the animals and the green and the energy around me.

Every morning I wake up to powerful energy of the Arenal volcano between my toes as my bedroom window faces this incredible and majestic sight. It’s like I’m being fed the energy into my feet up through my body…

And the birds are singing their different songs (some beautiful, some not-so-much to my ears, but beautiful anyway), and the truck is idling in the distance.

And I am here – outdoors on a bench carved from an old, huge log. The Chihuahuas are running around by my feet, asking them to pick me up as they’re cold.

And I hear our yoga teacher playing Chris Issac’s Wicked Game on her ukulele.

I feel like I want to cry. I am typing and wondering why don’t I allow these things for myself in my every day life? Why do I keep going and pushing and moving and taking action. All. The. Time?

All in an effort to create this this home feeling that I’m having right now.

Yet, here it shows up simply because I decided to sit down here on this bench.

Why do we push ourselves so hard to find home when it is really just HERE.

And as I finish up this email to you, my Ukulele friend is playing, Country Road…. Take me home…

You can’t make this stuff up.

Thank you for listening – and today, maybe you can find your home within too – even if only for the length of a song.

Love and Light,

PS: What can YOU do right now to tap into the home within you?

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  1. Ann Henkel
    Ann Henkel says:

    Creating rituals is one of my gifts. I started taking myself out for dinner… out on my patio. I have smokers next door, so, therefore, I believed I could not enjoy my space… Wrong…. they aren’t smoking ALL the time. I became good friends with the blue spruce I had not noticed in ten years. I now glory in the beautiful trees, birds, squirrels and all the bunnies. I never knew baby bunnies jump straight up!,,and the mean old blue jay is a trip! so many gifts. Eating mindfully, drinking in the beauty and tasting life/food for the first time. BLISS .. my next journey is to have FUN playing like my squirrel friends.

  2. Donna Ohanian
    Donna Ohanian says:

    You know how we all look forward to spring? We all love to open the windows, watch the leaves 🍁 pop out on the trees, see daffodils 🌼 and magnolia trees bloom. We love to put our feet in green grass & breathe in fresh air.

    I spent last week visiting my daughter by the beach in Santa Cruz CA. And I too, relaxed & enjoyed just being. The Pacific coastline is beautiful flowers, cliffs, beaches, rocks, sunsets & aqua water. I am sooo thankful to have experienced it!

    We all need to take a break from the cooking, the cleaning, the ‘gotta do’ lists, and go to a park, walk thru & enjoy the flowers in a home store, put your toes in some flip flops just to get air around them. Feel the anxiety wash away, feel refreshed. I’m sooo happy it’s early May & time to enjoy nature. I hope you all do too! 😘👍

  3. Patty Daley
    Patty Daley says:

    It’s funny that sometimes we have to get away from home in order to find it! Home is where the heart is. But I too am a do-er and it’s hard to not feel that forever-long to-do list. I am Capricorn! We make lists! We do chores! We plan our spontaneity! lol and ha ha ha. Sometimes we have to be taken out of our structured list-centric life to feel our home energy. I am so glad you are tapping into yours. Love and Light.


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