3 Things You Can Do When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way

Lately, I feel like things haven’t been smooth or easy. In fact, I would definitely say that it feels like things aren’t lining up the way I would like!

From delays in building our house to dealing with my son and his first semester of college to being pain-free in my body, everything is a bit clunky right now.

When I look at all of this intuitively, I know that there are MANY others going through the same thing. It’s like – stuff just isn’t lining up the way it’s supposed to.

At first, when I’m in a position like this, I pretty much ALWAYS take the LAME pathway of getting angry, pushing myself harder, getting snippy with those around me, and feeling generally pissy.

At some point though (and this point has become earlier and earlier in the process, the more conscious I’ve become), I stop with this and instead, start consciously taking steps to feel better.

Here are the steps (that you can use too!) that I’m CURRENTLY taking (in order!) to shift how I’m feeling right now!

  1. Energy Management. Come on! You KNEW I was going to say this right? What I’m doing RIGHT now and all morning is calming my energy down. My desire is to “reward” myself with many cups of coffee – but I KNOW that what really helps me is sitting down by a window, where I can see wilderness outside, and doing some belly breathing (and writing this email LOL).
  2. Now that I’m calm, I’m able to get a bigger picture view of what is happening. The Universe always has a plan – although, it’s not often the plan that I thought was going to happen. This is where I create two columns on a piece of paper. On the left hand side of the column, I write out the thing that isn’t working and on the right side, I write out the potential lessons from this clunky thing. I find that when I have some kind of idea what I’m supposed to get out of an experience, the experience often settles for me – and my next steps become more clear.
  3. Last, with that clarity, I’m finally able to focus and write out lists because knowing the lesson has shown me which parts of more important to focus on. (Oh I do love my lists!) I’ll start with one list of EVERYTHING that I can think of – and then I’ll take that list and split it into several lists: 1. MUST be done today 2. Could be done today. 3. Doesn’t have to be done today.

And the final thing I’m doing to feel better about everything going sideways right now? Connecting with you! I always feel so much better when I do!

Love and Light,



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  1. Annette
    Annette says:

    Managing energy, and given up control of how you want things to happen and turn out. I notice when I step back and just manage my energy things work out smoother, and things resolved much better.

    As I get older I want to enjoy the process, take time for other things. I only get a limited time in this body in this life. I want to enjoy it instead of rack up to do lists, enjoy really good memories being present in my body enjoying the process. I gotta remind myself it can and will be done don’t forget to take some treats for the crew, and get to know them, and for them to know who they are creating this house for. Sometimes a personal touch helps.

  2. Stacey McMullan
    Stacey McMullan says:

    Managing my energy with clearing with white light and deep breathing always helps me to witness the being seeing all the external. It helps me to remember my power of love and unity. I am seeing you doing this. I agree that body movement helps as well. I like the idea of lists. A new idea for me to try. Thank you as always.

  3. Sheryl Lorenz Zwick
    Sheryl Lorenz Zwick says:

    Oh we are so much alike. But of course, we are both Gemini’s. Ditto for me and how life has been for several months and then it felt like the universe piled on Christmas day. Energy management has certainly helped. Reiki and meditation too (but that’s also energy management). I’ll give the columns thing a shot – thanks.

  4. usha
    usha says:

    hope you feel better soon danielle … yes its been hard going for quite a while now. The things I do are 1. going out more often to see the street doggies i care for (I live in Mumbai and there are lots of them. 2. do aerobics – or dance… movement always helps in shifting energies.
    much love and god bless

  5. Sally
    Sally says:

    Hi Danielle!
    I Like the idea of lists. Don’t feel bad, there are others that are worse off, like me! Things haven’t gone right for me for over a decade. Hope that makes you feel better 🙂


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