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shutterstock_344430149Yesterday afternoon I attended my first Bikram yoga class. It was a new experience for me, as it’s hot yoga and I’m not used to that.

I don’t think I’ve sweated that much in years!

And this morning when I woke up, I felt great. Like… cleansed!

Mind you, some of those poses were really hard for me, but the atmosphere was so inviting – no one cared what I could or couldn’t do (well, except me – gotta work on that part!)

I’m trying figure out what the right combination of exercise is for me. Something that will both relax my mind and also tone my body – and I’m realizing that that’s probably not just one thing.

So, next week, I plan to try barre… we’ll see how that goes!

OK, on to other stuff: I recently worked with a new client who told me that she had been dis-empowered by her abusive boyfriend, that even though she’d broken away she still had a huge connection to him, and that he did X, Y, and Z to her when they were together.

Actually, her story was much more in depth than that, but that’s all it was. A story.

This woman had been doing her WORK. She’d ended the abusive relationship, shifted the energy, taken steps to protect herself from his icky energy, and more.

But when we started the call, she wanted to talk to me about all the problems she’d had with him and how it was blocking her from her intuition, her abundance, her happiness, and more.

As I listened to her talk, I also watched the energy around what she was saying. It was an OLD story.

Yes, in the past it was a true story – but it wasn’t her reality anymore.

This wonderful woman had the potential to be in her NEW story – but because she kept telling the old story, it was holding her there.

In fact, that was the only thing holding her in that pattern that she came in calling a “block.”

As I explained what I was seeing to her, I could see her struggling with what I was saying.

Who was she now if she didn’t have that story?

How did she do her life now if she didn’t have that tape to bounce her life off of?

The REALITY of her life now was that things were no longer the way they were.

All she had to do was look around to realize the fruits of her labor were here, now!

Story can be a really important part of our lives and assist us in understanding ourselves better.

That is, as long as we don’t get so attached to the story that we keep telling it the same way even after we’ve done our work around it and grown as a result.

Are you telling a story that you no longer need to be attached to? Is it time to evolve your story?

Love and Light,

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  1. Nikki Miller
    Nikki Miller says:

    Hey Danielle!

    It’s been ages since we have seen each other face to face, but I have been absolutely loving getting your blog emails and Wednesday tips! I find it funny that I’m responding to this post about “are you telling a story that you no longer need to be attached to?” because responding this post is taking a step in the right direction of me evolving! I’m working through thoughts related to I’m not worthy or good enough in my career. But here’s the thing; I’ve totally been hired as a wellness coach this year (something I had been working towards for several years!), I’m being told I’m doing a great job on a weekly basis, and managers keep asking me to help with their project teams because they think I have great ideas and a good eye! Intellectually I know I am doing a good job, but still suffer doubts about whether people at my coaching sites actually want me to approach and help, or if I’m giving the right advice, or if there’s something more I should be doing because sometimes I feel like I’m just not doing enough.

    When I got this email I said to myself, “jeez I’d love to reach out to Danielle and tell her how much I have gotten out of her Facebook posts, and videos and blogging! And look, she even asked people to respond to this post! I should respond! This is my time to tell her!” The doubts crept back in and I thought “why would she ever need to read my story, what am I thinking, I haven’t done anything extraordinary or amazing, I should just keep reading and keep my thoughts to myself because my thoughts and reflections aren’t that good”. Talk about Debbie Downer Town. So after a few hours of debating, here I am, writing this post and putting it out there! Thank you again for all the posts you have been writing lately; they are totally resonating with your readers!

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Well hi Nikki! It’s wonderful to hear from you and so BRAVE to post so publicly! Thank you for standing tall and realizing that what you have to say is powerful.
      Oh and thank you for enjoying my emails and blogs too!

  2. Linda Saraco
    Linda Saraco says:

    The old stories are hard to quiet even though I’ve done the work and moving on without a trace of the old story is what I want most. Any time I stumble in life now, the old story will pop up and try to insert an old thought in the new story. Practicing new behaviors, and noticing, acknowledging and really taking in my new self has been the key. One day I will notice that the old story became too weak to hold any ground with all the new evidence, and it has fallen away completely.

  3. Janet
    Janet says:

    Yes! this was an excellent email which I ought to read many times more. Yes I can see my story sticking to me like honey but without the sweetness I really desire. I do need to spend some time re-evaluating where I am right now. I know I am naughty and do not do that. perhaps that too is what keeps me stagnant. sometimes even when I refresh my old story, it just comes back to haunt me. Perhaps my ego likes to keep me safe from moving forward to uncharted territories?

  4. Danielle Holtcamp
    Danielle Holtcamp says:

    Great email today… I will be looking at my own life today to see if there is anything big or small I am holding onto too tight…

    If family members continually drudge up things from your past does this hinder a person’s growth? Even if you have let them go or don’t engage in the conversation when topics are mentioned?

  5. SallyBeth
    SallyBeth says:

    What a GREAT email and thought provoking. Breaking out of old patterns can be hard, but SO NECESSARY…. I am so glad that she has found you and you have such an awesome gift of guiding healing!


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