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On Sunday, my son graduated from high school. It was pouring rain and and my hair got all frizzy and it was kind of cold out, but it was a BIG day that we’ve been working toward for 18 years and I’m feeling very happy for Cole

I don’t really think it has hit me yet, that he’s leaving home to go off on is own…

I wanted to share here – because, first of all I’m proud! But also because I may be a little emotional over the next few weeks and I wanted you to know why – if we’re in a webinar or playing in Be Open or doing whatever together, you may see me get a little weepy!

My weepiness will probably calm down soon – and then start back up in August when we actually LEAVES for college.

If you’ve taken any of my classes, you’ve heard me talk about it before – THIS is what I always teach – and so here I am following my own advice. TRANSPARENCY! It’s all about transparency.



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  1. Tina Spector
    Tina Spector says:

    I hear ya. Im with you. As Oprah Winfrey onced discussed with the empty nest show, mom’s choose to have children, they do not choose to see them leave. U will eventually get used to it. My daughter’s 27 and I insist on seeing her at least once a month! Plane, train, or automobile!

  2. Susan Miller
    Susan Miller says:

    Congratulations to Cole and your family! A big, exciting step forward! You and your hair look fabulous ❣️❣️❣️

  3. Lisa Carey
    Lisa Carey says:

    Congratulations to Cole. I’ve done the off to college and then the getting their own place. It’s tough and so are you!

  4. usha
    usha says:

    Congratulations to Cole and all the very best for his future !!
    And when fledglings leave the nest it can be very emotional … but i think here’s where animals teach us this … stand the kids up on their feet and then allow them to live their lives.


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