Stepping out of the norm

Time is a funny thing. I so often want time to pass more quickly because I want to reach some goal I’m shooting for – and so often when I want that, time seems to pass too slowly.

On the other hand, incredible change can happen over time – so much so that you may not notice the change is even happening. 

This certainly happened with the fibroid I just had removed. Instead of 8cm by 6cm, it turned out to be 15cm by 14cm which is really just huge! Huge! My doctor estimated that it had been growing on top of my uterus for over a decade – so slowly that I just never noticed how totally uncomfortable it was making me feel (I thought it was normal).

Another time change that I noticed happened just this morning. I was sitting at the table eating my breakfast when I looked over to see Kevin (husband) pushing our dog, Tuukka, away from the dishwasher while saying “Leave it!” He then muttered under his breath, “She’s always at the dishwasher!”

The thing is – about two years ago we had her trained perfectly NOT to like all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher – in fact, when we opened the dishwasher, she would automatically retreat to her “spot” in the kitchen. 

Over time, we’ve become lax and Tuukka, rightly so, realized that the rules around the dishwasher no longer applied. I can’t pinpoint a certain time when she made this realization, it was more something that happened as the days wore on.

Isn’t it interesting how powerful the passing of time is! In order to notice it, you often have to step out of your norm to see what time has done. It’s easy when you see a friend who haven’t seen in ten years, but a lot harder when it’s around something you do everyday.

Today is the perfect day to step back and look at your life, look at your time with your family and animals, look at your job – have things slipped into a comfortable discomfort? 

I know for my family – we’ve decided to redouble our training efforts with Tuukka around the dishwasher. What can YOU do to get things back to the way you want them? 

Share your thoughts below! What has gotten away from you with the passage of time?

Love & Light,

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  1. Kathy Waits
    Kathy Waits says:

    I loved your post today. Time can be so cruel too. Time is really taking a toll on my dog Tuffy as it is getting harder and harder for him to move around. He was injured about 5 years ago and that injury has given him trouble ever sense. So I appreciate TIME, love and hate it.


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