My Son Has a Concussion

A couple days ago I received a call from the school nurse. Cole, my 17-year old son, had slipped and fallen in the parking lot at school. The result? A mild concussion.

Now, if I were not the person I am, I would look at this and say, “Shoot! What a tough time to get a concussion with finishing up all the applications for college and finishing up the term right now!”

But I know better.

This was a wake-up call for Cole. He’d been pushing himself too hard in school and the universe was saying, “Hey! Time to take a break!”

But here’s the challenge – and it’s a challenge that I know you, because you’re reading this, run into as well:

It doesn’t matter that I know the lesson behind the concussion. It doesn’t matter that I know what the universe is trying to tell Cole. He’s a couple months from being an adult – which means, I really have to sit back and allow him his journey on this.

How hard is it for you, when you can blatantly SEE the answer for someone close to you, to not get involved so your friend can have their own experience? (It is hard for me for sure! He’s my kid!)

The same goes for animal communication. It can be really challenging to have an animal tell me EXACTLY what the person is supposed to work on, and then just send that person and their animal on their way to master that between the two of them.

Letting others experience their own pain, insecurity, and mistakes is a truly important part of life.

I’m laughing now because I didn’t just write this for you – I wrote it for me as well. Clearly!

Love and Light,

PS: Please join me in less than 2 weeks in NYC for a one-day Soul Level Animal Communication® class. Want to work on the lesson? This is your chance!

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  1. Michelle Charon
    Michelle Charon says:

    Cole, best wishes for a speedy recovery and sending all good luck and positive energy as you start your path toward college!!

  2. Kristi Li Fight
    Kristi Li Fight says:

    Hi Danielle, thank you for sharing this journey with us. Cole, asking the Universe to help you to easily and quickly understand your lessons here, so that rapid healing can be complete and that you may accomplish what you need and want to do smoothly. Best wishes for a life full of good health, learning, fun and love!

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    Cole, I wish you a fast recovery and a wonderful life’s journey!!! Just an FYI, my Dog that passed in September 2018 was named Cole and he was fabulous!!

  4. Vanessa Hogan
    Vanessa Hogan says:

    Haaay Cole!
    Haven’t you turned into quite a handsome gentleman!? I remember you had a concussion many years ago and you made it thru then and you will make it thru again. This is just a little bump in the road! I know a girl your age who broke her leg and was stuck in a chair for weeks on end and she said she read some books that completey changed her life for the better. So maybe something good could come out of this for you too. Listen to your mother she is super smart. And so very right. This IS the universe’s way of slowing you down. Maybe also reminding you to stay present and live in the moment. I hope you can make the best of it and recover lickety split. Stay positive no matter what! You are in my prayers and I am going to send you reiki right now. Love, Vanessa

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Yes! I didn’t mention the whole concussion in 6th grade thing. What a LONG 6 months that was! He’s back in school today and we’re hoping for a full day, so I think this one is way more minor. Hoping anyway! Thank you Vanessa! <3

  5. Gheorghe D
    Gheorghe D says:

    You got bruised? Relax, it’s not the last time… but you will need to learn to slow down. Living in a haste is a sure way to miss a lot of interesting things and experiences… At a slower pace and attentive at your surroundings is better. I’m sure you’ll gonna figure it out, rather sooner than later… you’re your mother’s son – and that is a very good premise..
    Bee good, young man, and Goodspeed.

  6. Mattie Gootee
    Mattie Gootee says:

    Hey Cole! Sending you blessings and speedy wellness happening all around on all levels! Trying to cover everything. Are your friends teasing you that it’s a good thing you hit your head? Otherwise something would’ve really been broken. I have gotten that in the past. 😬

    WENDI PHAN says:

    Hope you are feeling better now Cole! It’s hard enough to let someone you don’t run into a pole let alone someone you love so deeply. Hope you have a great transition into adulthood Cole!!

  8. Connie Baldwin
    Connie Baldwin says:

    I hope to never stop being amazed at how the Universe surprises us with reminders- such as Cole’s concussion and the need to s-l-o-w down. Prayers are lifted for a quick & complete recovery and the wisdom to slow down! Sending many blessings!

  9. Vicki Sontheim
    Vicki Sontheim says:

    Heck of a way to slow down and make time for yourself, eh? I hope you’re doing well and feeling better Cole. Sending prayers and healing your way.

  10. Zion
    Zion says:

    Our life lessons that we learn tend to not repeat themselves. Unlearned lessons tend to not only repeat, they get louder! Ouch! (I may or may not be speaking from personal. —and painful— experience.) 😉 :P.

    Here’s to your rest and rejuvenation! ♡

  11. Paul W
    Paul W says:

    Hi Cole, finding the balance between pushing and allowing/relaxing can be a challenge. I hope you get some time to rest and that you’re back to feeling 100% soon. 🙂

  12. Jennie Weaver
    Jennie Weaver says:

    Hi Cole,
    I hope you are on the mend, and feeling better! Sending you light, peace, healing and love to aid your recovery.

  13. Heather Anderson
    Heather Anderson says:

    Cole, if you had skates on, this never would have happened. Feel better soon and let your mom take care of you! 😉

  14. Christine
    Christine says:

    May you feel better soon Cole. Take good care of yourself. It’s ok to listen to your body and take the time get some needed rest. Your body/mind will thank you for it. 🙂


  15. Jody Crotty
    Jody Crotty says:

    Hey Cole! Sorry to hear about your spill on the ice. Hoping you get plenty of rest and feel better soon! You’re a great kid (from what your mom has mentioned,lol) you will be back up better and stronger! Give your body time to rest, relax and heal! You got this! Sending you healing vibes!

  16. Heather Tawney
    Heather Tawney says:

    Thank you for sharing Danielle. Cole, I hope that you feel better soon and listen to your body along the way. It’s okay to rest.
    Something similar happened to me many years ago, only I blew out my knee. I knew it was the universe telling me that I was “overdoing it” and really enjoyed the journey through recovery. It was life changing.


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