5 Reasons NOT to Open Your Psychic Senses

by Danielle MacKinnon

While I was walking my new property in Maine the other day, I was thinking how WEIRD it would be to not be able to feel the energy of the land or how empty I would feel not being able to tap into my dog Tuukka’s emotions to know how happy she was there…

I feel like the world would be so FLAT if I couldn’t tune in the way I do.

The thing is, there are still some people out there who don’t think honing their intuition is the awesome, totally fun, fulfilling experience that it is! Here are some of the reasons I’ve heard people give as to why they did NOT want to open their psychic senses…

What if I learn something terrible?
Lots of people worry that when the connect in, they’re going to hear something like, “Your husband is cheating on you” or “Your cat hates you” but this isn’t how intuition works! Intuition always comes through in a loving way. Even when there is challenging news, it’s presented to you with soft, compassionate, understanding words that help you (or the person you’re reading) get the most of of it.

What if I can’t do it?
Everyone worries about this. In fact, when I’m training my Teaching Assistants for my classes, one of the main things I have to help them understand is how much emotional support is really needed to be intuitive. Actually receiving psychic information isn’t that hard – it’s believing you can do it that’s harder! (I can help with that 🙂

What if I get something wrong?
Ha! You know what? I get stuff wrong all the time. I’m just really up front about it. And this is one of the main things I teach: if you don’t know what it means, if it’s weird, if you keep thinking of your third grade teacher during your intuitive moment – just fess up about it. That’s what I do and it opens things up beautifully!

I don’t that much time!
For whatever reason, people are under the impression that it takes YEARS to open intuition. It doesn’t. Part of opening is figuring out where you’re ALREADY psychic (but have no clue) and then building from there. It’s like a short cut! Even people who SWEAR they aren’t intuitive at all – are, in some way.

I’ve tried before and it’s never worked.
Ha! My secret ingredient for being psychic? Fun! Not taking it too seriously. AND doing it with other people who are just as concerned about it as you!

Clearly, I don’t agree that there is anything BAD about being psychic. In fact, I’d say, in my Danielle way, I’ve proven the case FOR being psychic!

Love and Light,

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  1. Petunia
    Petunia says:

    I’ve worked on listening to my intuition and trusting it. I have always felt connected to my animals and can read people and situations fairly well. You’re right we all have this gift we just need to trust it and using it makes it stronger

  2. D. Piche
    D. Piche says:

    I really like reading your thoughts. Therefore, for my part, I’m not afraid or feeling guilty (etc.) about anything regarding my pets (which are birds, fowls, horses or any other animals) but I’m feeling so bad being “human” knowing all the bad things he can say and/or do. This is my main problem. I do animal communication (for 4 years now) but don’t want to share with anyone because I hate what humans can think or do and so on… I just love animals (all of them) more than human being but still living among them since I’m one of them. 😉 D.P. Québec, Canada


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