It’s my birthday and I am gonna be… OLD??

So, my birthday is coming up next week and it’s bringing up a lot of… feelings.

I would have liked to think that, being such a conscious person, I would be past all of the drama surrounding growing a year older, but alas, it turns out that I am NOT.

The other night my husband and I were watching Saturday Night Live. The guest host was Louis CK (he’s a comedian in case you don’t know) and he was talking about growing up in the ‘70s and how that was so different from today.

danielleoldI don’t remember much of what he said, because once he mentioned that he grew up in the ‘70s, I was stopped in my tracks.

I grew up in the ‘70s! That means that Louis CK and I are about the same age!

I said to my husband,

“That guy is our age! Do we look like that? Is that really how old we are?”

And my husband laughed, “we’re not that old because we don’t act that old.”

Which, to me was pretty funny because I know Kevin completely believes this. The big joke in our family is that I married an adult teenager (I mean, what other 35 year old man fractures his butt bone in a skatepark?).

So, I started thinking about it and for the past few days I’ve been observing people who are about my age and this gave me a big realization. Some people look or act much older than they really are while others look and act much younger. As it turns out, the “age” thing in 3D life doesn’t really matter one bit. Instead, “age” seems to have much more to do with how each person considers themselves.

So, here’s where I stand on this now. Today, my age number doesn’t matter one bit. I feel good, happy, active (I’m still doing Crossfit 4-5 times per week)… and I’m living my life the way I want to – and loving the things, people, places, and experiences I’m choosing to fill my life with. And you know what? I’m going to continue to do just that – even after I turn one year older in a few days!

So, I’m going to take May 26th for myself – and I’m not going to celebrate a number, but instead celebrate just being ME!

To start, I’m including a picture of me, hanging out in my office as I write this – just being one year older. Good thing I took a shower this morning!

And to celebrate ME over the next few days (such a crazy concept!) I’m choosing to go see Ed Sheerhan up in Maine for my birthday with my husband (thank you Kevin!). Then I’m choosing to do a really fun event called Soul & Spirit in Massachusetts with my good friend Joanne.

It’s funny. I KNOW better (and I’m sure you all know better too!) than to get caught up in all the hubbub about growing older. I’m feeling pretty happy with myself that I was able to let go of all of that “stuff.” It just doesn’t matter!

So, come celebrate with me! Join me with Joanne Gerber in Westford, MA on May 29th for an evening of audience Soul Contract readings (my part) and mediumship readings (Joanne). And if you wish me happy birthday that night, I’ll know you read this and it struck a cord with you!

Let’s just spend the evening being happy with ourselves!

In Love and Light,


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