Love and biology and you and me

OK, it’s Friday morning and my plan to be over my cold hasn’t quite come to fruition yet. I’m a little cranky…

But you know what? My crankiness isn’t all because of my cold – it’s also because I started reading a book that I couldn’t put down last night, so I’m also very tired!

A friend mentioned Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief, to me on the phone yesterday. It rang a bell, so I searched through my bookshelf and found it.

It turns out that I’d purchased it back in 2009 but only got to page 15.

Well, I went way beyond page 15 last night! And then I woke up at 4:30 this morning and kept reading!

Anyway, the beginning of the book is all about biology, chemistry, and physics. These were not my favorite subjects in school. Not by a long shot. So, I’m sure that a lot of what Lipton is saying, I’m not picking up.

But a lot of it I am picking up.

And the piece that struck me the most is the piece that I want to share with you.

I’m paraphrasing from my 2am memory here, but he basically said that evolution is not about survival of the fittest individual, it’s about survival of the fittest community.

This is SO huge to me!

And it couldn’t make more sense based on what I’ve been seeing in the world lately.

There seem to be two different energies emerging. One is a fearful energy that I call survival energy. “Everything that I do is in order to survive – and that makes the end justify the means.”

In the U.S., this is especially prevalent right now.

But the other energy is this wonderful supportive energy, where groups are forming with the pure intention of helping, protecting, and supporting each other. “I know that taking care of myself and others helps us all grow, move forward, and live our lives happily with peace and contentment.”

And what’s even cooler about this community energy is that it’s not group against group! Even though one group of people may be formed around a certain idea, they’re still supportive of other ideas as well.

You can see this in how farmers are coming together with animal advocacy groups, or how groups of doctors are supporting their own cause but also being open to acupuncturists and other modalities of healing…

I believe that it’s not us versus them.

It can’t possibly be us versus them, because we’re all us and we’re all them. We’re all one big living, moving, organism – we just get caught up in the minutia.

When we don’t like “them”, or when we’re upset by “them”, or when we’re fearful of what he/she/they will do, we’re really focusing on a part of ourselves that we don’t like.

We are them and they are us – because we are all one community.

So, today, I plan to walk through the world embracing all the various parts of me, even if those parts are living in fear or survival mode, I’m just going to hold them with love and experience what that brings me!

And I’m going to finish the book 🙂

Love and Light,

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